HAVE A GANDER – P. Mauriat PMB 300 Baritone Saxophone Review

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MysteryMusicMan n says:

We’re you get this beast of a horn

Jonah Laining says:

Nice Video Man! 🙂

William Powell says:

Thats a beautiful sax pedro… I want it XD

Timati Loh says:

what excerpt was it that you were playing? Or was it just improvisation. It sounds so goddamn beautiful.

Ariel Canto says:


bradino27 says:

Damn that color is so fking saxy.

Raccoon Bread says:

Do you have a Twitter?


Hand ASSEMBLED, NOT hand made.

Sword Slasher says:

Ha kick ass, I thought that part was really funny but that is one beautiful sax right there my man! I play Alto and soprano but I hope to get into the baritone soon!

Bob Jones says:

So I saw that you play on Jody mpcs so I wanted your opinion on their power ring ligatures. I’m thinking about getting one and would love to know your opinion on them. Thanks!

Little Nova says:

Omgggggg that Bari is AMAZING


What’s the STREET price on this baby? Sounds Awesome.

Troy Davis says:

That’s awesome!

Marcus Hughes says:

How did u even manage to get it

MysteryMusicMan n says:

That’s one beautiful horn

Buckylovestoast says:

Can you please do a video on baritone sax embouchure?

scrapstreams says:

I believe the P Mauriats have the tilted and/or adjustable low Bflat key cluster and/or the high palm keys as well, correct?

Triggered Scrub says:

I have a absolute crap bari at school and i want a new one so bad. 1 like= 1 hope

Ryan Cunniff says:


Kobe Wilson says:

Hey Pedro, What size Legere reed do you use? I would like to experiment with synthetics…

John Dluming says:

Do the other PMB 300 models (Vintage Lacquer, Un-lacquer, Gold Lacquer) have the same case?

xBoneCollectors says:

I want to rent or buy a bari sax. Do you have recommendations to what type I should get?

scrapstreams says:

What a Gorgeous bari!  I’m extremely jealous… and what a beautiful rendition of “Irish Tune from County Derry”, which is one of the songs we had in our folder, but did NOT get to play in Civic Band this summer.  I’m hoping we get to play it next year… again, GORGEOUS instrument!

BlueJay says:

Hey I live in the US and I’m thinking of getting a bari sax, but my price range just can’t accomidate. Do you have any suggestions?

Wolfgang McNeil says:

What a great review of this awesome Bari…What harness are you using?

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