Simply Piano vs Yousician: Day 149 Learning Piano!

Simply Piano vs Yousician: Day 149 Learning Piano!

So it’s a bit rambling but I haven’t posted a video in 5 months and I wanted to tell you about my latest experience with Simply Piano! Sorry for disappearing for such a long time. I’ve been traveling around Europe and needed a break – I also didn’t have a piano to practice on until now 🙂

Hope you enjoy and I promise to post more often when I’m home in a month!


alaliif damanik30 says:


MusikOne says:

Christine, you have a nice voice.

Branka M says:

Is it easy to use both apps on a phone? (I don’t have a tablet)


Thank you very much! 🙂

Daniel says:

Interesting, thanks for the video. And keep on the game of thrones theme, I like it! Small hint for your channel, if you compare apps, show how they look like when you are playing. The menu is not that interesting but the setup how they present the song and notes while playing.
try 2 days flowkey app. I tried all apps and by far this one was the best. It shows the sheet and the hand position with coloured notes. It’s… So easy to learn with this.
P.s. was falling in love when you were singing 🙂

Seborben says:

So happy you are back!

Jiri Francis says:

AVOID YOUSICIAN AT ALL COSTS! There’s no way to stop subscription – they’ve been defrauding hundreds of dollars from people over many months after they cancelled!!! BE WARNED!!

leahj127 says:

I saw the word simply. Realised your name is Christine (is there a h?) And screamed.


Practice Moar Piano says:

Wow you’ve come a long way! The apps look like fun. Back in my day we just had to suffer 😉

three3eight says:

Both of these programs are garbage. Mickey mouse apps.

Look up; Playground Sessions.
Quincy Jones approved.

Your welcome!

Adam Caliskan says:

hurray!!!! you’re back. missed you 🙂

Demians_World says:

Im working on all of me and i can do the intro

w0mbles says:

This was very good, thank you. It was delightful seeing you smile when you hit the great parts of Also Sprach Zarathustra. 🙂

Maurice Johnson says:

They also show finger numbers in SimplyPiano which you said they didn’t have. Love your video though all the best

Kris V Hoofdplaat says:

Try Playground Session, which has been the best for years and that’s all there is in 1 (PC and iOS, Android and Mac)

Marta Walkowski says:

Hi Christine! Wow, you have got so many views. I have not known that their is a YouTube channel that is so similar to mine. I have just started playing and have just added ’24th day’ video 😀 I would be more than happy if you checked my channel and followed if you like it. Thanks! Marta

Odi et amo says:

Hi there Christine!! I hope you will read this. You are just an awesome person, beautiful and positive energy 🙂 take a look at danthedomposer channel he is great and has an unique approach. I am still learning as well so i will be getting simply piano thanks to you ! But really check Dan on youtube that is my Christmas gift to you haha! I am sour big fan you are doing excellemt bravo! Have a beautiful Christmas, you and all you happy people! Cheers 😉

Maurice Johnson says:

Just to update you can stop a song and scroll across to read the notes and practice in SimplyPiano

Septic Skeptic says:

Ive had a week off work, so i had an idea, i saw an advert for simply piano i downloaded the app and went out and bought a keyboard, after 5 days i can now play piano man, im having a great time, amazing app. The best thing is that you learn to read music without knowing your learning.
great video, thank you.

Ángel Luis N.G. says:

Vente a España

Ilse Bouwmeester says:

My timing is also around 60/70% but i don’t know how to make it better

BUJU2007 says:

I would prefer it if they didnt look so cartoony.

Darude says:

Such a lovely video. I searched for simply piano on YouTube to find a review like yours, to get a feel of whether this is an app I can commit to, for teaching me how to play and read sheet music. I always admire anyone who can play piano, fast forward 20 years, I finally bought myself a basic Casio keyboard with a midi port, connected it to my Android this evening and with that GoT piece you played, you’ve inspired me to try get as far as you have over the next few weeks. Subscribed to see how you progress ☺️

ЧтеЦ! says:

Привет, Кристина. Случайно увидел тебя на Ютуб. Удивительно какая сильная мотивация у тебя к игре на фортепьяно, за 149 дней добиться такого прогресса, это очень большой труд. Успехов тебе. Я тоже поставил себе эту программу, буду учиться и тоже начал думать выкладывать видео с ежедневной практики фортепьяно…

Talal r2 says:

I don’t have the midi port on my piano so can i use the printer type port for the simplyPiano ??

w0mbles says:

Re: Yousician, I have been using it for the last 10 months or so, from an utter beginner’s background. Although I have been using the free features, I have to say that Yousician has disappointed me. Like you, I recently tried to read (very basic) sheet music, and I was almost completely lost.
Yousician excels at developing timing skills and a sense that you’re getting somewhere. But, I don’t think it excels at teaching _how_ to play the piano, and it is very poor at teaching how to read sheet music.
I have been stuck at the same place in Yousician for a few months now: there’s no help for being stuck, no prompts, no advice. It’s not adaptive.
I believe like Yousician needs to integrate the learning strands, ala Simply Piano.
I will give Simply Piano a try.
Thank you for the review.

Mc Coolie says:

There are more views than subscribers

Paola Mosso says:

Your videos are very encouraging! Please keep them coming. About a year ago I began Yousician but only with the enhanced (that’s the colored notes you’re referring to I believe). Unfortunately life circumstances prompted me to stop after only about a few months. But much like you I could read any music. A few months ago I began to play the piano again with Yousician and decided to start from the beginning again only this time I turned off the enhanced feature of Yousician and did only sheet music. In addition to that I do not move on from a song until I get all gold stars. That has been incredibly helpful for me in learning to read sheet music. I just wanted to put it out there for any future players. However keep in mind I’ve not tried SimplyPiano.

Dan Stevens says:

I have both

Johannes Sjolte says:

When I play guitar tapping the rhythm with my food helps my timing – maybe it will also work with Piano.

Brie B says:

This is exactly what I needed! I was thinking Simply Piano over Yousician afte r the puny free part, but this put me over the edge. Plus, Simply Piano is less per month with the year plan. Thx!

Baseball 101905 says:

With simply piano you can skip through by swiping the music

adrian guerra says:

Its best flowkey

Johannes Sjolte says:

I loved that video 🙂

mk ness says:

So interesting, thanks for posting. I have no experience with Yousician but I have been using Simply Piano since April and I LOVE it. I had 4 semesters of Keyboard Skills in college and learned almost nothing so it has been really great. SP does work best with a digital piano so you can plug in, but the creators are super interested in hearing feedback. And I agree some of the singers on the tracks vary greatly in approximating the original. Thanks for the post!

Mauricio says:

Thanks for sharing your experience!

considerphi says:

Hi I found your video about travel insurance and meant to ask you what you ended up using, but all your accounts online have disappeared. I actually started to be concerned about your wellbeing and then found this video. Phew! Don’t know you, but as a fellow female traveler, glad you are well!

Christopher Ward says:

I didn’t know you you should do a video of you playing the piano and singing

Ocarina Dude says:

Brilliant video!

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