Forestone Alto Saxophone

Jim Cheek from reviews the new Forestone Alto Saxophone

Jim is using a SR Tech Pro Alto Mouthpiece with a Rico Jazz Select 2H Filed Reed


selmerpwns says:

Sorry, that last comment was ment for the shadow tenor video.

Sax says:

I’m afraid it’s only available with a Forestone saxophone.

ProjectIdiot says:

Wow, very nice. The tone is so good, that it is almost comparable to Dan Higgins’.

joe lent says:

Has it been considered constructed these shops outside of the UK. Maybe Canada?

selmerpwns says:

My shadow is extremely high pitched on the middle D, almost about half a semitone, which turns out to be a bit annoying having to compensate all the time. Sounds like it’s a bit high on this one as well?
Also, do you have any tips on the sticky keys, with the round toneholes and whatnot?

chriss1152 says:

399 is how much in us dollar’s

Phillip Segura says:

😮 It’ll live forever!

Francisco j Xique says:

How can i buy it? I am interested

Misael Nava Jr. says:

I love the sound of this alto, sweet. Also, where did you get the neck strap? I want one of them.

Dmaaaan0821 says:

What’s your setup?

Britanya Tarrant says:

Do females work here, cause I wanna work there! Please say yes, forget America I’m coming to the UK guys!

Sax says:

Yep, it’s an off spring of Yanagisawa years and years ago.

Sax says:

Jim is using a SR Tech Pro Alto Mouthpiece with a Rico Jazz Select 2H Filed Reed

adriancwm says:

Jim, what ligature are you using for the SR Tech?

Britanya Tarrant says:

Im moving to London, UK here I come

Shane Bentley says:

Every time you upload a video and I see the store, I REALLY wish I lived the UK ALL the more, just to see the store for myself!

Joaquin Fernandez says:

Hey what kind of alto do you guys recommend for marching band?

Isidro Santa Maria says:

Sounds amazing, like its tenor counterpart. Does forestone make baritones?

Joaquin Fernandez says:

Hey can you guys do a review on classical alto mouthpieces?

The Saxy Gamer says:

Have you ever heard of Vito saxes? I own one but I have never really heard of them (I got it when I was quite young).

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