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chriss1152 says:

I fell for the cheap saxophones a few times though I was getting a good deal but it wasn’t thee times I want for it two of them were bad the last one was good but when I bought it to a teacher to fix something he fucked it up so now I have an old Bundy tenor sax very used but real good and the sound is great I should have got a good used saxophone from the beginning but you live and learn

christopher fischer says:

Don’t buy these. Definitely not worth it

Jake Werkmeister says:

These horns usually have bad adhesives holding the pads in, if there is any adhesive at all. The pad material is usually inferior. The parts are not properly fitted, and I’ve noticed a lot of rods/screws being and molded vs being forged. This leads to screws and rods that are significantly more prone to breaking. Posts are usually misaligned, and toneholes are rarely ever level. You’re best off just to pass these by.

I should note that there are a few cheap Chinese horns that are actually competently built, but it’s impossible to identify them while purchasing online.

Nero4983 says:

I bought the Mendini alto (spent about $300). It wasn’t perfect–notably the side Bb, alt C, high F group of keys was too high, though I didn’t really notice this until I got my new sax and I don’t have to move my hand to use alt C. After about eight months I bought an essentially brand spanking new YAS-23 off of a good friend of the family. He had bought it about a decade ago for his son but his son played it for a few months and decided that he hated the sax. I ended up selling the Mendini alto to a fellow student of the music teacher I go to for $250 and he’s loving it as he’s exploring moving from clarinet to sax.

elite squad says:

bernie sanders tab

jon henri says:

honest attempt to tell the truth to people. but they dont want to hear it. i reviewed these horns, honestly and all i got was trolls coming back at me. so i figured, let them learn the hard way and waste their money. i wasted my money on 2 horns and finally bought a yanagisawa and been happy since.
then on another note. people who buy these horns buy them for their children. children are fickle and will loose interest in no time, so parents dont waste their money. so i guess these horns have a place in the market if even to shut their kids up for a while. sorry to be blunt.

santiago pacheco says:

dont do it!!!……lol……i rather get a used yamaha and fix it …..

Danny Cheek says:

Just buy a used GOOD brand name sax if it’s all you can afford. You can really hear the quality. Vito’s are awesome(I know cuz I play one made by Yamaha) for the under 700 price range.

Brynn Bowen says:

I’m in middle school and I play French horn and violin, my parents have to rent those for me, (where eventually they are paid off and I can keep them) i REALLY want to play saxophone, but as any normal parent would do, there not paying for it because they are already have to pay for my two other instruments. I’ve been saving up for so long but there’s not many ways I can get money.

Donald Lentz says:

This is an excellent and truthful review….these comanies are trying to entice children with the nice colors…too bad a few of the top 4 don’t jump on the bandwagon?

Random Person says:

I bought a used Selmar student model for $400. It played well, but two years after buying it, I decided to upgrade to a Yamaha custom z. I got the Yamaha today, and it’s amazing. It was $2,000 cheaper than it was on amazon. Guys, go to a store and actually try the saxophones so you know what you’re buying.

Andrew Fitzgerald says:

Thx for all that info Dillon, just what I needed to hear. I am 57 and I am going to start to learn the saxophone  this year and I got so much from your post. Thx again. Fitz

Gareth Miller says:

my alto was 12 thousand bucks

Chase says:

Cheaper isn’t always better, saxophones are in the thousands because they are great quality and if you buy it in person you may get a free cleaning or something,, 200 dollars is good but you pay the price..

Jonathan Lockwood says:

? I’m lost on this. every sax plays different. train your ear to intonation.

ChuckyC156 says:

I still have and play the Buescher 400 TH&C Tenor that my Dad bought new for me in 1958!  Still plays great!  I bought a new Mark VI Tenor in ’68, but sold it in ’71.  My Alto is a ca. 1965 Selmer Bundy student model I bought (for  around $200, but another $200 to repair/set up) about 3 years ago – not the best playing sax, but built like a tank and I’d never spend anything on one of these Amazon “specials!” 🙂

Lao Kartoon says:


Alex Traverso says:

This is totally boased and itrelevant. It sounds like you work and speak for a big company that doesn’t like competiton and is trying to discredit other people’s horns. I have a brand new Glory tenor saxophone i purchased just over a month ago. Yes. From Amazon. And believe me when i tell you that other than changing the mouth piece for a metal one, and this horn plays “amazing” to say the least. Construction is absolutely phenomenal. Very sturdy and precise mechanisms. “ALL BRASS” no plastic or cheap anything. It felt very natural in holding it without having to twist my fingers to reach any keys. I had a YAS-23 tenor. Which it was used and abused. I had repaired and still didn’t perform as this one. The repairs were more than this one “new”. So what if it doesn’t last for twenty years. If i drop it and i bang itz $226 gets me a new one and it doesn’t break the bank. You can own several Glory saxos for the price of one YAS-23. All just to say i have a Yamaha? My money is More important in my pocket than theirs.On another note. Did you ever asked yourself why is it that Glory can make a beautiful horn for that money. And the other companies cannot? They are ripoffs in my book.Another analogy. So… you tell me that driving a $10000 Honda makes the car unworthy of a beginner driver because a Ferrari that costs $300000 is a better car? So he should invest in a Ferrari even if it doesn’t know how to drive because the Honda is a cheap car? You should rethink your comments and give credit where credit is due.People buy what they can afford. You shouldn’t be hating them because they cannot afford a “Ferrari”. If you can go ahead. But don’t bash “Hondas”. They are just as good and very reliable!!!

Joel Worsley says:

I bought myself a $2500 Yamaha beginner model and I love it, hoping to upgrade when I get better

Jason Peppers says:

I bought a buffet student alto sax for 900.00. it’s very nice.

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