Rollup Flexible Piano Review

If you have to buy it:
Or… Casio SA76 44 mini Sized Keys 100 Tones
Or….Full Sized Beginner Keyboard: Casio LK280 Keyboard:


Jocelyn Mingi says:

I have it

PerfectDuck says:

Watched some other kid spend 6 minutes ‘reviewing’ this keyboard and he didn’t even answer my basic questions, and you got it done instantly, thank you

Micah Llaneta says:

i agree. it doesn’t mimic the feel of playing a real piano.
good for transient plays…

DIJI says:

Can you use it for synthesia?

Hanna B. says:

Well it probz wrong cause you didn’t change the tone back… so….

Starla Barnhill says:

You review it but no where do you say what brand it is or who makes it. How, am I suppose to avoid it if I don’t even know who makes it.

Gordon Bennett says:

In summary it’s crap.

Kyle Wendling says:

have you found a better quality roll up piano?

with my life it would be handy to work on things just wonder if any are actually made with real musical quality

Ya Yegue says:

Tengo este teclado, pero algunas teclas ya no funcionan ¿como las reparo?

Ayush Ahluwalia says:

What brand is that roll up piano

DanielMikeRm103 says:

world class conclusion..

Andrew B says:

jeezz.. could of been a longer demo

DanB Entertainment says:

hahaah. The most useful video.

Rajan Gupta says:

great review

Aleks Yakubson says:

And I thought salvador dali’s liquid clocks were just a fruit of his inflamed imagination :))))I wonder if theres also rollup guitar, drums, or saxofone

Karen Reid says:

What BRAND is this??? None of these videos say the BRAND, so how do I know what to buy?

Raj Musicforsoul says:

thank u for review. I saved my money for a better investment 🙂

Ramya says:

You nailed it. Straight to the point! Thanks a bunch pal.

Marko Kare says:

A really excellent review! Thanks!

TheAudiocrat says:

Is this velocity sensitive? 😛 and also was the first arpeggio you played, the one from Death Note? 😀

EaglesQuestions says:

Is this pretty much how all roll-up pianos are? I’m looking for something affordable to start on; it doesn’t have to be top quality but I don’t want to mistakenly end up with a “kids’ toy.”

Jenn p says:

what keyboard do you recommend for a beginner?

SankyP says:

I got one. Its good if you want to get a feel of a piano keyboard. But anything more than that and you will need a proper Casio or a Yamaha or any other decent brand or ‘rigid’ keyboards. So spend directly on the one that you dreamt of buying in the first place.

TheMessengerGabriel says:

Thank you for this review! I really hope they make better quality keyboards… Maybe just work on responsiveness and let it plug into a laptop and utilize its speakers? Idk.

Gordon Bennett says:

What’s wrong with chopsticks – I like that tune.

Angelea Tan says:

Thanks, your review helped a lot, esp the conclusion :’) HAHAHA

UTDimerable says:

Great Pro review!
Thank you very much!!!!

Marlon Quiroz says:

nice video! plus one subscriber.

Doi Lee yang says:

Hey the hunter can i email you? Need to ask you about this thing please.

Umika Devi says:

What about the Casio LKs80 Keyboard? much better quality, right?

Im Yu says:

All I play is chords. Oh well.

Nine Tailed Fox says:

I don’t believe these kind of products are durable too.

Tradutor de Direita Vegano says:

Thank you!

Jordan Cary says:

Your left hand in moonlight sonata was wrong

Maddi 1 says:

Does it need to be connected to a laptop

amine samir says:

Thanks Bro xD

Tony Watler says:

thank you so much for getting straight to the point you my friend earned a subscriber

Putera Irsyad Afif says:

Does it have port to connect with usb or the headphone jack port ?

MacMike says:

I was thinking about checking one of those out so I could have a portable keyboard/piano to easily practice anywhere. You have convinced me otherwise. Thank you for such a down to Earth review.

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