A Chinese C Melody Saxophone Review

An overview of a Chinese C Melody Saxophone showing intonation and mechanical problems


James W says:

That’s not what an alto mouthpiece does. It’s not making your horn play in C#. It’s throwing off the physics of the whole instrument and that”s why your intonation is off. It will play in tune with the right mouthpiece, as much as those china horns can anyway but I read the design is based on the Conn NWII so the intonation should be pretty spot on.

Certain alto mouthpieces do play in tune on C melody. I have done a great deal of experimentation and found the Claude Lakey moutpieces, both alto and tenor play perfectly in tune on C Melody, but the tenor you have to have the shank cut down. I made a video to prove it to if you want to watch it on my channel.

One other thing I want to say. I just don’t understant why anyone would buy a junk China C-Mel when there are so many top-notch Conn C Melodys available for peanuts, many of them closet horns that have barely been touched. I picked up one such horn for only 400 bucks. I did not have to have it rebuilt, just needed a $80 set-up and a spring replaced. I loved it so much I bought a second one in much more worn condition, but also did not need more than a hundred bucks put into it. They are built like tanks and have perfect intonation, and tone that cannot be beat. I prefer it’s tone even to my Mk VI.

RareAnonyme says:

Should I look out for these things in a Chinese baritone sax. Or it’s a completely different story

E Keith says:

Didn’t see review until after I received my C melody from China. So far, I have found similar results – leading me to believe the manufacturers are not hearing feedback and making adjustments to the process.
Found lower stack sharp compared to upper stack, so lowered key height. Low and middle “D” very sharp – added crescent in tone hope. Upper palm keys extremely sharp – added crescents, and still sharp. And these notes are hard to get to sound. Have not experimented with assorted mouthpieces, am hesitant to throw away more money. I have some before / after photos if needed…..

Ben Broll says:

On sax.uk they have a C Melody Sax for about 800$ US and I heard from some people that it’s great do you know anything about it? The brand is sakkusu.

Potato_Overlord says:

Could we get a link on where to buy on please?

Quinn The Quartz says:

Bandestration atleast they bringing this saxophone back from the dead, now do it for Alto-sax in F or Mezzo-Saprano

Kiera Maher-kay says:

I was going to buy one of the Chinese alto saxophones, guess not, the problem is that my parents can’t afford a $1000-$2000 saxophone and the Chinese saxophones aren’t good quality, I also heard that if the sax is broken no one will fix it(services don’t service Chinese made saxs) which is a big problem, I play in a school band and I can’t rent a saxophone, can u make a video giving advice about this issue?

Dennis Maher says:

Thanks for all the detail. Do you think the company that built that sax is the same that built the Aquila C melodies? (Aquila in New Zealand has gone out of business because of a conflict with their Chinese factory.) My 1925 Conn sounds great on old tunes from before 1930. I use a modern Aquila mouthpiece and often an old Bamber tenor mouthpiece. I couldn’t play the original Conn mouthpiece. Intonation is always a problem.

Gary West says:

If you buy 6 China saxes, you get eggroll!!! if you build something like a shed you can use that sax as a Hammer to drive nails, or maybe as a boat anchor, for a small boat. Maybe tie 10 hooks to it and go rock cod fishing. That’s probably all the uses I can imagine for the Sux sax

William Fox says:

I bought a C melody from Ebay and got it in 10 days. I bought a second one from alibaba and have been waiting 2 months and it’s still not even built yet. I’m wondering if yours took that long to build? I really like the one I bought from ebay and their manufacturer was wonderful to work with. Alibaba I’m not so sure. We’ll see when i get it and compare the quality of the two manufactures. Please contact me to talk further & compare notes. Sincerely Bill Foxcompanyinc@comcast.net

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