Roland Go:Piano and Go:Keys Full Review!

The folks over at Roland are putting out incredible products all the time and new for this year are the awesome Go:Piano and Go:Keys!

These travel friendly 61 key boards definitely punch above their weight with great quality sound patches, weighted keys, arranging options, recording functions, and the option for battery power.

Ollie puts them through their paces and gives his opinion on their performances!

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Riccardo Fortunato says:

Can i use go keys as midi keys ?

Amir Brandon says:

Can both the Go:Piano and Go:Keys play MIDI over bluetooth? I’d want to use one of these keyboards to play midi notes through Logic Pro X on my Mac, and doing that wirelessly with bluetooth would be great. I don’t really see the advantage of the Go:Piano if both models can do this. Please let me know, thanks!

Chico Algeciras says:

Hello, I want to know if I can use 16 Ch. MIDI ?

Christian Jude Abang says:

Can it be powered with an adapter?

Mark R says:

..P.S and can you ‘split’ the keys ? i.e bass left hand /piano right hand? thanks guys!

Barry Warne says:

I like the Go Keys. Great new update on this type. Lots of utility

Magno Silva says:

Estou vendendo go keys 1900 reais 62981566512

bruceville says:

No midi i/0

Arf Android says:

Anybody else here got annoyed by that ‘click’ sound everytime a button is pushed…it can be muted right?

Really wouldn’t sound great on a live performance.

BlaHa says:

Thanks for the review. I’m wondering how noticeable is the difference between key weights on the two, cuz from what I see on Roland website the two have the same keys

Prog Zilla says:

Hi, thanks for the review! I already fell in love with the two pianos. Would you say that the Go Piano is suited for street performance? I’ve been looking for a nice portable piano for ages and with that price it would be unbeatable.

andantecantabile andantecantabile says:

Does it have it’s own speakers?

Muranaman says:

Best review of these GO things.
Would you say the Go Piano has better quality piano sounds over the Go Keys?

Acoustic Dream says:

Awesome.. Does it have midi function..i mean can I use 8t as midi controller as well?

Rasec Silecar says:

Awesome vid. Subscribed

Inali Kiba says:

Does the go keys have percussion sounds? Sounds like Marimbas,Xylophones.

Sala_13 says:

Not sure if you can turn it off but the one I played had this stupid clicking sound with each button press. It gets old really fast.

Mark R says:

Hi, can you let us know will the Roland CB-G61 padded bag(or any Roland case) fit this keyboard please?

matias espinosa says:

the video is very good ….Is it the same piano sound in both models? Thank you

ternitamas says:

both instruments are really cool, cheap and portable, but I went to a shop to give it a try and honestly the key action let me down a bit, for the price that is understandable, but the name “piano” is a bit misleading though cause I was expecting hammer action

TJ_Benjamin Tolentino says:

i have a question. does it feature pitch bend? how about multiple layer and splits?

Ruben Richardo says:

does it have the aux in/out?

Flower says:

Is go keys better than ctk 6250???

Justin Ditty says:

Can you layer different sounds on top of each other with the GO: Piano (Ex. Organ sound with Electric Piano sound)? Thanks in advance.

DietCoke says:

Hi, can I take for example a yamaha reface cp and connect it to this keyboard so that I can use the Roland as a controller?

Marcos Giménez says:

Has it got transporse function? Thanks!

AmatullahK says:

Both Roland’s come with an attachable stand for music? Do they have Ext. outs for external speakers?

Mark Ramage says:

This is the only review / description I’ve seen that says the keys are ‘semi-weighted’. What does this mean exactly? I want more than just ‘touch sensitive’ as it stated in Roland’s product spec. Semi-weighted sounds like what I need. I have a full size digital piano already with fully weighted keys, I’m looking to get keys with a bit of the weighted feel that it has.

Blue Frog says:

Do you know of any companies that are making a keyboard with a player feature like the Roland mini grand players? I don’t know why they stopped making those and now they are impossible to find. There’s always someone clear across the country that’s selling one with no shipping but it doesn’t help me. Haha.

Nathaniel Melendrez says:

Great review! Would like to know if you could combine sound, like Piano + Strings or Electric Piano + Synth? Hope to receive a response. Thanks!

Pau Sales says:

Hi! 🙂 I wanted to ask if the Roland Go: Keys can be used independietly and be used in the middle of nature (as an example) with an internal battery such as the Roland Go: Piano… and if the Roland Go: Piano has midi port for PC.

I want to use a keyboard for my free time and with this characteristics

-A big section of real quality sounds
-A real quality piano sound
-With an autonomous battery (for using it without needing to be connected to an external port)
-A MIDI connection port (for connecting to PC)
-Bluethooth connection (for connecting to iOS or Android)

What of the two pianos have these characteristics!?

Also… a new SUSCRIBER, dude! 😉

richbrutus says:

Hey! Thanks for posting this video. I have question about the sounds though. What about the piano sounds (accoustic) on the go keys, are they comparable to the ones on the go piano? Seems like you get more for your money choosing the go keys. What do you think? I also would like to know whether Roland throws in a backpack or just a handheld bag.

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