Synthesia product review – Awesome way to learn piano pieces!

Synthesia is a software product that teaches how to play piano pieces using falling bars landing on piano keyboard keys! Much easier than trying to read sheet music. This review is a MUST SEE for both beginners and advanced players! Turn any MIDI based piano piece into a teaching tool!


blessed hands says:

Where did you get the song , pls let me how those but in sons show up

Brad Herder says:

I finally got around to trying this out and it looks like a great learning tool. I didn’t even know my Yamaha keyboard could connect to my Mac but it does using a USB to PRINTER cable I had from an old printer I used to have prior to getting a wireless printer. I actually think I’ll play longer and get much more accurate than I do playing by myself. Also, it says it can take any midi file which is awesome and best yet, it was only $29. SO GLAD YOU SUGGESTED THIS! Even though I’m a total beginner, I find your channel very helpful and interesting! THANKS! Brad.

Monika Manis says:

I am having a problem while playing the lowest and highest note on the keyboard. computer picks up the model tho but NOT the keys played. Do I need to do set it up in other place than music device input?

Dangerous Duck gaming says:

who’s uncle is this?

Abyssed topkek says:

This dude is wholesome asf.

Mihai Diaconu says:

to get that free play button you have to get synhesia unlocked?
i mean bought?

2phalanges says:

i have a song that a youtuber plays and i love his arrangements now can i some how drag that song i download into this software and it will operate normal? or how do i go about doing that? thanks!

butchstich says:

Thanks Chuck .. Best Synthesia Tutorial I’ve found … would you know any way of changing the key for a downloaded midi sequence song … as I play in a cover band and many of the live versions of a song are tuned 1/2 step down … as a beginner it will help me a lot

Polkhero says:

Pretty neat, great video presentation. Can you print off the score notation for each song? I was looking on their song list and was wondering how accurate some of the piano accompaniments were to popular rock and pop stuff. Can you verify the accuracy to say “You’re So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker?

Xnfop says:

If you buy it, can you download all the songs you want from the internet, or do you have to pay for that too?

Chipperowski says:

I actually bought this last year but only just go around to installing it. Thanks for doing this video. You answered a lot of questions I was having.

FeanorBR says:

Currently on sale for $29.

Brad Herder says:

Great info. Was just looking at it and selected their songs list and only two are free? Rest you have to pay for? Looks perfect, especially the stopping till you hit the right notes. Thanks.

Gene Maarkr says:

The $29 sale price is well worth it… as a beginning piano student at 60, I need easy tools to learn to read and play. Are you going to offer any of your midi files for people to download and play?

Joke R says:

I have yamaha psr e 443 keyboard. It has 61 keys. Would it work with it?

Mr Poopie Butthole says:

I am buying this program and a key board. Thanks for your in depth review and explanation!


Great review , I agree 100%, Synthesia is a great piece of software for a beginner like myself, I’m having lots of fun with it.. Keep these great videos coming Chuck.. Thanks. Subbed. A+

Roar says:

Cool you should have more than 5,000 subs

arvind padhiar says:

very nice explanation, want to know, I have Casio LK 270 keyboard, how can i plat with software? I am a beginner. thank you.

tpbulle says:

This is a great review. I had seen these Synthesia videos out there on You Tube before ,but never knew what it was all about, 13:09 “how to display notation” answered one of my questions. Other questions-Can you print the notation any way? Also, it seems you can import any midi file? and it can display it- or is that incorrect?
Thanks For this review Chuck!

joeyxl3456 says:

Thanks for this man. This is a good video.

Peprita Heart says:

Excellent, Chuck.

Tim E says:

Great resource Chuck, I bought it for my niece, it was and still is on sale for $29.00. Let us know what cool things you saw at NAMM when you get the chance. Be well my friend!

LavaTorso says:

how do i transport song to synthesia?

Jeff Swift says:

I’m not really a fan of the falling bars, but thankfully the next incarnation will have musicXML import and multiple lines of notation. Before now the quality of notation was pretty horrible, but they fixed it up.

arvind padhiar says:

how to connect keyboard to synthesia? thanks.

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