Best Alto Sax Mouthpieces Under $150

Check out the list of best alto saxophone mouthpieces under $150 here: tip opening chart can be found here as well.

***Sax Gear Mentioned in Video ***


*Yamaha 5C

*Vandoren V16 6S+

*Meyer 5

*D’addario Select Jazz 6


*Vandoren Red Java 3

*Vandoren Blue Box 3.5

*D’addario Select Jazz 3M


*Vandoren Optimum Ligature

*Vandoren M|O Ligature


*Vandoren mouthpiece patches

*BG mouthpiece and neck swab

*BG alto sax body swab


*Yanagisawa A991


*Sax Holder JazzLab


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About this video:
In this video Jay Metcalf from Better Sax talks about the alto saxophone mouthpieces he recommends to his students with a budget of under $150. There is something on this list for sax players of every level from beginner to professional.


Konny Music says:

Vandoren Jumbo Java A45 was my choice after Yamaha 4C. Very good mouthpiece with bridge.

Edward Santiago says:

I was thinking on buying the theo wanne “FIRE” MOUTHPIECE ON WWW. THEOWANNE.COM BUT I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THE “alto size” on the website. When i was about to order it. Please check ot out and help me understand. It was size EX: 6(0.000) 7(0.000)n 8(0.000) .Also out of all the alto mouthpieces you just showed. What would you recommend for only ROMANCE. I was hearing the meyer for $111 on amazon?? It sounds good. The one your teacher told you to buy. But what would be “YOUR” mouth piece for alto if you was trying to pick up a lady??? Please let me know, thank you.

William S. Taylor says:

I play a 53 King Zephyr alto with a Jody jazz Jet 7 with vandoren java #3, it’s a good mouthpiece

Hapito says:

I play a mendini Alto sax. My sound right now literally sounds like a dying duck. I’m definitely looking forward to getting some of thess, along with some nicer reeds.

Klaus St. says:

Although I am quite satisfied with my Yamaha YTS480 with an Expression 6 Mouthpiece,
It would be nice to also get your proposals for Tenor Sax, are you planning a similar video?
Thank you,

Omar Hussein says:

Morgan makes some great mouthpieces

gary patterson says:

I have never played sax. I am waiting to receive soon my new Allora Chicago jazz tenor sax. First – thanks for these videos they are super. Second, I appreciate your demo with the Yamaha 5C and comments about using the 4C then moving to a 5C, etc. I will probably first try out the mouthpiece that comes with my Allora. Any suggestions for getting another mouthpiece and/or putting the 4C on my horn for a beginning point. I will be taking lessons with an experienced teacher – and of course getting his advice.

Jamall Wells says:

I’ve been playing for 3yeara

Jon Yan says:

how about Yamaha custom 5/6C MP? $72 worth to buy?

Superior Sax says:

gasp where’s the mouth cannon (vandoren jumbo java)

22cjk22 says:

I’m playing on a Selmer S80 + given ligature which came with my Seles Axos. Played on the Yamaha 5C with a Bonade inverted lig before that. The S80 has a much darker, complex sound. Took a few practice sessions to adjust, but very comfortable now.

Dillon Ames says:

Hey is there any way to contact you? I own a collection of instruments and equipment. Especially saxophone since it is my primary instrument. I would love to link up if possible and get some opinions on my equipment. Professional to novice. I do play professional gigs but i am only 19 so i would love some guidance. Thank you

dave pierre says:

Thanks for the educational video better sax. I noticed that when ever u take a breath you remove your lower lip from the mouthpiece. Is that an embouchure technique in some way? Because I see some other players take a breath at the sides of their mouth without taking off their lower jaw off the mouthpiece and some do the same like you. Whats your opinion on this?

Lyte says:

Is the Selmer As300 a good saxophone for beginners?

Jarold Williams says:

If you use different reeds, as you did on this video, your comparison is meaningless.

Scott Morrise says:

I have a question about the seal you demonstrate. I am almost never able to get that to work on my Yamaha 4C or Meyer 6M mouthpiece. I can hear air sucking through the reed. Is there something I should be doing to seal the reeds? I’m playing on Gonzalez reeds. Any other tips to check that?

BHQ [Fortnite] says:

I use a Selmer c*

super20dan says:

is that a yani alto? if so good choice

Ilyasse Milahi says:

What’s about the vandoren jumbo java A35

Luciano Carvalho says:

I recomend the Barkley mouthpieces from Brazil. My favorite its the hard rubber ZZ Vintage.

Pat Zicari says:

Super video….
I started playing a Lakey 7*3 in the 70’s, when Claude made me one of his first ones… I used it with the reeds he designed it for… Plasticover and Hempke…
After having my VI Alto returned to “stock”, I wanted to return to my purer “Desmondie” sound…
Luckily, there is the Vandoren Musician’s Advisory Studio L.A… Where, with an appointment, you can try their mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds out…
I ended up with the V16A8s and Gold M/O Ligature… I DID notice the difference in sound with the different ligature material (Gold or Brass)… however, their inconsistency in their reed strength sent me back to my “ol’ reliable” Orange Box Rico #2’s…
I also switched from the Vandoren mouthpiece Patch to the Theo Wanne “hard” Bite Pad… was getting marks on my new 10mFan Merlot (Tenor)… and gave them a try… like Theo’s better… actually prevents tooth marks…
So, you have another convert to UNDER $150 ALTO MOUTHPIECES… and happy that I did…

David Erato says:

The Fobes Debut is the best plastic mouthpiece for students. Check them out.

Cyrius Ramdass says:

Great vid, really helped me understand more about my future as a sax player and the sound I want to create! Tenor for the next vid !!!

Tyler Count says:

I use a Buescher mouthpiece. Love it!!!! And in my experience the mouthpiece patch induces biting. I would reccomend not using one.

Damian 2013 says:

Is it worth upgrading the mouthpiece on a student saxophone?

Tempest says:

what about an Otto link tone edge?

Dave's Nature Productions says:

I have used a Yamaha 4C and Rovner dark ligature for about a month on my alto sax since I started playing. I was doing ok with Legere Signature 2 and Rico 2.0 reeds. I recently upgraded to a Meyer 6M, Rovner Versa X ligature and Legere Signature 2 1/4 and D’addario Select Jazz 2.5 reeds and noticed a near instant improvement in my playing. Maybe I needed stronger reeds and that helped.

I found that the 6M has a big bright projecting sound winch I found I could darken a little by altering how the Rovner Versa X ligature was set up and working on my tone. I always use cork grease but found the 6M mouthpiece a bit tight on the neck and it took a little bit off the cork when I removed it, so need to be careful when putting it on and taking it off the neck. I went for it as I wasn’t sure what style I wanted to play but didn’t want to be restricted at this stage.

I would have got the D’addario Select Jazz as I like the sound of it, but the tight fit and the reports that it takes off the cork, made me stay away from it. Hope they fix that in the future.

Jay Pettit says:

I’ve been playing sax for over 7 years now, and I will be studying music education. By far, my Meyer 7 with medium chamber is my favorite mouthpiece. Bigger sound than I’ve gotten out of any of my previous mouthpieces.

1.85M Views says:

I’m playing on a Yamaha 3 c don’t ask how or where i got it it’s still a mystery to me how i acquired it. It is A class trash.

Samuel Onyango says:

hey..big FAN…make for tenor saxophone

Sylvain Bossé says:

Mine: Claude Lakey CLA613 Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 6×3, the reed is Marca American vintage.

greg sco says:

I agree with you about getting a better mouthpiece once you have some experience playing sax, and can notice a difference in tone with a better mouthpiece. I have a Selmer C* for my alto. I am very happy with the sound. I also changed the ligature to a Rovner which improved the tone slightly.

Nancy R says:

Hi! I’m having some troubles, I’m looking for a mouthpiece for “classic”. My teacher recommend for my selmer c* or eugene rousseau nc4. For alto, I’m student. Make a video about this, please. I want to hear both, thanks!

Jeff Smith says:

Excellent video. I’ve just bought an D’addario Select Jazz D6M and played it for the first time for two hours. I always use cork grease but the MP still went on very tight. When I twisted off the MP it removed 1/3rd of the neck cork with it. My previous MP was a Selmer S80 C** and that fitted on pretty tight but the inside of the MP was very smooth so it never damaged the cork. On inspection I found the D’addario MP very rough on the inside and using a piece of very fine Emery paper turned around a 15mm tube I polished the inside until it was smooth and shiney. It’s a shame that I didn’t inspect the inside of the MP before I played it, because that would have saved my neck-cork. So here’s the warning guys: Always check the inside of a new MP before fitting it on your sax!!!

Grant Koeller says:

Excellent video, as a sax teacher, I totally agree with your choices. I’ve been playing 46 years, on the same set-up, Meyer 7MM, Vandoren Java green box 3.5. I love Meyer, it is the real deal…. the v16 is a Meyer copy and the d’addario is a Meyer copy. why, because the design of the Meyer is perfect. It has that New York chamber, round, with hollowed out sidewalls, and roll over baffle and flat table, even side rails and nice thin tip rail…

Darryl Walters says:

I,ve been playing a Selmer C.two star old mp I think it,s a soloist for classical and everything with a Bari reed have used cane but hav,nt the patient to fiddle around and use Bari all round except clt D

Leo Wright says:

I have a vandoren v16 s6. 2.5 vandoren zz reed , love it . Glad to see vandoren in your testing, also Vandoren ligature optima

Mark Tyler says:

I’ve been playing for 30 years and sax is my main living, so believe me when I say – this is all excellent advice!

On alto I play an old Dukoff Florida 8, it’s hard work but I’m used to it. I also use a Vandoran Blue Java for classical gigs and for doubling with the Dukoff in the studio. Sound conception is very important, I would argue that a bright mouthpiece can be darkened but it’s hard to brighten a dark setup.

Robert Gifford says:

No love for the Rousseau mouthpieces?

Brian Dancer says:

How very true, ’tis the sound and ‘passion’ for the horn that counts. Without boasting people say I have a very good sound –I’m not a pro. player and play a YAS 62 with a Meyer 6 and D’darrio 2 hard reeds ( when I find a good one ) ….although they are getting much more consistent of late.
I’m aged 75 —loved the horns all my life. Also a keen and busy Bari. player and a YTS 23 tenor. ( I don’t talk about my Bari. )

Deryck Taylor says:

Thanks for a great video. It saved me from spending $ buying and trying different mouthpiece. In addition to years of practice, which hard rubber mouthpiece do you think would get me closest to Gerald Albright’s bright, punchy, not buzzy, full bodied sound?

Grant Koeller says:

Also get a mens 100% cotton handkerchief, to pull though the mouthpiece and for drying the reed…they sell men’s handkerchiefs at Kmart, Walmart, Sears, Target and Jc penney usually in the sock or underwear section….

Hammertime1041 says:

The vandoren v16 6s is actually great I love it. I’m a few years into playing alto sax and need a need mouth piece, this channel is a godsend thank you so much Better Sax!

Joel Steinke says:

buy a vintage hard rubber blank and have someone reface it and it will play better than any modern piece out there.

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