Yamaha P45 v P115 Comparison – What piano should I buy?

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IBEME says:

Songs played on this video names?

아라고나 says:

선택하는 것에 매우 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 진심으로 감사드립니다. you give me a great favor to choice which one. so thank you very much. i choose p-115!!

hpsnake73 says:

Hi. I’ve just got my P115. And I have one question. Are your keys are loud too ? When you’re playing. Like hiting some wood or something.

David Seagal says:

Thanks for demo! Also, btw, just saying, when you play Just the way you are, last chord is a sus not major! Billy Joel’s personal pet peeve re: his music!

Calum Goetz says:

I’ve been playing for a little over a year now. I started out with a Williams legato, but I think I need an upgrade, because I would like to play concerts and take it to practice/gigs.

Also I am a child out of 4 kids so I can’t really get super expensive things. Would the Yamaha-45 be good? Or should I try to save up?

I am very serious about piano and would like something that wouldn’t disappoint me

arabic music says:

does the price include taxes and custom clearance??

Joe Herman says:

Your reviews are great. Thank you for doing them. For those looking at these pianos, especially the P45, they may wish to check out my review of the value CDP-135 on my channel. Cheers from the USA and happy new year!

Vila Zotuo says:

I just bought the p115…….. And its been 3weeks since ive bought it…… But some keys are losing its weight or i dont know…… Please help me…… Will this happen??????

Gavin Lobo says:


Evil Morty says:

*What about p95?*

Coolumns says:

My aunt told me to get the P-45, I think I trust him because he is a musician, Even tho most of the comments say “I went with the P-115”

P.S: I already bought the P-45

Andrew Skelton says:

How did you record the audio in this video? Just using the each piano’s headphone jack?

Guoxin Huang says:

P115 sounds much better

cutzinnas says:

Yamaha P115 sounds better

Jackson Amaral says:

cool. the two are interesting, but i noted that the p115 is best.

Yuri Danylko says:

Can you use a three pedal box on it?

666FrankBooth666 says:

To be honest, constantly favouring the p115 due to the heftier price tag does get pretty tiresome.

A.J. Van der Velden says:

Nice review but, why no harpsichord demonstration?

Gavin Lobo says:

Made a mistake by buying P-45

hellohtml says:

i tried transposing semitones using the function f6# and g keys but it just shifts octaves…help?

Acyz says:

Hello everyone! First of all, great review! Loving the demo’s you gave us.

Okay so i’m wondering, is the P45 good for a complete beginner like me? I was planning on getting the P115, but then later realized that it was a little out of the price range for me. For the time being, i’m planning on doing a bit of self learning until I find myself a piano teacher.

Dillon says:

Was that piece from around 7:30 original? If not where is it from. Feel like I’ve heard it before and it’s driving me crazy hah

Love Muffin says:

Why is it so hard for keyboards to achieve decent string sounds? I know, …. it’s hard given so much of sound is vibration, and you can’t emulate acoustic vibration and it’s texture as it moves through the air very well, but you’d think that somewhere along the way we wouldve learned a few tricks and hacks to achieve something resembling decent. As of right now, strings sound bad on these keyboards.

cybermojoman says:

Was just looking into a buy a P45 and I see the P115 is on sale for only $50 US dollars more.
You totally convinced me to go with P115 Thank you for making the great video!!!!!!!

Alphairy says:

I got the korg b1

Siphenathi Manyaba says:

How many sounds can it record in its memory?

Spritewave 111 says:

They transpose how do they transpose how so ,, guitar centers dont know ,,, I have not seen anything on Yamaha site about how to transpose ,,, Yamaha and the dealers needs to make it very clear how to transpose these kinds of digital keyboards if the transpose button is on the top of the piano ,,that would be a kind thing to do for the consumers that are interested in buying one of there pianos thank you .

BestGardevoirLAS says:

Damn, I was hoping that there wasn’t a lot of difference, but I being a completly noob with pianos I can easily see that the p115 is waaay better

Luan Bonfá says:

What the name of the music on 9:21 ?

boris6145 says:

Por qué habla tantas pelotudeces y no va al grano? Tocá y poné un ipod y mostrá bien todo

Nofer Trunions says:

My biggest problem with any digital piano is it’s ability to play pianissimo or ppp which is essential for classical music. If I was reviewing digital pianos, this would be my #1 concern since it is in this regard that they all pretty much suck. The P115 is somewhat better than others and the Kawaii ES110 was marginally better than the P115 – _but neither was very good._ (I wonder why they go to all the trouble to match the timbre and completely disregard matching the key velocity curve?)

German shepherd Lover says:

Is the keybed/action the same on both? (other than the matt black keys) I played both and although the P115 was better the P45 wasn’t too bad at all, the action felt the same.

Hero wingss says:

But the the p 45 have a sad sound I can feel that 🙁 it’s so sad and lonley

Maafa 1619 says:

My new Casio Privia PX-560 has… ahem … 256 note polyphony and a 5.3″ color LCD touchscreen. Just sayin’

Fish Naked says:

Great review sir

Giorgos Boultadakis says:

15:37 Voice crack
15:39 “A cracking piano” xD
A very good review, sir. I’m thinking of going with a p115!

Sharon Durcklaend says:

What song did he play from 16:33?

Fish Naked says:

I went with the p115 after watching, thanks !

calvin yip says:

9:23 what song

Vivian Trang Duong says:

Im thinking of getting between the yamaha p115 and roland rp301r. Any advice?

project01YT says:

I like the sound of P45 more. It’s mor soft, gentle and warm.

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