Yamaha CP40 Stage 88-note Stage Piano Review

The Yamaha CP40 Stage brings you stunning grand piano sounds based on the Yamaha CFIIIs grand from Yamaha’s Premium Collection. On top of that, you get 35 vintage EPs and hundreds of sounds from Yamaha’s flagship Motif workstation. You’ll appreciate the natural feel of the 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard and its intuitive interface, which lets you easily create splits and layers quickly, thanks to the simple layout and large lighted buttons. And with its trim design and light weight (only 36 lbs.), it’ll be a pleasure transporting the Yamaha CP40 Stage to your gigs.

Get the CP40 here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CP40


G says:

Another top shelf piano demo by Erkine Hawkins on the very nice CP40. This piano has been out for a while, but it’s really worth revisiting especially with such a talented presenter.

John Lennon Fanatic says:

Nice playing and demo i have the CP4.

Tony Lancer says:

+SweetwaterSound 5:48, did you forget to put the names of the sounds on the video? Would be nice to know.

This guy could make you buy a cheap keybaord with his playing skills.

haloShAdOwSnIpE says:

Make a video on the Maudio Hammer 88…

Martin Hansen says:

Great sound. I love it.

DownTownTony Brown says:

Great Demo…Even GREATER PLAYER!!!…That Boy BAD!!!!!

Rob O says:

Is there a CP70 or CP80 setting on the the CP40 ?

Jatasha Smith says:

you are a great player. so the Yamaha Cp40 is just for stage not to use at home?

steelfistIII says:

Very Nice Demo/Review, CP40 sounds good, and seems to function like most modern keyboards. I would have to say this keyboard played by an excellent player is even more impressive! Thanks for the wonderful playing!!

Don Price says:

Great tone

Christopher Matthews says:

That sounds good

Wilderness Music says:

I am sorry but this is another useless review for romantic / new age / performers who use very slow tempos and generous sustain pedal. The problem with all digital pianos is the sustain and pedal sustain, the note decay so fast it is impossible to play the piano slow. I can make my cheap Yamaha P95 sound like this review when I play it fast enough so the note decay doesn’t matter.

Benjamin Smith says:

Yeah! CP4s lil’ brother sounds great in your hands. Bravo, sir. Great presentation.

Zach G says:

what is the difference between this action and the P255? or the CP4? playability wise.

what situations would the extra in/outs on the CP4 be an absolute necessity– how far will the Cp40 get you?

Good demo selections are hard to come by in my area, and I have been able to try the Cp4 at JEN recently. Felt great but maybe a little out of my price range. The “ivory” tops were nice, I can’t tell if the wood made any difference in the touch.

I have been browsing lighter gigging boards than what I currently use, and the P255 and Cp40 seem to be among the best things in my pricerange. I play acoustic piano sounds nearly exclusively so I am not too picky about features beyond a rhodes patch.

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