‘Deadpool 2’ Review – Minus One Saxophone for the Annoying Kid

What Up, YouTube Peeps! Welcome back to another Tony Baker Movie Review. This time, I’m reviewing the hit movie, ‘Deadpool 2.’

Do you agree with my review? I know you saw it, because you asked me to do this, so don’t get all quiet now. Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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Kidd0Wycked says:

Tony Baker is the most relatable film critic for me. I feel like I am listening to a homeboy I grew up with tell me about a movie. Very fun. . .

mark dyer says:

Cyclops and Jean grey clones son lol but I got that wrong the first time too lmfao

King's Queen says:

He was very obnoxious…


Couldnt wait on this one

Chad Hunt says:

What did u think about the post credit scenes?

Gurpinder Bilkhu says:

I feel like the kid being annoying was an intentional design.

Like Deadpool didn’t care about this kid, and we’re being shown that it can be hard to do the right thing and accept your family for who they are.

With that in mind, the annoying kid was annoying as hell, but not in a way that harmed the movie for me.

George's Opinion says:

Tony with the Garnett hoodie

treblematic says:

do another dead pool 2 review the one with spoilers.

ero0senin says:

The kid made me cringe

cory ddp says:

Terminator salvation with a good ass movie. Apparently you don’t like to be entertained

SabrinaThePlug says:

That kid was super annoying…. you are fine tho.

pep061775 says:

What the hell are you guys talking about.? There was nothing wrong with the kid he played his part of a hurt kid with problems. Definitely better than the first movie. I laugh a lot more.

Will Jones says:

Thank you for calling Avatar what it was. Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves, some other movie I can’t remember… either way same movie just blue cat people instead of natives.

yummdiddy says:

The kid was suuuuper trash. I agree with you 100%

Annabelle Sanchez says:

I love comic book movies. I’m hoping for Gambit. The kid was annoying tho.

Sylvester Boson says:

the kid is not a boy !! wow never know

Kareem Pope says:

The male version of Rebel Wilson was very annoying that kid really got on my nerves you’re right do not make a kid a major plot point

Eboogie Peaceful says:

I need everything with a smooth jazz review! Lol

Q Mac says:

I dont

Quasifly says:

That kid annoyed the hell out of me too! But Domino was awesome!!! My favorite trading card as a kid was my Domino card! I would never give it up, not for anything….and I love that they made her black….so sexy!

Dewayne M says:

I tried to like the kids character but it just wasn’t there. Some of the main reasons I wanted to see the movie was for cable and peter. I think the relationship between cable and deadpool could turn out to be something great.

Joshua Askew says:

James Cameron hating because Disney turned him down.

TXejas19 TXejas19 says:

I liked the kid. There seems to be no middle ground toward him

TheThoedmeskin says:

That’s the way the director wanted him to act

Stephen The13th says:

Minus two for random gay stuff. Why was Deadpool flirting with Colossus? He’s not gay or bi Wade is insane and annoying. Lazy ass writers get off of your ass and make original characters for a change.

wtj83tw says:

Can u do a review for ready player one?

Dchardinay Cole says:

I knew the kid wasted the movie from the trailer. It is
Hollywood’s fault, the fat kid in movies are always annoying.

Christopher Lucas says:

We all hated the kid…plus no one mature and with a good mindset likes the Bieber haircut

Don Won says:

V for Vendetta is one my classics. The story was well written

Wadewithdashot #3 says:

i never knew that it wasn’t another avatar

l8lylush says:

The boy was annoying.

Jamie Lewis says:

Jean Gray not Cable mom her clone is

TyGottaFeelin ΩΨΦ says:

Avatar was definitely a fern gully re-write, with NO Batty might I add.

LaRon Mathews says:

Better than Black Panther and more humor than Avengers Infinity War.

Dont Talk To Me says:

The kid acted like most kids so i didn’t have a problem with him but T.J. Miller ass wasn’t funny once in this movie.

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