Piano lesson: How to choose your first Digital Piano, Hammer action and Sustain Pedal review

In this video I review Sustain Pedal, Hammer Action and Graded Hammer Action.
If you are a beginner piano player or an advanced piano player looking to buy your first Digital Piano you will need to understand the main differences between a digital piano and an acoustic piano. Graded Hammer Action, Sustain Pedal and Weighted keys are also reviewed. Graded Hammer Action and Weighted Keys are the first two elements I always look for in any piano. The Sustain Pedal is a must. Weighted Keys will make the piano heavier while Graded Hammer Action will help you express better. This is a fresh video on how to choose your first digital piano, a few nice tips to feel confident when you go to the store and also as always, expression tips to play better and express more with your playing.
A Digital Piano will mimic the feel of a real piano by adding weight to the keys and adding many layers of sound depending on the pressure you apply on each piano key.
If you were used to playing an acoustic piano then the most obvious feature will be choosing a full size version of 88 keys, having heavy weighted keys and definitely graded hammer. On the other hand, if you are a beginner piano player you might disregard the heavy weighted keys but still Hammer Action is a must to improve the expression and feel of your piano interpretations.

My favorite Yamaha Digital Piano choices are the following:

Yamaha Arius YDP181 YDP-181 88-Key Digital Piano Deluxe bundle https://goo.gl/NSjwti

Yamaha Arius YDP162B Traditional Console Digital Piano with Bench, Black Walnut

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano with Bench, Rosewood

The sustain pedal is the key element to make a musical phrase. Without Sustain it’s impossible to express correctly most piano pieces. In my experience the best sustain pedal is the Yamaha: https://goo.gl/A6w5gr
I have tried many different Digital Pianos, Williams, Casio, Yamaha and Korg. There are plenty more but these 4 are the most popular choices for beginner players.
Before making a Piano purchase I encourage you to always test it first at the music store. If you are a beginner try to play simple sequences of sounds at least with just your right hand and play the same sequence in the options that fit your budget.
Usually, as a personal rule, I try to stretch my budget to the max, as long as you’re serious with dedicating time to your instrument. A poor first choice will drastically challenge the piano sound you get and it might discourage you. On the other hand, a comfortably key bed, proper weighted keys and hammer action make the whole piano playing experience much more delightful and positive.

For sustain pedals most will do a fine job, you can also test it first. I wouldn’t buy one of the plastic square ones… I’d always buy one similar to that found on an acoustic piano.

A fresh video on how to choose your first digital piano, a few nice tips to feel confident when you go to the store and also as always, expression tips to play better and express more with your playing.
Playing the piano is expressing your feelings with your hands and your whole body motion. Relax and enjoy!
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maloneystephen says:

Damn!! your looking as lovely as ever Angels. Mike is a lucky man.( harmless wink wink. lol ) I just wanted to wish You and Mike (and your boys of course) a Happy New Year !!!!! cheers : )

Macht Noir says:

subbed!! about to buy my first piano keyboard later, I’ve had some background before, but I’m planning to continue. This video was really helpful!!

Rockyourassed says:

Entre elegir ser famoso y protejar a Angel 🙂 yo elegia la secunda opcion :D! Eres una grande con gran corazon!

Ernie cornwell says:

I just bought a Williams Allegro II. it has weighted keys with hammer action. It only has 10 voices so its easy to use. Seems like a good beginner keyboard. Sounds good too.

JayJKay HouseOfHarley's says:


ScandinavianNn says:

We all know why we are here;)

Christopher Kiyui says:

I just like the way you talk.

xGshikamaru says:

I like the kronos a lot but it’s way too heavy to transport, but what’s your opinion on the Krome ? I know the keybed is not as sensitive as the kronos but it weighs much less too. I reckon it should be around 9kilograms with a hard shell case. its engine is also less powerful but you still get a great piano sound IMO.

Pirouz Farhani says:

I think what you are referring as Graded Hammer Action is Touch Sensitivity for each key which relates to volume of sound. The graded hammer action adds more weight to a each key as you go from higher notes on the right side to the lower notes on the left side of the piano. GHA is similar to acoustic piano action where hammers are larger on the left (base) and they get smaller or lighter as you go to the right side (treble) of the piano. Hope this helps.

disarmsox says:

“First things first”.. one of those strange English sayings that doesn’t really make sense. It’s only when I started learning Spanish that I started looking at my own language and realising just how silly some of it is :)… I have been looking at buying a digital piano, it seems that I will have to spend around $1000 for something natural sounding and with fully weighted keys and hammer action… However I’m really impressed by the sound of the Ivory II American Concert D Sampled Steinway Piano by Synthogy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWnbja5UXm8 I figured I could use something like that with a good Midi Controller such as the M-Audio 88 Hammer http://www.musicradar.com/news/m-audio-puts-the-hammer-down-with-new-88-note-keyboard-controller… do many people go down the sampled piano route + midi controller route? What do you think of it?

Sak __ says:

You should have WAY WAY MORE SUBSCRIBERS but you need to start adding tags and keywords so you show up on YouTube searches.

minbeing says:

Hi Angel, thanks for the video! You change my view on digital piano. So glad to find you on youtube.

Stanisław Bodak says:

Angels … I`m thinking about piano since now 🙂 Happy new year 🙂

Theinternshipyard says:

I wanna bury my CAWK in ur ass

Yordan Slavov says:

shte ti prusna slivata

Martin Valins says:

Hi I have just subscribed to your channel . I am a guitarist singer songwriter – now learning to play key boards – so this is really helpful……….Thank you so much !! My best to you for 2017 !!

Rolly Monette says:

I just joined your channel. Asked you to play pirates on periscope. What model of keyboard are you using?

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Sandor says:

Thank you angel I mean Angels 🙂 It meant a lot to me big hug from Serbia <3

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