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S. Thomas Lewis says:

I did not realize that piano technology had advanced so much since 1961, when I took piano lessons.

Cherry Blossom Vang says:

This is one of the greatest piano and apps I’ve seen. This would be a great teaching tool and instrument for my autistic daughter who uses the ipad for communication. Is there any trials?

Claire Trask says:

If I have a Kindle Fire, would it hook up as well?

focus tanisha says:


Alexander Williams says:

here Mr. Hoffman, I hope you like it!

Andy Wu says:

Hi Hoffman, very nice review. Wondering how much is it cost? Thanks.

Ashkan Faghiri says:


Thanks for the in-depth review. I want to start learning piano with only online free courses and self reading. Is this a good choice for me? I am a total noob in music.

rs2519 says:

I can’t find any reviews on how this One Piano compares to other digital pianos of a similar price range (putting the app aside). I’m looking at the Yamaha DGX 650, Casio PX860 and even the Yamaha Arius YDP-V240. The Arius being the least due to cost and the fact that is an old model and might soon be replaced. 2k is pretty much my tops and I would like a good variety of songs, voices, LDC to help learning.

Matt Diamond says:

Why doesn’t he have a reflection !

JoyceisJBT says:

I wish the entire key would light up ^_^. I miss those keyboards

nicole peterson says:

Joseph can you buy a piano that is that; that is from the store, and make sure that is the one piano

Pilot McBride says:

Where the bloody hell were you when I was 10 years old and being pressured to learn the piano by virtually all my parents’ friends??
Stone the crows!!! I’m now 60 and the ship has sailed.
To learn to play a musical instrument is a gift handed to too few people. To learn to play the piano is more than a gift, it is a window into the soul of the human race. A beautiful instrument!
Nowadays with my hands nothing more than ‘clubs’, I listen to pianists with love and jealousy.
Congratulations, and good luck my friend. Spread the word and teach, teach, teach!!!

May 2016 bring you prosperity and peace.

Thanks for posting, and cheers from Downunder

Heavy Mod says:

I’m confused – is this a paid review? Few questions:

What happens if the company goes under, and the app is no longer available? Is the keyboard still functional at all?

Folyd Dur says:

Very cool!

rob brown says:

It seems like the software is the part that “teaches you to play.” It may be a nice digital piano, but the only thing the piano does in terms of “teaching you to play” is that it turns on lights when the software tells it to. And lots of digital pianos can do that. (or is there something else it does?)

Is the main advantage of this piano is that they won’t let you have the software unless you buy the hardware? Like if I buy a Yamaha or Casio keyboard with light up keys….why can’t I use The ONE’s software?

FunnyVal says:

So I can learn scale, chords, and how to read sheet music etc?I don’t just want to mindless copy songs and not become musical…

Kymo x says:

I want to purchase this piano but they dont ship to Canada! UGHHH. Is there any other way to find a distributor? I emailed their branch in Vancouver but havent gotten back to me for some reason.

Noobface says:

Yeah maybe if I win the lottery

grimloktt says:

Should we be concerned w/ the 64 note polyphony?

Dumbleduke says:

I wish this was available in the uk!

Ion-Christopher DiMeglio says:

Piano sounds great – instruments sound like pre-1983 (pre-Kurzweil). IOW – like crap.

Super mity gamer says:

Could you make a tutorial on bethovens moonlight sonata?


Are they’re 2 of the ONE’s

Jason Antwi-Appah says:

Android M is going to allow you to plug in your phone or tablet and use it as a MIDI device. Would it be compatible with Android 4.4?

Fabio Zinno says:

One thing you should have mentioned is that the One Smart Piano sustain pedal is just an on/off switch.
That’s a HUGE shortcoming that I didn’t realize until I got it.
Being able to modulate the sustain pedal is essential, especially when playing classical music.
What even sadder is that most of the digital pianos in this price range from the major brands do have at least a 3 level sustain pedal action: on, half, off.
Very very bad choice.

Alexander Williams says:

I am A Huge fan of Jon Schmidt, he plays with the piano guys.

LRTrockstar says:

Mr. Hoffman, how does The One Smart Piano compare to your Privia pianos that you use at your music school?

Gary Weber says:

Joseph I can tell you really are a Jon Schmidt fan. 🙂

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