Simply Piano Review: Piano Lessons for Less Than $100 Per Year

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In this video, I’m checking out Simply Piano by Joytunes. I’ve been a bass player for years, but I’m trying to learn how to play keys to help my music production. I hope this review is helpful to anyone wanting to use technology to enhance their music.

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Stu O'Neill says:

I found out through the company, the app itself plays through your tablet and also the keyboard sound can also play on the tablet with the app but not through your keyboard or external speakers…… hope they make this an update because then sound would be so much better.

Stu O'Neill says:

When the song plays does it come out of the ipad or the keyboard speakers?….hope you can help. Cheers.

The Talko says:

Im really sorry phill i shouldnt of said your not doing well i think i was just in a bad mood. Keep on playing and who knows you might be the next beethoven. Again im really sorry if you want check out my channel i use simply piano its a great app.

From Alex.

Blue flipaclip Anims. says:

Is that 3.2.4?

Walter Flores says:

Do you recommend the usb connector if not, is it okay to just play the piano without it?

Steve Synan says:

I’ve been playing bass for decades but always wanted to learn piano to really open up my potential, especially when it comes to producing real music, melodies, etc. There are no good piano teachers near me but this seems like a pretty good substitute. Are you still working with it and are you noticing a satisfying amount of progress? Thanks for the review! Subbed.

tony_th0j says:

For me, this is the best app to learn if you’re a beginner. I highly recommend a premium one because it teaches everything. Well, they don’t have all chord progessions but you can look it up. I haven’t finished this app yet because I want to learn some pop songs already but I’mma come back. The only issue I have with this app is when I play chords, the app doesn’t recognize what I’m playing and I know I play it right.

MemesAreNotACrime They are d a n k says:

For anyone here who wants to buy this app let me tell you. It’s f***ing horrible. (Excuse my language). It doesn’t teach you proper finger positions, you are better off with a proper piano teacher, I’ve seen some people who use this app and their finger positioning is horrible! If you show a proper piano player how you play using this app they will just laugh, if you are looking to professionally play piano don’t even touch this app.

ran says:

It looks like the the screen moves faster than beat .some thing doesn’t look right ?

joytunescom says:

Thanks so much the review!!

erotic says:

Hi buddy, im looking to buy this but i was wondering how long did it take for you to get to this point.

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