Yamaha P105 v P115 Comparison – What piano should I buy?

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Wondastyle Ldn says:

nice video, you explained it all so clearly, cheers for this info:)

Александр Томский says:

Strange, but 105 sounds better. The sound is more pleasant and juicy.

Fonyó says:

Hi. Can you set the P115 to dual piano so you get 2 piano sounds with an octave difference (P95 has two buttons for grand piano and when you press both you get the second voice added as octave)? Thank you.

Leonardo Martins says:

Congratulations on the video, I saw in a comment that the P115 keys are heavier, even though they have the same GHS mechanism. It is true ?

Randy Orton says:

Should I buy Roland fp30 or p115??

Karla Medellín says:

Can you download what you record into a computer?

Da Mighty Shabba says:

Just got GIVEN a P105 today…. Only used twice in its life, two gig bags, both great quality, one still in packaging… Now all I need to do is learn to play a piano….

Nicolas Parera says:

Is it the same the p115 b? thanks!

Metroid Prime says:

Is the P115 a good piano if you are a beginner and want to learn how to play?

Sir Orlando De Corsica says:

Hey man I need help, I found a really good deal online on a used yamaha p115, the guy didn’t say it was fully functional or not but he says it is mint condition. What should I check on the piano if I do buy it? Please help!

Park YilEung says:

Thanks for your comparison. By the way, which hammer action is heavier?  is there any slight difference of touch ?

MarijaKeisha says:

Amazing video, thank you!!

Athanasios Dovas says:

I’m between Yamaha p-115 and Yamaha Arius 162 or 142. Very important for me is the Weighted keys similar to the real piano. Which of these would you suggest me ? Thanks 🙂

Cole Jackson says:

I like the “You’re my Best Friend” riff from Queen in there 🙂

nadjal says:

I think for most people a 192-note polyphony vs a 128-note polyphony won’t make any difference… 128 should be enough in almost all cases…


I need the name of every song he played


I plugged in to L/l+R Auxillary and have half the Volume! What happened? Was there an overload and damaged done? How can i get the built speakers to Original peak Volume Thanks, Jo ………..California

Tieyiwe Bassole says:

WHat the is piano behind the guy with the small speakers ?

Mediah Hashmi says:

What song do you play at the start to demonstrate? 🙂

Sarah Hopkins says:

Thank you so much for this video! My heart was set on a P105, but I went ahead and purchased a 115 today online and now I know I made a GREAT decision.

赵婧琳 says:

Could you pls compare Yamaha 115 with Korg 380? Which I one feels more like a real piano? Cause most digital piano feels too light compare to the real one.

ddvsds says:

You said P155 at 6:36 😛

yummypiano says:

I’ve been using the p115 for 3 years now and I didn’t even know it had all these abilities :O but i really like it

Joshua Alexander says:

Do you ship to America?

Bluer Buffalo says:

Thanks so much for the vid! Was the final straw in me deciding to pick up a P115 🙂

Oliver Rait says:

Aaaah, please help, what piece is being played at 5min 50seconds… it’s driving me nuts and shazam isn’t helping me out! 😉

wojtas2524 says:

I’m buying a P105 for roughly 250 pounds, so I’m not even thinking twice about it

ehsan83 says:

How do you compare the P-115 with Roland’s F-140R ? Which one is better in your opinion?

Thank you very much for your great review

Raymond C says:

I bought the P115 and also a cable to hook it up to my speakers.
The cable is a 1/4 to RCA. It doesn’t play from the speakers at all
after hooking it up. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong, the 1/4 left and
right males are plugged into the back of the piano, and the RCA males to
the speakers. But, if I plug the 1/4 side to the FRONT of the piano, it
works. Are the ports on the front and back different? How can I get my
piano to play on speakers with an RCA input?? The speakers are just some regular speakers, I don’t need an amp or anything, I just want to hear it play through speakers.

Please, someone with a brain help me! Lol

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