Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Review

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If you’re after excellent grand piano sound and feel on a budget, then you really can’t do better than Yamaha’s P-45 digital piano. This remarkably portable instrument combines Yamaha’s acclaimed Graded Hammer Standard keybed with their time-tested AWM stereo sound engine. Between its compact frame, its USB/MIDI connectivity, and it’s onboard performance features, your P-45 will serve you well at home, in the studio, and onstage.

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Alan Burris says:

Both sound amazing!

Mr. Wuffles says:

Whitch one will let me play master of puppets?

Bo Reed says:

I own both guitars plus a few others the Les paul is iconic i hated the pickups and changed them out the fender was ok and its been untouched going on 12 years it depends on what im playing.

Joshua Davis says:

If you intend on playing Metal les paul better option

guitarsplusct says:

Great video! Not only explains the difference between Les Pauls and Stratocasters but also makes for a really cool blindfold test to see if you can hear the difference. Only thing that confused me; I thought Les Paul designed the Les Paul?

The Meme King says:

I’m kinda late to the party,but personally I’d choose a Les Paul,not because I hate The strat or Gender in general,but because I think LP fits more the type of music I’d like to play

Abdel Oueryemchi says:

U made me wanna buy a Les paul..going to! thank smuch

Chaplin says:

strat all day. it can do what a les paul can do, but u can’t say the same on the other side

Andreas Kilian says:

Easy decision: buy both, play both. Quit both

VicenteGumshot YT says:

To me they are both good and it is down to aesthetics

Nedal Hubhub says:

Strat all the way, more delicate and soul touching.


You kinda look like an off brand Tom Brady

Veronica Ho says:

Which one is better, Yamaha P-45 or Kawai ES-110?


yamaha p-45 vs Korg B1?

Pyrotechnics 8 says:

I have this keyboard and I just found out you can play two of the voices at the same time

jcrobso says:

The Strat is the easiest guitar to customize. You can get humbucker pickups if you want. Change how the pickups are wired. I have done several!

coward says:

this is my dream keyboard, woah i drool whenever i look at it i want it so bad

The Eleventh Midnight says:

Conclusion: Buy a good amp

Blazin Balls says:

3:40 what piece is that? Plz tell me

Cactusruss1 says:

I have owned several variations of the Stratocaster. I believe my next will either be a Les Paul or an SG. Just a personal taste for the kind of sound I am looking for.

Red Wizard 101 says:

I’m a Les Paul guy

TheFlyingAussie says:

+Darrell Braun Guitar what was that opening song?

Ben Shafik says:

DUDE 450$ for it is amazing and free shipping on ur web awesome in my area it’s about 600$ /; opss just noticed you don’t ship to us..

Akira says:

This is such an amazing review.

Thank you.

Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy says:

I’m thinking of buying a new Player Stratocaster SSS for clean tones, funk rhythm chords, and 80s style clean solos.

Alex Rhino says:

Thank you for a review! Which piano would you recommend to a beginner: Casio cdp-130 or Yamaha p-45?

Hammy says:

I cant spend alot on a keyboard, I’d even have to save up for this one.
I have 2 questions that will determine if I go for this one, can it be used for midi input into a computer and can I play two instruments at a time e.g. grand piano on strings? Thanks

JLGLINK 2 says:

Did he make the solo?

Ben Shafik says:

I don’t suggest it I got and when I play on the lower end with like a melody the lower end makes a big growl and pedal is not that good

MrEbtorres says:

I like my Strat but when I got my first Les Paul, I totally fell in love with it. Both guitar models are pretty awesome, it’s a matter of the sound you want to get and the one that goes perfect with your style.

Mariam Heniedy says:

Yamaha P-45 or Yamaha Arius YDP-103? Which one is better?

LilChrisProductionz says:

Is it a layering mode on there

Matt Mayorga says:

What’s the name of the last solo?
Is it in your tabs sheet on Etsy?

Jensen Taylor says:

Les paul for lead and strat for rhythm

Ben Shafik says:

It’s the best looking portable digital piano maybe not the best but to best looks

Ben Shafik says:

You know that line in the piano the opening yeah I was cleaning the opening and the foam with cotton tips and I accidentally pushed some of the foam down

Rolando Gayda says:

no layer mode options.. better if their is
piano + strings..

Relic Hunter says:

What was that last piece he played with strings?

TravisM4CTavish says:

You look like Tom Brady’s and Ben Roethlisbergers love child that can play guitar

Esme Matthews says:

Can anyone tell me the size/length of it?

Lizard Hats says:

this board was donated to my high school at the end of last year, and i’ve been using it for combo gigs. i’m researching now for a board to take to college, and i might just need to pick one up for myself

Ronin Al says:

Worst keyboard and key action in the world. Do not buy this keyboard

Jorge Estremera says:

Phenomenal review

Łukasz Krawiec says:

I have question for those who have the P45. My C2# key is way louder than others. Even if I barely touch it, it produce very bassy, rumbling sound. Do you also have the same?

Mith says:

Now, that’s what I’d call a review! Really well done.

Adrian Putra says:

great review , btw can this keyboard plugged into pc , and become a midi controller ?

Leon Kambarami says:

Ok I m sold where can I buy P45

Samuel Glenn Kevin Marbun says:

Can I plug this piano to the mixer ?

Juan Pablo Pedroza says:

Great video, thank you so much! Although i have one question: does the keyboard work with headphones?

Lunlun Li says:


使徒行傳:4:12 除他以外,別無拯救,因為在天下人間,沒有賜下別的名,我們可以靠著得救

以下是死過翻生的人 見證上帝,耶穌基督的真實



Adrial Carrasquillo says:

Shhiiieet this ain’t no budget my guy I was looking for something 100-200 not half a starter car =_=

Emamk Ankhmind says:

You play well dude

NOFOOD? says:

3:40 song ????

Chez Pond says:

Hello, what did you play with the harpsichord voice?

Evan Cozad says:

Just got this, it has great quality on its sound, keys, feel, and much more!! Love the review!

Essentially Lau says:

Which one would you recommend with slightly lower price. Perhaps 200-300?

J. Terry says:

Just found this keyboard on Amazon for $579 thinking about baggin one if its reliable and expandable. Great review

Red Neck says:

next march i’ll be 30, but i really want to learn piano.. i guess is it too late isn’t it? i hope my kiddo would like to learn piano

mona bitch says:

you are gorgeous

The Piano Dynamics says:

How much?

jonathan smith says:

All this is cool but can I play with headphones on as I will be practicing at night people dont want to hear me play all the time you know….

Jonhnatha Trigueiro says:

Man… Best review ever! You rock, dude!

Hitagi Senjougahara says:

Besides you play very good, you are awsome at reviewing. Congrats!

Cold Hands says:

you are wearing your watch wrong

RadioFace Productions says:

Great video! I just ordered this elsewhere, only because it came with a double x-ray stand and a stool. But I have ordered many things from Sweetwater before and will again! Thanks for the video. I’m excited as ever to get my new keyboard soon!

TwiS007 says:

amazing review

Geekman333 says:

What a GREAT review. Just bought one for my daughter. Thanks for a great video.

PHOTON says:

its $550 AU here in australia. I wouldent call it affordable.

Peter Broadey says:

Has it got speakers?

Армен Казарян says:

the voices are better than on my yamaha np30

oliver smith says:

Bro if possible demo the layering feature

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