Piano and a Microphone 1983 (2018) – Prince – Album Review

Piano and a Microphone (or rather Intimate Moments with Prince) was released at the first post-humous album from late-rock star, Prince. Is it all we hoped? Watch this review!

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Songs Reviewed:
17 Days
Purple Rain
A Case of You
Mary, Don’t You Weep
Strange Relationship
International Lover
Coffee and Cocaine
Why the Butterflies

All song clips used under Fair Use. Copyright Warner Bros.


Mr. Ants world of Prince says:

I don’t think it’s fair to critique this music as it was never intended for release by prince. It’s not an album of final polished and produced tracks. It’s a demo that Prince made to get ideas down for tracks. It’s was never ment to be released. Yes it’s not what a lot of people were hoping for especially as it’s a well known bootleg and the estate deff have to up their game by a long way. But this is Prince in a very intimate setting letting his creativity just flow and seeing where it takes him. It’s a little disrespectful to his memory to critise the lyrics or lack of when he’s just working something out. Bottom line is also that if we don’t get behind and support the releases then it could harm any future releases planned. By all means we should direct out critisisim at the estate at what they are doing but not at prince’s memory. The deluxe set is beautifully put together and I found it a privilage to as the nightchild put have a sneak behind the curtain. Just enjoy it for what it is.

Ana Santos says:

How come you never discuss the deeper meaning of the lyrics? You claim to have every song or bootleg but you never focus on song meanings. Prince said his fans never paid any attention to his lyrics.

Quintarius Gaines says:

I thought was all never released material….. But I’ve still been listening to it non stop since it’s released

jan franz macaso says:

i feel that this album should have been left available in public domain instead, because this might help the up and coming artists if it can be studied or want to study his catalog deeply, since this album kind of shares how his creative process works.

it reminds me so much of a saying that a master loses the magic of their art once the process of how they do it is revealed.

Jetta P says:

I like listening to the album but I thought some of the songs should have been blended or phased out to go to the next song instead of abruptly stopping as a couple of the songs did plus there’s a bit of “air”or “pause” after the songs that end abruptly. Never mind “it’s been out for years”. Not everyone chases bootlesgs. I don’t even mind that it only has nine tracks. I mind that three of the nine are less than two minutes. His first posthumous album should have been longer, or this should have been included with Piano and a Microphone 2016. I’m more excited about the 36 track Sony compilation. Wonder if that one will be released on CD or vinyl?

Princelvisjackson 88 says:

great review my Prince friend!

Dwayne White says:

I totally agree with you about this album. Not what Prince’s friends deserved. He never did things halfway and too hear this is only half the album really ticks me off. I love your videos I’m learning more about my favorite artist every time I watch one of your videos. Wish I could have a month to go through your collection. Keep up the good work, I think Prince would be proud and humbled with what you are doing.

Liv Marcim says:

Hi Prince’s Prince’s friends! So we hear about a vault with thousands of songs unpublished for ages and that’s what comes out first? It’s ridiculous

RnB4Sure says:

I pre-ordered this album on YouTube so I have it.  I was disappointed, HOWEVER, I just read that Mary Don’t You Weep is an old slave spiritual and that Prince’s version was played at the end of the movie (the comedy) Black Klanman written and directed by Spike Lee which is based on a true story.  Aretha Franklin also recorded a version of this song.  Warner Bros. recently put up the official video for this song on the Prince Channel.  Make sure to click on Show More when you find the video to see the notes about about Prince’s activism in Baltimore in 2015 and to find the links to the official video for Prince’s song Baltimore.  Being that I found all of this information, the album now has some redeeming factors for me.  Now I am wondering if Warner’s is going to come up with anything else for the other songs on the album. If they give us some history or insight about each song it could be very interesting.I must say I agreed with Prince’s Friend conclusion about the album because I could not understand what was the point in releasing this material esp. against the wishes of the estate.  But since it led me to find out more information about Prince’s activism and other music, I feel better about it. https://www.traileraddict.com/blackkklansman/mary-dont-you-weeptrailer

Useless Information says:

Its fucking amazing

MARY DONT YOU WEEP. My god those vocals

Aaron J. Brooks says:

This album does seems interesting

Charlene Jackson says:

I am in agreement with your review. It was kinda cool to hear P’s creative process, but I was a little disappointed that I spent the amount of money on that. Not a full album for full album $$$$

Toshiba X says:

In the 80’s the song *”coffee & cocaine”* was called *”Cold Coffee and Cocaine”* on many bootleg tapes. I swear ive heard prince perform that song on a live bootleg as well and it was also labeled *”Cold Coffee and Cocaine”* wonders why it was changed, or is that really the original title.i thought Eric Clapton had a song called “Cold Coffee and Cocaine” as well.

Joel Greenlee says:

Do you think they took those tracks off of it to release it later as Piano & a Microphone part 2? I’m hoping that they get some real Prince fans who know their stuff (Like you and Questlove from the Roots) to plan out some more releases. I’m hoping they give the same treatment that they did to Purple Rain to other albums from that period. What do you think?

Ethan Sloan says:

Looking for Intimate Moments with Prince now…

Going Mobile USA says:

Never heard this before, and like you will not listen to again for some time. What annoys me is the missing music. A terribly wasted opportunity to present something truly stunning to the world. Now for me, I’d be happy to pay an extravagant amount for a real live box set.

Hamish Downie says:

I wonder why we didn’t get he whole album.

Prince's Friend says:

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always a student says:

Dang… This is the Prince i would have loved to hear more of, than say, a Dirty Mind, Purple Rain or 1999. This is the kind of stuff i love, versus much of the output from that era. i am more partial to his acoustic and traditional jazz stuff, so… i also love hearing the process of how someone creates, so i love hearing demo and unfinished versions of songs. Sometimes, the demo versions sound better than the finished product, and can actually be more soulful (this has definitely happened in the case of MJ). Every time ‘Intimate Moments With Prince’ came up though, i was ROLLING! If the family didn’t want this out though, i do think that should have been respected. Be well…

Moviestar says:

I wanted to buy it but know I feel i’d be ripped off without all the other stuff….ummm, decisions, declensions.

Graeme Braby says:

The more I think about your video the more it angers me frustrates me and I start to think I think you’ve lost the plot, the essence and I think you’ve also lost the point on why you started doing these videos celebrate prince and to spread his legacy.
this video is disrespectful and you are more concerned about subscribers and monetising your videos than actually sharing the genius and intimacy of this recording. something somebody said to me the other day was if other artists practised as hard as he did when he’s just sitting on his own playing a piano the music industry would be a damsite better for it
reconsider and listen to what I’m saying and think about the future

Janet Huegerich says:

I love it!!!! And I also love the “Intimate Moments With Prince.” But I don’t love that half of the album was taken off. It actually really pisses me off! There are things “the estate” is doing that I don’t like one bit. I ordered mine from Amazon and received it the day it was released. Thank you Prince’s Friend for the review.

allure searles says:

Unbelievable that they chose not to remaster the songs yet our beloved angel prince did a 1999 : The new Master CD where he remastered the song 1999 now why can’t the estate so that there assholes

Jenny Imanuel says:

Deliverance was good, beautiful and , that was something new. Love it.

Hpousi says:

I visit your channel every day, thanks for the news and reviews(but of course everybody has their own Prince-tastes).

allure searles says:

I have the piano and microphone CD I know how you feel prince’s friend and everyone on here that’s upset about it I feel that prince’s estate definitely ripped us off we should have gotten more from this album like the purple rain deluxe CD smh we need more music from the vault unreleased music

David Romuald says:

I totally agree with you, this is not the album I was expecting. I bought the deluxe version (LP+CD), just because I wanted to add it to my collection. I listened to it the day of its delivery, and put it on the shelf right away. I assumed the quality would be better, and felt disappointed with the hiss. I knew of few of these songs from bootlegs circulating on the Internet. I don’t like Mary don’t you weep, Cold coffee & cocaine, and almost all the rest. 17 days is acceptable. I am now waiting for a real album to come out.

Derrick Lester says:

there’s another song that was written during this era written and played by piano How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

Nigel McSween says:

I respect the opinion of the reviewer, but if we are going to judge official releases by the estate vs bootlegs it’s an unfair review. I’ve been a prince fan for 30yrs and never heard this. It’s ok, but a vital addition to the entire prince catalog. That said, this release leaves you wanting more. The estate need 2 or 3 official releases per year. There will be no more new prince recording, no more tours, and prince’s core fanbase are aging as well. We need the music out and in best audio quality possible

Isabel Orozco says:

hahahaha yes!! totally agree with REMIX4U2CG, and also I agree with you PF I don´t understand what they are doing with Prince music, I just HOPE they start doing the right thing and deliver all the wonderful music is there for us… By the way I am stuck to “I´m A DJ” (unreleased) shared by MrDinoo17 in his channel, unbelievable song!!…. I WANT MORE OF THAT!!! lots of love from Madrid

Teda Boro says:

Hi I love the new surrounding, the camera is so good. The picture is so clear. I learn so much from you about the behind story of things which is great. I guess for me I look at this as a cd of Prince in the process of creating which I thought was cool. But I so understand where you are coming from. I so like this forum where we friends can talk about Prince and have our opinions. Keep up the good work.

Jellify says:

Your review was spot on. While it’s only a partial album, it is still something. I wouldn’t say it’s bad….if they would’ve done more to this it obviously would have been a lot better. Thx PF! Jeannine

Dr. Simple Beauty 300 says:

PF How do you feel about WHERE THE MONEY GOES for these post-mortem albums?

allure searles says:

They should have not cut half the album that’s bullshit what the fuck prince was still alive physically he would put this out himself or release other music himself it’s so unfair

Milly Moretti says:

Loved Prince for 30 years. Bought everything he ever released, never lost interest in him but I can’t bring myself to purchase this just yet. It doesn’t sound great to me, there are far better rehearsals out there. I can only conclude this is to build up to the 2016 shows which will hopefully come out next year. I don’t understand why they put a demo out if the WB guy said they would not release anything unfinished? Prince’s 2 problems with bootlegs- people selling them and the music being unfinished. This is only getting good reviews because he is no longer with us and because it’s material from the 1980s.

Caro de Mora - Argentina says:

How do bootlegs get from the author to the public? Thank You!

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