What Piano to Buy- Keyboard

People are always asking me about what kind of piano or keyboard they should get. In this video I am trying to explain some options that are out there. Thanks for watching! You Rock!!!!


Miah Grayer says:

I think he was teaching g someone while filming… it was weird

Onida Aitsubasa says:

I have always liked the way Yamaha keyboards sound. They have a better quality of sound than Casio keyboards but they tend to be more expensive. The arranger series of Yamaha are excelent keyboards and allow the sequencing and creation of songs to store and record.

Squishy Bean says:

Don’t you teach in Naperville IL? Because I live near DeKalb and I was thinking about doing lessons

Jacques Bergeron says:

very good advice’s

Casey Rules 117 says:

What keyboard did you use in the video?

crystalplanet09 says:

absolutely honest & sincere presentation. Thanks man!

Mark II says:

Were over here dude.. seriously.

Toasterness Studios says:

cool. My piano was 400 bucks and has 88, weighted, touch sensitive keys I think.

Abigail Capeling says:

What piano is that? I want one form Santa and I need to know what it’s called Please please pretty please tell me (by the way: I want to be a music teacher when I’m older

Zuon94 says:

So, my unemployed self managed to trade in my off-brand, handmedown Stratocaster clone, two “toy” Casio/Yamaha keyboards, (all budget gifts from people not into music) an old Radeon R7 260X video card, and a SNES cartridge of Chrono Trigger, for a Yamaha PSR-540 that happened to be sitting around at my local Bookman’s. I know it’s from the 90s and all, but how well do you think I did considering I had no cash?

IamRena Iloveoyashirosama says:

can i play piano sheets with this?

Lucifer says:

Okay so I am looking for a basic keyboard, I just want the piano sound, I’m new to keyboards and have never bought one and I’m looking for some advice on what to get, good quality but low price

Craig McMurray says:

My eyes are up here. Nice informative vid man

Reynold Waworuntu says:

Pak indon sekolah di tri asih kebon jeruk

MrDankMoon says:

what one is he using

Alphall Productions says:

Hey guys, how about instead of making fun of him in the comments we actually take his advice. I understand that some of you out there may have OCD but for fucks sake just let him do what he wants.

Sue OBrien says:

Good job!

jb nano says:

do you think if I buy a keabotd of 76 keys, I will need the 4 left ?


what song was that at 1:00

Soheil Setare I Az Shahre Ghese says:

hi. please help me and guide me
i want learn piano. i need keyboard with 88 key or at least 76 full size key + Weighted key
i want learn with Keyboard that be like as piano and then i sell it and buy Digital Pianos
please introduce some models in 300 $ price ( more & less)

Hough Arcade says:

please can you tell me the name of your piano?

FrostPlayz says:

so as a beginner should i get a 88key keyboard with touch sensitivity function (and maybe a sustain peddle)? how much do you think is that and what is a good store to buy it from – Thanks!

the best mall shopping center online says:

I engoy with it…nice 88keys keyboard

Cubing Unlocked says:

Casio or Yamaha??

Abdullah Alarbash says:

Your smiles are really heart melting.

Mazin Ibrahim Awad says:

Hi there ….
which one is the best from all prospectives, is it Yamaha DGX-500 or Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key..?

Luke Beckstrom says:


Leo Beardsmore says:


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