Allora AAAS-301 Student Alto Saxophone

With superb intonation, sound and ease of playability, the Allora AAAS-301 Student Alto Saxophone will satisfy your beginner student’s needs and your budget.

Constructed with a lacquered brass body, neck and bell, the Allora AAAS-301 Student Alto Saxophone features professionally styled keywork, pads with leather boosters, tilting G# and Bb table keys, a note range up to F# and a thumb rest that is adjustable for comfort and smaller sized hands.

The Allora AAAS-301 Student Alto Saxophone also includes a molded carrying case, mouthpiece with cap and ligature.

Order today with the no-risk assurance of our Total Satisfaction and Low Price Guarantees!

Incredible value – find out more at: or call 800-348-5003.


• Superb intonation and sound
• Lacquered brass body, neck and bell
• Professionally styled keywork
• Pads with leather boosters
• Tilting G# and Bb table keys
• Note range up to F#
• Adjustable thumb rest for comfort
• Includes a molded carrying case, mouthpiece with cap and ligature


Dallas Waller says:

I hope it is not a piece of junk!

Malcolm Townsend says:

how can you tell the difference between that and the allora paris professional sax

Sherif Alian says:

i meant this video

Justin Henrie says:

so it doesnt go to a high g or a??

aapezel says:

That sounds rather nice! I have heard people say not to buy a sax much under $1000, because the intonation is invariably very poor, but is this an exception, or are you compensating by the way you play, at least to some extent?

Diego F says:

Is it difficult to learn Sax?? 

Saibal Sen says:

I am very sorry to inform that one of my DEDICATED Pupil had bought from your company (through ONLINE ) two Alora Saxophones ( One Soprano Vienna series and another was Alto student model) from India ……but I have seen BOTH the Saxophone’s higher G followed by other High notes are not coming at all ! It is UNLIKELY from a renowned company ! I will be obliged if you can do something about it. Best regards !

Achilles says:

Hey all you beginners, buy a vintage 60s-70s Bundy or a 50s Martin Indiana.
Pros: They are built like tanks and they sound great.
Cons: Bad ergonomics
Otherwise stick with Yamaha.

Justin Bever says:

cool story bro!

fitlitgiant says:

The octave key doesn’t work when playing G. Any help will be appreciated.

Cameron Wallin says:

I can. The Allora Paris is a professional

Greg Vail says:


Greg Vail says:

When I demonstrate saxes I don’t go over board trying to make them sound in tune. I just play them. To be fair, any pro will be making some kind of adjustments naturally though. The price break thing is kinda old thinking now since there are many saxes under a grand that have really good intonation overall.

Justin Henrie says:

Because im playing a march that requires higher than a f sharp and my sax is in horrible shape and i need a new one bad

chriss1152 says:

i,m going to buy this when i get the money

Sherif Alian says:

please help i need advice on which alto saxophone to buy as a beginner
Odyssey OAS130 Alto Saxophone Outfit or
trevor james artemis gold lacquer or
Allora AAAS-301 Beginner Student Alto Saxophone Bundle or
Elkhart by Selmer Eb Alto Sax Saxophone Outfit 100AS

they all are close in price which is my budget for my 1st saxophone but which one will play best, i’d like to play like this guy ( )
this quality of sound !

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