Eastman 52nd St Tenor Saxophone Review

My review of the Eastman 52nd St Tenor Sax – Bob Mintzer ditched his Mark VI for an Eastman!

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gib321 says:

The VI just shades -more dept- it or maybe you just know the VI a bit better having played it for so long and know how to get the best from it.

Sonho Lee says:

I am anxious to hear what you will do with your nerve issue…
I wonder if you should not switch tenors for a few weeks or so and see if that makes a difference.
As much as you love your M6, nerve damage seems a high price!
Good luck man!

pimeye says:

Slightly too dark? Good recent review of loads of tenors (and baris) on sax.co.uk   The issue I have with the modern Far Eastern horns is that the latter are much heavier than an MkVI. I have yet to see a review or on manufacturer websites the weight of these horns. Is it much heavier than a MkVI?

Justin Malig says:

If you can, you should review the Lupifaro Platinum tenor. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them and it would be cool to see what you think about it compared to your VI

Justin Malig says:

How does it compare to your Yanagisawa tenor?

Anderson C says:

You should do a “If you could only keep ONE sax…which would it be?” video. 🙂

“more perfect modern sax’s”? Such as???

East-Asian sound???

Alexandre Colas-Jeffery says:

Hey Dan! How is the horn resistance-wise? I’ve been unsatisfied with my setup being way too free-blowing (I tried my friend’s setup, Otto Link and MkVI and it is the polar opposite of mine). I play a Drake Gerry Bergonzi but will soon be switching back to an Otto Link, so that will do some of the trick.

Cheers all the way from Montreal!

Robert Moffat says:

Basically a P. Mauriat…

MyMusicEducation says:

The Eastman sounded better in that final short burst. On the Selmer you sounded out of breath. Thanks for the review.

Gary Hoole says:

I’ve had an Eastman for about a month now and loving it.

760Piper says:

Hi Dan, the 6 is just more refined. Can hear a difference in the hands of a pro, but for the average punter, probably not so much. But a huge difference in price to be sure. Have friends who play these and love them and should be a consideration when looking for a new sax.

rebk0405 says:

I was listening and not watching at the end when you played both horns. It might have been my phone speaker but there really was no difference in sound. I couldn’t even tell you switched. No wonder Mintzer switched

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