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Zvonimir Tosic says:

First, cheapest horn, is atrocious. Last horn is best of the lot. In saxophones, as in life, old proverb goes, “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”.

winners69 says:

Venova (Yammaha) $179 AU (It is so portable) And it sounds amazing now that I am starting to learn it properly (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) #aussiefan Love your videos!

Soldierblue says:

I’m looking to start learning the saxophone and I’m thinking of getting the Yamaha yas280. Is this a good sax to start on. Any advice is much appreciated.

chriss1152 says:

I’m in the US NYC never played one but I hear those Trevor James saxophone too pretty good

Cory Brown says:

I’m looking to start playing the saxophone & this has been very helpful! It can be easy to think that spending a small fortune is almost more important than the practice needed to get good. Your presentation style is very entertaining. Keep it up! Cheers from Pennsylvania!

Tom Morgan says:

Hi from Australia! Great and informative video 🙂

Dave's Nature Productions says:

I have a Gear4Music Alto Sax in light gold 3 weeks ago and it sounds decent as I am just a beginner I didn’t have the money to spend much more, especially since I have never played a saxophone or any other reed instrument before. The only thing I did straight away is that I got the the “my first mouthpiece upgrade” with the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece upgrade from with the Rovner dark ligature, Rico 2.5 reeds, mouthpiece cushions to replace the basic mouthpiece it came with. I also got a Legere Signature 2 reed and replaced the strap that came with my sax with a Rico padded one. Could you post a video on the cheapest Sporanos? It would be interesting to hear how they sound compared to more expensive ones. I currently live in the east coast of Northern Ireland.

Geoff Parker says:

I really preferred the Elkhart sax. I found that the tone was more open and mellow. It is the sort of sound that would keep me practising every day. That, in itself, is worth the extra £300 to me.

Phillip says:

I’m renting a Vito student tenor saxophone and I’m just wondering if you’ve ever tried it before?

Leon Thomson says:

What’s the intro music? Always wondered

pdf101 says:

Thank you Chez – always find your videos very well explained and informative. Was half expecting to see my Buffet Crampon 100 in this ;). Keep up the great work 🙂

Tina Hughes says:

I have a Elkhart alto student horn after a year I upgraded to a cannonball raven really nice the Elkhart student horn is ok for alisimo but the cannonball blows so easy. I currently live north of Lincolnshire but am moving down south tmrw.

Pete saxman w says:

NJ here. I like the Trevor James and the Elkhart deluxe sound really nice or could it be your experience. What would they sound like if I were to play them? I wonder if you could play the scale from lowest to highest in your next comparison video so we could hear all the notes from lowest to highest. Thanks Chez one of your many fans Pete.

guywithdogs says:

One issue I’ve heard about buying “off-brand” horns is that getting maintenance/repairs can be harder as parts may not be readily available or the construction/design is more awkward for techs to work on. Any idea if that applies to some of these cheaper horns?

Geoffrey Cox says:

Didn’t think much of the Sakkusu, others better, but 300 quid better is the question

seanwinter sax says:

Would be a great review. If any of them sounded good.

guywithdogs says:

LOL @ “faff time”

Tim Kies says:

Great video, as usual, Chez. I agree with your final decision on the cost savings. A new player would be better served to start with a cheaper horn, then invest in a better mouthpiece and ligature, then upgrade the sax later. Even a middle of the road mouthpiece will make a huge difference in the sound of a cheaper sax, which can only encourage a new player. And then, later, they will have a better idea of what they are looking for with their instrument and can decide what to get. By the way, I played a YAS 23, with a Brilhart Levelaire mouthpiece, in tenor, and was very happy with it. I even tried a friends Selmer Mark IV, and while it was nice, I was not thrilled with it. Sadly, like many of the musicians here in the U.S., he was a drunk, playing the bars, and is now passed from liver disease.
I still have not decided which route to go with my getting back into sax playing again. But I am saving money up, for when I do. Thanks again, from Michigan, USA

Melanie Caris says:

Hi from Japan, Chez! Everything you play sounds amazing, even if it’s a cheapo horn. It’s really hard to choose a horn as a beginner, since playing anything can be a struggle. When I bought mine, I just played a C scale and checked the tuning! It’s nice to hear you give all the horns a proper workout.

thisisroxaroo says:

I’m in Canada and my local music store carries none of these.

Fatty McFaFat says:

Love your vids Chez! 😀
Greetings from the Netherlands, looking forward going to next week! ^^

Boy Bergs says:

My most favouritest topic in the whole wide world ever, this is……
Nowhere else does the law of diminishing returns apply more than it does to saxophones. Is a £6000 MKVI, 18 times better than that Sakusu thingy? Nope; no way!
If I had an extra six grand in my pocket would I buy the Sakusu and then go on a round the world cruise, or buy a MkV1 and a weekend in Bognor Regis? I’d definitely buy the MKV1, skip the trip to Bognor and get a nice mouthpiece to go with it. Cheap horns these days are fantastic value and do play and sound just fine; but the feelgood factor always comes into consideration with a better horn. Btw; on my laptop I honestly couldn’t tell the three saxes apart soundwise. Nice skirt Chez 🙂

Craig Orrell says:

Have you tried the Gear4Music branded saxophones? Hear good things about them and at a keen price point for the beginner player even if it means upgrading the mouthpiece to a good quality one. Also is it possible to mute a sax if practising at home? What do you do and what option do you have?

Russ Davey says:

Excellent video, I’ve always found even cheaper saxophones can sound great with a good mouthpiece, so that’s great advice.

Terrance Tisdale says:

I would loooove to see you do a song with justin ward. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s on YouTube!

Zvonimir Tosic says:

Video idea: Composite / Plastic / Plasticised Reeds Review. (Legere, Forestone, D’Addario, etc.)

Tina Hughes says:

Looking to buy a Trevor james 2classic tenor horn subtones so nice and Smokey any advise on mouthpiece to retain that Smokey subtones sound do that horn?

Phillip says:

Would you mind posting a video on the cheapest tenors out there?

Yves Le Goff says:

Excellent video. To your point about the cheapest horn, it has been my experience as well: Sax is a YAS-875EX (alto) knock off for about GBP215. It was passable, but then I brought it to a tech. A very good one mind you, not cheap. However, the result: Compared to a real YAS-875EX and a YAS-82X tried at a local store, it was better. The point, beyond the obvious, is that if you are going to buy a sax, it’s like a car: Bring it to a mechanic/tech for a quick look, and save a bundle.

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