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Cannonball Musical Instruments Product Manager discusses their vast saxophone line. Does anyone else have experience playing on these horns? We would love to hear your insights!
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Champion Urbosa says:

Does anyone know how much extra the engravings cost?

Caroline Cholette says:

god i wish i could afford one

Sean Seven says:

What is the price of the Vintage tenors? Looking at these horns make me salivate.

Anouks bakery says:

I love them the soprano is much heavier than a normal soprano, which I love! The sound is round en more warm than normal.

Adam Doyle Music says:

I have the Vintage Reborn alto and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The sound and feel is perfect for me, it is such a great horn.

Totoma says:

where can I get one of these

Tkollie3g says:

Were do u go to film these

wow mango_ says:


Bruno Torres says:

Those are beautifull 

Yadhira Madrid says:

wished i can afford one of those for just myself.

nixxx62 says:

Pretty sweet 😀

DraconicWolf says:

Have had mine for 5 years, I have the (A5-BICEB) Big Bell Stone Series Alto (Raven).  I love how it plays.  Plus she’s easy on the eyes 😉

Mad Pete says:

How much does a raven tenor cost

CandyBaconBoy88 says:

usualy how much would a Gerald Albright tenor cost ?????

Sugar Sheffield says:

I just played played a Cannonball big bell “brute”. Im am truly blown away by its quality. I compared it with a Raven edition as well as a Yamaha 82z Custom. Hands down, I liked the brute the most. Nice vintage sound and the quality in hands of both Cannonballs felt beefier than the Yamaha Custom. I have always been a Yamaha fanboy too, so I am stunned. All of the Cannonballs I played felt great. I will be purchasing the brute in the next few weeks.

Orion X says:

Oh my gosh! That same guy carved my saxophone!

Alex Bush says:

I’ve got a Big Bell Stone Series tenor, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. After playing Cannonball, I vowed never to switch brands. Cannonball is by far my go to guy.

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