The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano: An In Depth Review

If you’re looking to hear some demos only, skip to parts 4 and 5.

This is an in depth look at the Fender Rhodes/Rhodes Electric Pianos. There’s 8 parts to the video, and links to each section are posted below:
Intro: 0:00
Part One – Background/List of Models Produced: 2:01
Part Two – How the Rhodes works: 22:17
Part Three – What sets the Rhodes apart: 24:19
Part Four – Famous Users/Songs, Demo of instrument: 26:25
Part Five – Effects Demos: 35:32
Part Six – How I got my Rhodes: 51:58
Part Seven – Comments on maintenance/ownership: 54:12
Part Eight – Buying tips: 59:22
Closing: 1:10:26

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Jacob Archer says:

Where can I get one of these??? I’ve been looking for one forever

ulissecat70 says:

suono meraviglioso….

OfficerMarmalade says:

Reviewing the Rhodes is like reviewing sex, it doesn’t need a review, it’s just inherently good

Mateo Jaugust says:

Whats the difference between the rhodes and the fender rhodes?Which one is better?

R Place says:

Great information. Thank You for this superb video. I hope to acquire a Rhodes some day.

Pierre-Olivier Turmel says:

Very informative video and you`re a very good player!

Olakunle Odebode says:

an outstanding overview

david m says:

I found one in a garage!!!!! For sale

Trey Freeman says:

I would absolutely love to own a Rhodes piano.

ShreadTheWeapon says:

This is a phenomenal demonstration of what the Rhodes piano line was and its history. You didn’t do anything you shouldn’t have. If I didn’t already know any of those facts about it, I would’ve been especially thankful for this video. (The “No Quarter” demonstration with the MXR as not bad, just sharp by a step.)

I briefly had an early Fender-Rhodes 73 with a non-functional, mono tremolo circuit and half the tolex ripped off the back (the friend I bought it from had used it to simulate distorted guitar like you did). I turned loose of it because the fuse blew and didn’t know where I should look to have the amp repaired. For the time being, I am plenty satisfied with the Rhodes soundset in my Yamaha S90XS. But when I sold the vintage Rhodes, I vowed that if I got another, it would be an 88-key stage version (just plug it in to any amp/P. A. like a guitar), preferably a MKII.

Mack McCordTM says:

awesome video. this helped me so much when Eye was purchasing my Rhodes last year. but Eye have a question for you. do you have any ideas or good tips on how to fix the sustain pedal? Eye was moving my Rhodes and the housing part of the pedal that goes in the bottom has come off and Eye’m just wondering how to reattach. any help will do. btw Eye have a 1974 mark 1 stage 73.

Alberto Martinez Del Rio says:

Great! Thank you.

experimental electronica says:

Dr Sheldon Cooper is hip

Ross Campoli says:

This video definitely had a lot of care and research put into it. Thanks for your time putting such a thoughtful video together. Super informative.

G Caligula says:

Great video. Thanks for posting.

David Paul says:

Vintage Vibe is an excellent company if you’re on the east coast, but I have to give a shoutout to Custom Vintage Keys in Los Angeles. They are definitely the go-to guys out this way.

Thanks for the video, by the way. Very informative and enjoyable!

Simon Chua says:

Fantastic and very helpful advice. Great playing too. But any suggestions on amplification please? Roland Jazz Chorus?

Reehan Baitali says:

you forgot to mention.. Riders on the storm by The Doors…

Adrienne Zedella says:

Very informative. I think you covered everything!

Fuser 14 says:

Are you spiderman?

Christopher Richardson says:

I have motif and played Roland phantom….. But it can’t quite match the tone and effects of the real fender rhodes

Michael Bauers says:

The presenter looks just a bit like Sheldon on BBT. very detailed and clear, thanks

Artie Lemos says:

Excellent presentation! FWIW, you might want to get yourself an MXR EVH Phase 90. They have a switch that mimics the original script logo models, which makes the effect a little more transparent. The newer ones are a bit effect rich. You’ll nail that 70’s sound dead on.

16mmDJ says:

This is some great info. Wish you did somethign with the volume level of the narration though… sometimes you’re completely inaudible and others you’re extremely loud

Alex Allan says:

Sometimes the market does not provide what a lot of people want. Some people just go there and make what´s missing. Thank you so much for taking time and effort to put this video together. It is quality information about the much loved Fender Rhodes.

ulissecat70 says:

beautiful sound

painkillermc says:

Thank you so much, you helped me a lot to pick the right instrument.

jeshkam says:

I love Fender Rhodes, it reminds me of 1970s soundtracks like Three Days Of The Condor or 70s commercials or tv documetary series for instance In Search Of…
I have to admit I’m not a big fan of organ sound in jazz except for Rhodes.

Michael Karns says:

Very informative. I would only add, additional musicians who played Rhodes include Ray Charles, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Donald Fagen, among others.

Fernando Baez says:

Excellent explanation, thanks.

Albert Mastromartino says:

Incredibly generous of you! Thank you!

ZenerSmytok says:

Wow, that is a huge effort that you have made there to create this very informative video. I really want a Fender Rhodes and this answers so many questions. Many thanks to you.

dcs10291 says:

Really detailed video! Great playing, how come you didn’t give the digitech whammy a go? Just ordered a hohner pianet, hoping for a nice rhodes ripoff sound

Patrick Gallagher says:

About to own a Rhodes myself. Thanks AudioTech

Patrick Gallagher says:

Wait, doesn’t the bump mod change the tone of your piano??? It seems that the soft tones are harder to hit and the hard tones are so easy to hit that even if you hit a little harder than soft, you will get the harder tone. It’s all about your personal sound, but I think the bump mod takes away from the sound in which the Rhodes is famous for.

Blake H says:

Great sound miss the stage one I had, but to heavy to cart around…lol

mjt11860 says:

thumbs down 4 not being able to play led zeppelin…..JUST KIDDING! great video, info, etc. thnk u very much 4 all the info u provided & taking the time to do this. i was very lucky to have stumbled onto this. GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!

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