Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano – Full Demo with Gabriel Aldort

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Gabriel Aldort presents the Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano at Kraft Music.

Want to hear less talk and more playing?

Music brings joy to so many of us. And for pianists what we play can become the soundtrack to our modern lives. Since how and when we enjoy our piano can be personal depending on the player, the simplicity of the Yamaha P-125 makes it the most approachable and user-friendly digital piano for everyone. Beginner and intermediate players will find the touch and tone perfect for their repertoire, and the portability of the P-125 means you can take it on those coffee-house gigs, or bring it to the cottage with ease.

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Paul kurf says:

I’m finding Gabriel Aldort’s reviews to be among the best. I’m getting a lot of information for finding out what kind of gig piano I can get for what I want to spend.

HeavyFarm 18 says:

I have this piano and is very good.
I recommend.

Su Yan says:

Are there any digital piano with Android focused app? I don’t want to buy an iPad just to get the most out of my DP.

Jules B says:

I’m getting this piano, thank you so much! 🙂

plekkchand says:

An extended sales pitch.

Mar Rodriguez says:

Can someone tell me if I can connect headphones to it ?

DustyCowdog says:

What a sweet keyboard! Great demo, too!

FoxyStealth says:

@10:15 shows how to split the keyboard into R&L hand different instruments.

flolan2 says:

Hello how can I come close to Hammond organ with P125 ? Thanks

Levi Support Guru says:

not quite “full” demo imo, more of a Nice “review” or rather quite a long commercial / add. Any idea how this sounds through its proper speakers (after all it s a portable so why the hell is all the demo stuff done through output ? honestly think the 100+ dollars bagg sold seperatately can hold an external soundsystem ).. it s “portable” so internal sound is quite important for some us…. – nice demo of the sounds but what about SHOWING us the GHS action ? any ppp to fff playing for instance – and please stop telling us how important and improved features are…we kindof expect improvement and upgrade on a “new model” compared to the old one. – Like someone else asked : why not show us headphone outs ? – to go short : nice demo, thumbs up for that – but lacks crucial information for those of us interested in buying the thing (imo), how does USB connect ? How much can I record with this “really important recording feature” and in what format ? What s the deal with L – R/L+R output ? What format is supported with the usb port ? Any updates/updatable firmware ? Does it play note-related samples / is there a “ressonnance algorythm” ? silly question but could a major and real improvement : when I press down say C1 s G and C2 s G… and then play lets say C3 s G…will there be the resonnance of the first 2 G s (as in an accoustic) or is this not part of the emulation / algorhytm ? What about pedal and resonnance / half pedal ?
 Come on guys we like demos but please make them usefull…it s nice to hear what it s capable of but this is just basic stuff we can find anywhere…Might as well just download the manual.

Sorry for the shoutout but hell…yamaha…you should expect that being so majorly present on social media , it s part of the deal…
And concidering the number of questions (unanswered btw)…doesnt that kindof proove my point (the lack of REAL information) ?

For the marketing people :
– still no Android support for Smart Pianist (despite making this app a major selling point)
– Android support coming midst 2019 ? (wont you have a p135 or something out by then ?)
– No support for lower than iOS10 and actually no support for THIS particular piano (despite the sales argument)

eddyvideostar says:

If you can buy this straight with just the bare essentials they offer, it would be worth the price. Look for Black Friday deals.

Pervez Ahmed says:

At 15:39, he said, “Now you can transmit audio over USB”. Is this the word “audio” means that it can record audio/wav on a computer through USB? I heard others saying P125 can only transmit MIDI data, not wav. Can anyone clarify?

Alex Hiltbrunner says:

Hi all, does anybody know if it‘s possible to loop the recordings?

Rani RANI says:

Does anyone know if p125 have the same key action as p105?

Sipho Ndhlovu says:

You are a legend. I am buying this tomorrow.

fychxhs says:

Thank you for all these info Jim!

HectorManchez says:

eff iTunes … sucks

Nippy Vocals says:

I like how his left foot is playing the imaginary bass pedals when he plays the organ sounds…

Vijay Jagdale says:

Really amazing and exciting improvement for its price. Great Demo. Hope the Android version comes out soon. One (unrelated and minor) error is at 22:58 it says that AAC is Apple proprietary. It is an open standard. Look up AAC on wikipedia

Sipho Ndhlovu says:

Do you play piano cause you work for Yamaha or do you work for Yamaha cause you can play piano?

Jayson Ballesteros says:

Its actually Yamohaw what he said. lol

DCD Studios says:

Someone please answer this but does the 125 support half-peddling?

Giftson Immanuel says:

Do we get those apps in Android?

Ryan Candelario says:

Can you layer, and split at the same time? Bass, piano, and strings.

SuperLeona says:

this or m-audio hammer 88?

Michał Jałochowski says:

How much for it ?

Gus B says:

Yamaha is great, but I cant say the same for some of the people that work for Yamaha. Called customer service at yamaha 24×7 and the guy was as rude as they come. Idiot to say the least.

Eren Can says:

Can anyone recommend a good,cheap and simple keyboard without all the fancy stuff.

To Ja says:

Im looking for not as bright sound as it..

xxxPOWERSLAVExxx says:

почему Андроид не поддерживает?

The Devil says:

Can I take/import sounds from Logic Pro X and play them on the piano?

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