Yousician vs Simply Piano: Review and Comparison of Premium Editions

Yousician vs Simply Piano: Concise Review and Comparison of Premium Editions

I review the apps based on the following criteria:
1. Ease of use/Learning Format
2. Note recognition/Feedback
3. Pace
4. Music Theory/Technical Skills
5. Song options
6. Bells & whistles
7. Pricing

Jump to 11:50 for the conclusion!


Wagner Baldin says:

Thank you! Thta´s what I was looking for.

Ilse Bouwmeester says:

Jn simply piano you can scroll when your pause a song to do a piece over and over

erotic says:


martyna cieslak says:

Could you do a review on flowkey?

thara11 says:

Great review! I use both Simply Piano and Yousician and I agree with everything you said. Both apps have their strengths and weaknesses. My main annoyances are (which you already pointed out in your video :)):
Yousician – Doesn’t have finger numbers on the sheet music. Makes it very difficult for me to play because I don’t follow the finger colours.
Simply Piano – Doesn’t give you feedback on your timing in real time like Yousician does.

So I use both apps because there is no one app that has all the features that are important to me.

w0mbles says:

Very good summary Christine, thanks.
I found that Yousician didn’t teach me how to play or read sheet music well. I was completely lost when I started trying to use actual sheet music, after months of Yousician. Also, I couldn’t proceed after a certain point; the difficulty level was too high for me real abilities.
I’ve gone back to books for now, with a sheet-music focus. I’m enjoying the Adult Adventures in Piano series; very high quality, structured.
Eventually, I’ll probably go to Simply Piano.

Valentin Edard says:

Do you know Flowkey ? Its an app like Simply Piano.

Marta Walkowski says:

I like some of the yousician solutions like playing with one hand at a time. However, imo simply piano has better graphics and song library. Thanks for this review 🙂

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