Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone

I bought the cheapest student saxophone on Amazon to compare it to my professional Yanagisawa sax. I wanted to see what you get for $270 and the answer is you get quite a lot for your money. In this video I unbox the Ammoon (Slade) alto saxophone, we take a look at all the accessories included and I check the build quality and how well the pads seal. Then I play test it alongside my Yanagisawa A991 alto sax so you can hear the difference for yourself.
Turns out, if you’re on a small budget, this Chinese saxophone is very good value for the money, and will serve a beginner saxophone player well.

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Lukas says:

Is the reason y they wear gloves is for sanitation or so their sax won’t get dirty

SameTubby2649 says:

The amazon sax sounds a tad bit buzzier and a little less full.

Ricky Sweum says:

Both horns sound great. The Yani has a fuller and warmer tone. The Slade is brighter and buzzier. That being said, both are totally valid sounds. Thanks for showing this comparison. Those cheap horns seem like a great option for students in particular.

The guy that plays the sax says:

The $270 one doesn’t sound as smooth as the $4000 does, that’s just how I feel when I was hearing it, might just been spit idk I’m still just a student

Pranav John says:

They sound the same to me

Jazz Haze says:

Really nice review! You did a GREAT job on this. I’m a guitarist, but i work with sax players a lot! I definitely heard a fatness & smoothness & ‘big’ness on your pro horn. But that damn Ammoon is GOOD! I actually really dug the edgy metallic quality that it has. I can imagine in the studio or on stage wanting to hear them on different tunes—You know?! Thanks! This was fun! Oh, and … You play, Man!!!

Donald Lentz says:

Great review! Can you get that same red finish with the most like plastic Abalone shell key touches in a tenor. Can you advise me of the brand. Have a Yamaha alto already and if I could get the same thing in a tenor I’d be stoked?

Hubert Lalonde says:

Fait des vidéos en français!!!!

David Barnes says:

You sound great on both horns. I wonder what the cheap sax will sound like in a year or two. Durability, adjustability, and pad quality/life would be interesting to track over time. Thanks for the cool video.

Allecio Wing13 says:

What are your opinion on cannon instruments?

Struckn Doug says:

The Ammoon (Slade) brass look and keys make it look cheap but the sound was remarkable considering the cost. I’ll keep my King Alto from the 1920’s that I bought in ’63 for $25. We’re old friends till the end. Great Video, going to Subscribe.

Hi Buddy says:

If a horn is in playable condition then it’s going to sound the same as a professional instrument. It’s not the instrument, it is the instrumentalist

Aligael Gutierrez says:

amazon one sounds more Airy and has a more of a AAA sound
the professional has a more aaa and closed more balanced sound

Ashton Black says:

The gloves is for finger grease and skin oil

Albert Perez says:

To me the the professional sax sounds louder than the amazon one

Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band says:

Are you selling this one? I don’t know anything about sax, but always wanted to put time in with one. I can sing and play a few things on a few instruments. 🙂

Christopher Hall says:

There is a difference, but not a $4,200 difference.

- qubertXtwo - says:

What brand and model are those black reeds that u use I play bari sax just wondering

ondago2 says:

Identical sound. Surprising actually, given that even 2 expensive devices could sound different. both sounded absolutely wonderful. i listened, without looking at the time to avoid bias. Great both. incredible

Matt.Carbon says:

Good video, great content! Thanks

Roedor says:

I bet it would be impossible to recognise those two in a full band mix. In fact, when isolated like this, I’m getting a hard time spoting each one. Maybe that chinese sax is worth a couple of thousands but they make so many that they could even give them away

Ashton Black says:

For the pads

Sawyer Allen says:

I have never played sax. I had never touched a sax. But this video came up in my suggested and I can’t complain. Seems like an all around good guy. You have earned one new subscriber, Mrs. Sax Man.

Lukas says:

Instead of factory say child slavery

Milo The Triple M says:

I honestly cant tell a difference between the two.

Amdon Cox says:

There definitely isn’t that “full“ sound in the cheaper one, but overall it actually sounds ok

Marqese Cobb says:

The Amazon sax sound the best

yz450fyamaha1 says:

Neither one is better they are just different

tianl98765 says:

the amazon one sounds like a yamaha.. it’s probably a yamaha copy.

Devin Cheatham says:

The cheap one held it’s own but obviously the professional Sax did it for me.

Garrett Johnson says:

The air on both saxes annoys me.

Team Cringe says:

Better than the school ones

kyler Aagard says:

Thay sound the same

Sunder Shiwdin says:

The pro model by far, the pro model has more fidelity .

cookie TEM325 says:

The amazon horn sounds good but maybe a little flat

Abraham Jiménez says:

Actually, i can pretty much notice that the pro sax have a much more bright sound, but by the price i think the Amazon one its amazing!

Ariana M says:

the cheaper sax just doesn’t have that same fullness as the professional one does

Mario Master7.210 says:

For only $270, that is a steal. That is a very, very good steal.

Gen Jragon dubstep says:

i thought it said cheapest sex on amazon

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