TOP 4: Digital Pianos 2018

Best 4 digital pianos 2018
1. Yamaha Arius YDP-181 –
2. Yamaha DGX-660 –
3. Yamaha YDP142R –
4. Casio PX 150 –

Digital pianos are designed to emulate the natural feel and sound of acoustic pianos—a phenomenon we have come to love for many centuries. However, the reasons why so many people are now buying digital pianos lies in what makes up the instrument at the end of the day.


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Maafa 1619 says:

A Casio px-150 is a piece of shit. I have a Casio PX-560 and it shouldn’t be on act top five list.

21212 2 says:

2018 video but not latest models ?

Drivethebeat says:

What the fuck is a Yam aha?  Candied yams?

Michelle Difranco says:

Thank you for this awesome review,was very helpful!

ayyee_elijah says:

Its looks nice and everything but….. HOW MUCH IS IT!?!?!?

Gillette Wilkinson says:

the Yeeeamah..?

kewpie capie says:

Where is p125

Emaad Awazem says:

You forgot the ones most important thing. Cost

Angel S. says:

What about actually showing the sound of the piano, and prices.

LeoLabGames says:

I have a ydp 181 and the weighted keys are nothing like an acoustic piano, neither a grand or upright, the weighted action is nice but if you play really technical pieces, they are really hard to do in this piano, the weighted action feels more like a heavy spring action rather than any weight, the keys are really light but the springs require some push, completely opposite of an acoustic piano, tho i will say this piano is fine for beginners and intermediate players, as long as you are not playing “insane” technical pieces you will be fine. Though, the weighted action will start to feel weird if you ever play an acoustic piano.

pp extendus says:

how portable is the dgx 660?

Gerhard Van Appeldorn says:

I love Yamaha

jennifer Gaylor says:

There is no way that Casio would ever make the top 4. NEVER EVER!!!

Joe Rodak says:

Wait a second, who is this guy that he doesn’t know how to pronounce Yamaha?

News View says:

I have been a fan of Kawai since I bought my first digital piano in the 1990s. To my ear, Kawai has more warmth/musicality than Yamaha. Yamaha, while technically perfect, sounds somewhat sterile. Another one that sounds promising — also not mentioned in this video! — is the Gewa, which is built in Germany and modeled after a Steinway concert grand (with no sound loops in the sampling and 256 polyphony it gives much more expensive brands a run for the money). Gewa doesn’t seem to have much of a following yet, however. Casio and Roland just sound too “synthetic” (digital) to my ear. I wish I could consider Yamaha, Roland and Casio, however, because they are much, much easier to find. Unfortunately, they simply don’t “sing” to me.

Tomislav Kovacicek says:

what a joke!!!! THUMBS DOWN!

Julius Torre says:

just buy Casio PX 870 or AP 470 and you will have the best piano for the price. Thank me later

ibles bosuok says:

What about roland v-piano?
What about hammond sk1-88?
What about … … …
Greetings from Indonesia

David D says:

stimulated keys? :))

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