Why I bought a Nord Piano and why I’m selling it | Review and new synth reveal!

Allow me to explain why I bought the Nord Piano 88 and why I’m selling it. I’ll a mini review and demo some of the sounds and features. We’ll also reveal a new synth in a new segment called “What’s in the case Woody?”.
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Peter Garofalo says:

Yeh one of the reasons I bought a 73 .

chriscauldermusic says:

Your best bet, I think… would be a used Nord Electro 5 HP… (73 keys)… 1GB for the piano library… great screen. $2000 on average, used. Gives you everything, and weighted keys… (I’m about 5 min into your video)… I think the Electro 5 HP’s definitely the best value all around.

horowizard says:

I think the Sympathetic String Resonance features are very important. It adds that extra realism which is very useful in certain playing styles, especially with Classical music.

Paul Mina Storm says:

totally agree with you on the limited memory. What is this company’s problem with memory stinginess??? Even the nord piano 3 has max of 60 voices. For a product intending to be a (stage) piano the min voices should be 128 and ideally 256.

Matthew Morris says:

Great video, Woody! I believe your personal requirements for a piano-style keyboard very much mirror my own. And this video has gone a long way in convincing me to go 73. I’ll be trading my Piano 2, 88 for a Stage 2/3, 73.

P.S. I read in a forum a bunch about Nord’s internal storage. It’s a really sophisticated blend of flash/RAM. Simply adding more would get really sketchy…

The Film Composer (QuasiStudio) says:

I am in a big dilemma! I love the Nord piano sound (mellow) but is that enough to switch from Korg SgProX? Icelandic piano sound-style is my favourite! I’d love to hear what you think..

Dylan Knollenberg says:

I’d like to see you try a Korg SV-1 keyboard sometime, weighted action and killer sounds.

John David Peer says:

Using that crappy little amp is unforgivable!

FunkySardine says:

Casey Neistat seems to pop up in the most unexpected of places :):)

dave piano says:

Here’s an excellent review. I love the idea of owning a Nord, but their prices are so inflated that I cannot justify it anymore. But great recommendations and I shall look into the s/h market and see whats available. Great review Mr Woody.

geoffk777 says:

I guess every player is different. All of my boards are 88-key weighted except for the SY99, which has 72 non-weighted keys. I find that the missing keys in the bass are a constant distraction, especially when playing octaves, and the lack of weight feels unnatural and odd to me. I’m used to the weight–even when playing organ and synth sounds. I do like the aftertouch, but I’d trade it for a full-sized keyboard with proper weighting.

As for portability, my Yamaha MOXF8 is only 15kg and fairly easy to haul around. The wheels are above the keyboard, so it’s no longer than some 60 or 72 key boards. Of course, my other two boards are a pain to move. Fortunately, I don’t really gig with them.

Anyway, for serious piano playing, I’d never consider a short, unweighted keyboard. Whatever the Nord’s other issues, that nice long keyboard wouldn’t bother me.

Ross Campoli says:

Surprised you went to semi-weighted after having the weighted piano keys

chieftp says:

I bought an Electro 4 (61 key) used a couple years ago. thought about getting a Nord piano (I’ve found several version 2s around here,) but there’s an electro 5 (73 key) used for sale near by. I think I’d rather had that since it’s smaller and half the weight.

YAVAMAYstudio says:

Is not possible to get a good piano sound from electronic devices ,long time i try to do this ,even my desktop New York grand from Kontakt ,no doubt ….,last time i bought real upright Yamaha U3 ,now im happy !.

keith shwalbe says:

A very well worthwhile walkthrough.

Armando Chaverri says:

I dream with something like a “NI kontakt standalone hardware” with at least 512GB ssd and transfer from the PC any sample library that i want…I dont know why this does not exist…

Maafa 1619 says:

Nords all have very limited polyphony. That is a dealbreaker for me. And, of course, a semi-weighted keyboard is hot garbage.

Michael Langley says:

Not alot piano/keyboard players use the very lowest or higest keys on 88 key synth’s/pianos. Ive only ever had 61 key synths which is just right for me.

chinesemusic says:

If you’re gigging, it probably doesn’t matter for a small onboard piano
library. But if you do want super realistic piano sounds for production,
(including key noise, pedal noise, sympathetic resonance, round robin
samples), go with , as another viewer pointed out , with massive deeply
sampled piano libraries for NI Kontakt. They are 10G -20 G in memory
for a single piano patch.

chriscauldermusic says:

Ah the 4… huh! I would have gone for the 4HP or the 5HP… the 5 gives you a TON of space for the piano library… and that SCREEN! 🙂 Really surprised the 5 did nothing for you… I think it’s the best bang for the buck.

D R says:

Sounds like you need a forte, that’s got ssd full of pianos and full vast synth too, but it’s pretty expensive. Sounds brilliant though

richard tommy says:


Andy Merrett says:

Was lucky enough to get to perform on a friend’s Nord Stage 2 a few years ago. What a beautiful instrument. Nord keyboards are those I’d buy if I won a modest sum on the lottery. So probably not going to happen. 🙂

And yes the mid-70s number of keys is usually ample although 88 notes all the way in my home studio. 🙂

Sarmad Alshami says:

Thank you for the review, what happened for your s970?

horowizard says:

I don’t know what you paid for the Electro 4. You mentioned you had reasons for not getting the Electro 5D which I feel is superior in every way. Great new and useful features, better flexibility, more memory and smoother user interface. Plus the price for a new unit has come way down so I would be curious as to why you wouldn’t prefer it.

gridsleep says:

Also it looks as if the Nord Piano uses an external power supply? Is that true of all the Nords? That’s perfectly ridiculous. As for keyboards, I have a Roland A-80, and prefer Pianoteq.

Mr. Josh J Joshson says:

Very good .

thomas Shea says:

yes obsolete

Neil Loughran says:

Looking forward to your Electro 4 review. Atm I have a Nord Stage 2 and Electro 5 73D and Electro 5 HP. I couldn’t get on so well with the Electro 73D keyboard so I picked up a s/h HP at 30% off current shop price. I absolutely love the HP. Feels like a totally different instrumnet… even to the Stage 2. Like you I found the Stage 2 too big and heavy for cars and gigging so hope the HP is better in that regard… Electro 5D will be sold off soon…

Michael Langley says:

The amp makes it sound like an old Kurzweil K250.

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