500$ vs 3000$ Sax Review. Can You Hear the Difference?

In this video I compare 3 alto saxophone: Earlham Professional Series 2, Julius Keilwerth S.K.Y. concert, Yamaha yas 62. Which one sound best for you?
Actually now I am selling my beloved Earlham and Julius Keilwerth saxophones. You can contact me if you are interested via:

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Itz Melon says:

Great video. Thank you for your performance.

M Albareno says:

There is not different. I believe that the sound of saxophone is depend on player and appropriate mouthpiece and reed.

Sob Versão says:

Hi man! Nice video. Can u say what do u have in your stuff? Reeds and mouthpiece.

Anna Verpeta says:

at a saxophone for 1000 dollars the sound is softer

Ricardo Cortés says:

Yamaha sound little brighter than other 2 but for price difference I can tell wao for Earlham and Julius. Good Job!

jaysee27 says:

Out of the many “cheap/expensive” saxophone comparisons out there on YouTube I think yours is one of the better ones to actually determine the difference. Thanks for editing your video so you can quickly hear the difference as opposed to the method of how some people demonstrate the difference by switching mouthpieces/neck/reeds. By the time they finish switching out the mouthpiece setup you almost have forgotten what the previous one sounded like. Nice work! And thanks.

As most of these videos demonstrate, it appears that most of the qualities of the sound are based on the individual player and the mouthpiece setup. The expense of the horns have a lot to with the key mechanics, engineering, and to some degree the quality of the pieces of the horn (pads, spring action, metal used etc). But for sound quality, I don’t think there is a big difference.

warren goldstein says:

Could you let us know in order the best to worst in terms of playability and feel? As far as sound goes; there’s really nothing in it.

Sebastian Rodriguez says:

I want to buy one, I am a total amateur, wich alto saxophone would you recommend me?

ME_ Hitz says:

Sounds the same

bloodmarth says:

Almost little to no difference. Other than the clicking of the keys, it all depends on the player.

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