Nord Piano 3 – Final Review

Nord Piano 3 – Final Review


DyChalion says:

As always Chuck, great review and thank you for your words and playing!

EP73 Rhodes says:

Nord Pianos sound great. However I will never buy them until they update the polyphony. I mean, only 60 voices mono and 40 voices stereo? I think that is ridiculous. But again, it sounds great.

RScott S says:

Hi Chuck, thanks for the review! I have to echo what an earlier poster said about polyphony. 40 stereo seems simply stupid! They go through all this hassle and tech development to achieve the best tone and the best key bed but only 40 polyphony? I play passages in many pieces (Liszt, Chopin Etudes etc.) during which the pedal is meant to be down while dozens and dozens of notes are played. What can I expect from this board in such an instance? Is it going to drop notes or is there something I’m missing? I’d like to get this but I’m inclined to stick with something that has at least 128 polyphony. Thanks again so much! Robert

KM1980 says:

Love your videos!! Any plans on trying the Roland FP-90? I’d like to hear your opinion on how it compares to the Kawai ES8.

Zé Pedro says:

Nice review, Chuck!!

How would you compare the Nord Piano 3, the Roland RD2000 and the Kawai VPC1 regarding the playability and keyboard action? Thanks in advance 🙂

321bigbang says:

Hi Chuck. Would you switch a Kawai ES8 to this Nord piano 3 ? I want to sell my ES8…

Anthony Tamburino says:

Thank You for a great Video!! If you could help me with a question,,,this particular keyboard requires Speakers Correct? what kind of speakers do you recommend?? I tried to see if you recommend anything but couldn’t exactly find anything unless I missed it,,,Thanks very much!!

Preben Hoegh says:

how is this keyboard action compared to the kawai mp11?

Rajivrocks Ltd. says:

I really love the piano, after a long time I decided to buy this one back at the end of december and I am loving it. just sucks that in this day in age you don’t have more then 1gb of storage for the piano I can fit 5 XL samples of piano’s in there. which to be frank is more then enough for me. but how hard could it have been to add more then 1gb it would’ve been easy for them to add another gig to that. also my main sample i use is the bright grand XL I LOVE that. I have put the fazioli back in there and switch between them but the 5 that are currently in there are the bright grand, italian grand(fazioli), silver grand, Grand lady D and the emperial Grand. I also had the royal grand 3d on there but replaced it with the fazioli because i wanted to compare it to the bright grand.

Jamie says:

Thanks for all your great reviews!
I am currently looking for a good stage piano to go together with my Korg Krome 73. I am planning to use the chrome for mostly synth stuff and organs and a stagepiano for, well obviously pianos.
How would you say the piano 3 compares to the Kawai MP7?
Love your vids!

Sok z kiszonych buraków says:

I do not know what to buy? Nord Piano 3 or Kawai MP 11. What is better

ByroNeius Cee says:

Sounds like chamber reverb ambience. I’m looking to get this one or the Roland rd-2000 after selling off my Yamaha pf-1000.

blahmeh242 says:

Hey Chuck, just wondering, whats the difference between the ‘New’ Nord Stage 2 EX and the Nord Piano 3? – From a piano point of view. My Local Music shop says the Nord Piano 3 is the same but really dumbed down, mostly because you can run the Exact same piano samples and stuff plus lots more on the Nord Stage 2 EX. I found the keybeds the same, but its tricky in a shop to take the time etc. Unfortunatly BOTH can’t pick up a really soft touch, it seems to just cut off at a point equally.

Mohamed Medhat Ali says:

– Excellent review and performance as usual. Man! I so want your job 🙂

– I couldn’t help but smile at action is “lightyears” ahead of NP2 and “vastly” improved. Thanks for making the point crystal clear.

– I have a question regarding the OLED display, I noticed sometimes in some videos that the top half of the screen would say “velvet Grand” for example while the lower half would say “Italian grand” or any other piano sample for the piano section. When the player changes the piano sample again, this top half “velvet grand” does not change! How does this display work and what is it trying to tell the player? I could not find this info in the user manual. Thanks in advance. Keep the great work up sir. You totally ROCK!

geoffk777 says:

Nords sound nice. But at their prices, the limited sample memory and polyphony is just unacceptable. 40 voice polyphony? 1.2 GB memory? That’s ridiculous in 2017. A Kronos has a 60 Gb SSD for samples. What good are new free samples if you don’t have memory to load them? I expect better for this money.

Kris Finnerty says:

Great review Chuck! Thank you. I know it’s always subjective, but just wondering how you like this action compared to Korg’s RH3? I am currently on the fence about the Nord Piano 3 and Kronos 2 – I’m definitely attracted to the weight and simplicity of the NP3. Thanks again.

Agustin Fernandez Bellezza says:

My friend, basically you dont review the sound because it can change, so thats why you only talk about knobs and stuff like that? or because you on nords side?


Thank you for your detailed review on Nord 3. I have concerned between Nord Piano 3 and Kawai CA67(with GF2). Because I do most take priority on key action, I chosen Kawai CA67. Your reveiw helped me much. Thanks.

Itzel Dunn says:

Great video! Just to be clear, you cannot split AND layer at the same time correct?

david holbrook says:

Hi Chuck, is there a built in speaker ? If not,what’s required ?

Happy Tosh ! says:

Hey thanks for great videos PianoManChuck. I recently bought a Nord Piano 3 and I|m very happy with it, but I think I|ve found a bug in the way string resonance works: When I sustain a chord with sostenuto sustain instead of sustain or holding down there is no string resonance from those notes. If you or anyone can confirm this on your piano I will go ahead and report this to Nord

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