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Pianos are such a versatile instrument, every member of the family can have some fun! Here’s our Top 4 Digital Pianos under $1,000.

Roland FP-30 – http://bit.ly/bm-fp30
Kawai ES-100 – http://bit.ly/bm-es100
Casio PX-160 – http://bit.ly/bm-px160
Yamaha P115 – http://bit.ly/bm-p115


Kev Mac says:

Great video..
I’m looking into buying one I’m an adult beginner, and my daughter who is 10 wants to give it a go too…
I just cant decide which is for me..

The roland and Kawai stand out for me…
Which out of those two has the best epiano, organ, strings ect… sounds…

Minhsu Wang says:

I have to give a thumbs up for the cat piano playing at the beginning.

pianist kid says:

I like the kawai digital piano es100 it’s amazing and I really enjoy ur vids

Jason Maehl says:

Yamaha DGX-660 vs Casio Privia PX-160

Francesco Villa says:

The kawai is available either in black or in kawhite

Nabilah Mohammad says:

i can’t decide between px160 and FP30. could you advise please.

Max Wood says:

Hey Rudi. Thanks for the amazing video. You have helped me choose the “Roland FP-30” for a late christmas present for myself. Thanks again. Hope to see more piano videos soon

NormEatsRice says:

That lick around 1:14 tho holy fuck yes

Nokia says:

More like 100$

bt10ant says:

I want your playing skills more than the pianos….

JustAName says:

Yamaha DGX660 vs Casio privia 860 vs yamaha ydg 143 vs Roland FP_30 vs Kawai-es100 can some of you list me a top 2 of these piano’s??? (pro and cons would be appreciated and the reason why no1 is no1?) Thanks in advance!

James Lemon says:

So what would be the difference between the Roland FP-30 and the Roland FP-30? Also how is the weight of the keys?

danieldragon18 says:

What do you think about the yamaha epianos ? Are they great for their price ?

António Ramos says:

The best and the worst is ????

martin villalva says:

I´m about to buy a digital piano and I don´t decide which of these to buy?
I have tested YAMAHA P115, ROLAND FP30, CASIO PX160 and KAWAI ES100 ,but I still dont decide which D:

Mathieu Clement says:

I watched the 5 first seconds of the video, then scrolled down, and… wait, is this guy playing the cat piano song?? Ahhhh got me.

madblade says:

Jabba da pianoman

Saeed Zarei says:

Hi Rudi, what is the name of song you played on Roland FP-30?

Kinson Lo says:

Does anyone know the song he played at 2:20 ?

Saab900 1993 says:

lol….hes s cat and i knew it

Nicholas chean says:

professional!!!would you like to review our piano ?

ahmet arif says:

I have 160$ what do I do to get a digital piano guyyyyyyssss

Jiefu says:

So I’m going off to college soon, and I was wondering if getting a digital piano or an upright piano would be better for college? I used to play piano (7 years) but have not played in a while so my skill level has fallen off somewhat. I’m leaning towards digital since its cheaper and more portable, and that’ll probably be more beneficial in my college years. However many have said that digital pianos are so much worse in terms of tone, musicality (dynamics and emotion), and whatnot than an upright acoustic piano. I really dont know. Any help?

Nicholas chean says:

Father’s Day is upcoming. Our piano will be sold at 50% off for celebrating the Big Day. You’ll save $599.5.

Code available this month. Please contact me for the coupon at nicholas@flychord.com

Lunar. says:

Im looking for a cheap ($200 -$700) digital piano that has the stand that makes it look like an upright help pls

MarsLos10 says:

I bought the Casio PX 160 some weeks ago but it had some issues on the 6th octave, some notes sounded weird and the last 3 days other 4 keys on the 5th octave “died” completely. Now I’m waiting the Casio branch store in my country to send me a new PX 160 next week. If anybody has the same issues, I’m curious to hear your story. I’m really excited with my new keyboard though, it feels quite similar to a grand acoustic piano, and it has some great built in sounds to have fun with.

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