Roland GO PIANO review – Best digital piano for beginners?

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Let’s do a review of the Roland GO PIANO and demo the sounds and features. I’ll discuss the pros and cons and compare this digital piano to other models in the same price class. In this buying guide we’ll talk about which features are important when choosing a digital piano for beginners.

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Michael David says:

Design wise it looks like a D-50.

anthony silva says:

Casio Ctx-700 completely blows this away.
Hundred of tones, drum beats, etc

John Gengelbach says:

The one I have is the Yamaha DGX 660 full size 88 key electronic piano, very affordable for a full size.

Andrew Campbell says:

Looks like a decent little keyboard. I’ve always been a fan of Roland products. And their digital pianos are amazing!

AMD Delidded says:

The piano is better than the Yamaha E-series, because Yamaha have failed to update the piano sound for 20 years!

CrimSun says:

I currently have a CASIO CDP-220R, which I also use as a MIDI controller. Has about 700 sounds, including all GM bank as well, you can sample with it, it has a 5 track recorder, you can split and layer sounds (at the same time as well too).

One thing you should’ve checked is if you can play the GM2 bank by sending MIDI to the keyboard. Using your PC or similar. Many products that have MIDI but don’t give you access to it have this “hidden feature”, which is meant to be used by their song player, for example.

jj rusy says:

the sound set looks like sort of a modified general MIDI set and actually sounds fairly useful. The scat vocal sounds like the one from the jv-2080. (that scat vocal is a blast, try some boogie woogie the next time you are around that roland scat singing patch = too much fun, especially if it has velocity control over the voices like the jv patch has). Looks like a fun niche toy
I think not having a legit stereo line out is a mistake. people do own mixers, pa’s, amps and other “jamming” things. Those speakers have a very limited usefulness beyond a quiet acoustic or unplugged thing or the woods, etc. The headphone outputs are generally slightly different impedance than a standard line level and can strangle the sound if not well impedance-matched to the input device that it is driving, so there COULD be issues with certain other devices that affect the sound quality.

Tarcius T Sousa says:

Brilliant Woody!!! Wonderful playing and demonstration on a compact instrument, that sounds fairly good under your magic fingertips, your demos are absolutely amazing. Elimaika, my beautiful japanese wife, loves the variety of styles and your stunning performance, Great Job!!.

Luchingador says:

i think the Yamaha NP-32 is better similar product.

Peter Walker says:

I’m impressed by the piano sound. I guess the wave ROMs and synth chipsets and architecture is so ubiquitous and cheap you can put half decent sounds into anything.
A definite runner for the cash strapped family to get a young student up and running. You can always move up it they show signs of persisting.

Xavier Radix says:

I think this keyboard is the right choice for beginners. Not only does it feel nice to play, but it also sounds great!
Personally I think it having good sounds is pretty important, because that’s what inspires a beginner to play. If the sounds are not so good, that will demotivate a beginner.
But as usual, you did an excellent job at reviewing this!
And also, thanks for using one of my tracks in the video :D. Really appreciated that of course.. 😉

Fabio M. says:

One word: NO

Robert Appel says:

You do great demos, Woody! Very practical and honest.
BTW – I particularly liked the first demo tune as it seemed very Floyd Cramer-esque to me.
Cheers, my friend!

AriKona says:

Roland and digital pianos are synonymous in my book. Many quality manufacturers out there, but Roland has always been in the game. For beginners, unless they have space restrictions that simply won’t budge, I always start them on an 88 like the “real” thing. Yes, there are pieces that use those keys way up/down there. 😉 Excellent and comprehensive review. If I were a manufacturer, you would be getting every new keyboard I made to analyze. 2 quick notes: 1) There are non-adhesive cling type film products to dim any screen you don’t want blinding you that would solve the menu screen problem and 2) even before you did the flash back, I thought to myself, “Wow! Woody really looks sharp today!” Kudos to your barber/hair stylist.

J Cesarsound says:

Surprising only the Wurlitzer sounded good.

Fernando Covett says:

Great review! Very informative and comprehensive. Thanks!

CrudGamer1 says:

If you have a Macintosh, you could get GarageBand and use an M-Audio keystation 61es or a 88es. That’s what I learned on. (GarageBand is free for those who didn’t know.)

gimble says:

great vidio yet again woody, i have massive respect for you and your videos, keep up the great work and next time you visit home give me a heads up and il buy ya a pint 🙂 ps when ya did captain pugwash for a second the wife asked what you ginning at (i was on the laptop with headphones on lol 🙂 infact i smiled all the way thru you end demo, even thought of my smile at the camera richard claydemen on acoustic guitar voice (man he was cheesy) 🙂 brilliant woody 🙂

dykodesigns2yt says:

It has some nice sounds on it, are some of them taken from the sound canvas? Interresting that it supports bluetooth midi. This feature is great for iOS users, as it works quite well with some Korg Products. I use the nanokey studio and nanokontrol studio frequently with gadget and the bluetooth LE is marvelous. Sadly, microsoft hasn’t really caught up with this development yet. Windows 10 has some support for this new standard but it a lot of software isn’t ready for it.

Ren Queenston says:

First boi

MayContainJoe says:

As a beginner I practiced on a similar light-weight device for almost two years and it turned out as a complete waste of time and money. Once I got a real digital piano I had to start over.

Michael Dave Dizon says:

Not sure if someone’s asked this but can you still split the keyboard into different voices? (e.g., bass on the lower part of the keys and piano in the upper half?) Much appreciated!

xpjv says:

Have you gotten time to look into “flat” Earth?

Alan Jenkins says:

Is it easy to put in and out of its box, and is the box strong enough to carry it around, such as to a friend’s house?

axs203 says:

Hmmm microusb! I’m with you there. MicroUSB is not very strong at all. I would like to see you compare this to the Casio CTX 700 if you have time and can get a model for comparison. The EPS sound nice on the Go don’ they – especially that Wurli. Thanks

Wisemans Creek Studios says:

This looks like a pretty good piece of kit for the money, seems like good value Cheers again from Australia

Synthofsynth Sound Design says:

I think its very nice Roland Go for beginners , and for the money, thanks for the video!

Wilderness Music says:

Thank you Woody so much for this review, been curious about the “GO” since its release. Sounds good recorded as long as in a band and not solo piano. I love Roland, been buying synths from them for over 30 years…but for solo piano I have been using Yamaha for the last 20 years. It seems for value though the new CasioCTX3000 for the same price seems to offer much more studio features for recording and good sounds, and the most powerful sequencers available for any price…finally decent sounds…:) Headphones should always be on the front!!!!! No 5pinMIDIdin’s on this or the 88key……arggggggggggggg, drop the USB and include the 5pin. Owned a Piaggero for 5 years, impossible to play solo piano because of erratic uncontrollable velocity.

Ian Scholefield says:

hi Woody great review. love your vids. i’m really considering this as a total beginner, would the lack of weighted keys matter for me? also the fact it’s only 61 keys? thanks

good boid says:

Why on earth would anyone get this over the GO:KEYS? It has a built-in looper and is so much more versatile.

Zoe Summers says:

Upvote for Pugwash!

EDMPSunstorm says:

Its a expensive toy, for this Keyboard i dont pay over 300, no way, 150 up to 180 maximum, for sure, Roland is a very good Company, but this thing is a joke, sorry, i got my M3 88, i search for good Keyboards to have fun, but this thing is to expensive

Roboprogs says:

It’s expensive for that kind of keyboard. But it sounds much nicer than my $120 Casio.

Local Technique says:

I was thinking about the Privia when watching the video and then you mentioned it in the competitor roundup. It would be nice if you could get one for review to see what you make of it.

Koen says:

Better buy a Yamaha p-121 for beginners. It`s compact too , it has weighted keys and sounds good enough in a living room.

Selenium Glow says:

Thumbs up to Nate for making the call at that discord screenshot! Good advice as well from an enthusiast’s perspective in the video.

TheRealWinsletFan says:

I didn’t get the Faber Piano Adventures thing, I got 3 months of Skoove instead.

shoominati23 says:

This guy has got the shortest attention span I’ve ever seen .. he’ll buy a synth and then sell it because he doesn’t like the knobs. In a way it’s fun to watch him melting down all the time

discoHR says:

It’s nice to take to bed and jam while using headphones.

Joseph Schreiber says:

I got the Yamaha P105 a couple years ago. It’s a solid 88 keys piano, with excellent piano sounds, graded hammer action and weighted keys. Although I think it’s been discontinued, I’ve heard good things of it’s predecessors in the P series.

TheRealWinsletFan says:

Piano Partner 2 App: IMO, the actual useful features are the Accompaniment and the DIary.

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