Kris Nicholson Sound Review on Casio CGP-700 Digital Piano

Kris Nicholson Sound Review on Casio CGP-700 Digital Piano


Steven Dawe says:

great review

rtrortgortz94 says:

about the speakers. wich one can i use for get a good sound? I also play electric Guitar and I got a fender amplifier. Do you think if I connect this keyboard to the amp it would sound ok? I mean it is correct to do that? wish you answer me. Very good review

Sequica James says:

Let’s not be ignorant people. THE CASIO PRIVIAS WILL NEVER SOUND GOOD IN QUALITY COMPARED TO YAMAHA! You people know the truth but want someone to babyfi you. The Casio keys feel better and the ivory touch is better than Yamaha!!!! That’s it!!!!!! Stop being stupid!!!! Casio is not better than Yamaha in terms of sound quality. Have you ever seen Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, or Alicia Keys on stage with a Casio Privia? Or have you ever seen celebrity singers on stage with a Casio Privia?

cboogiesings says:

I want lessons from you!!

Reiley Williams says:

Man you have fantastic improvisation skills, how can I get them?

Tahsin Rahman says:

You are an Outstanding Musician,This is a great review of the CGP 700, thanks Kris. Have you had a chance to play the New PX 560 from Casio ? if yes how do you rate it against the CGP 700 ?

farrukhfreakkid says:

Would you recommend it over the new dgx 660?

mkaali says:

Thanks for the video! What do you think how Casio CGP-700 and Yamaha DGX-650 compare? Would you mind doing a short video? 🙂

Derek Heckler says:

omg a must buy

WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings says:

Amazing skills you have, you play diferents styles and respective instruments, thats not for every one, guitar like a guitar, drums very well, bass , etc. realy good.

rtrortgortz94 says:

about the speakers. wich one can i use for get a good sound? I also play electric Guitar and I got a fender amplifier. Do you think if I connect this keyboard to the amp it would sound ok? I mean it is correct to do that? wish you answer me. Very good review

Samy George says:


PLEASE someone tell me which is better in terms of (Grand Piano Sound & Whole Durability of the device)
CGP-700 or DGX-650

and is there anything that makes YAMAHA DGX-650 better then this Casio Model other than that YAMAHA is a big Brand?
Help please, I’m extremely confused

Thank you

btm2g1 says:

Great review!

J-Paul KDT says:

so when you have to go play with that outside or somewhere you always must brieng the stand, because without stand there is no good sounds in that cgp 700????

Mark Darnell says:

Kris – you’re an awesome pianist! You the man for the piano sounds, BUT… for many of the other sounds I wish you would use a more “Idiomatic” approach, and not a “Jazz” technique. Dense Jazz clusters don’t translate well to things like Strings, Harmonium – or even Guitar. Jazz Sitar just doesn’t do that sound any justice. Thanks for making the videos though. Very enlightening!

Oliden Ortiz says:

This piano is amazing i love it, i just dont know if i should get it over a new phone, i rather get the piano, if my phone wasnt so destroyed.

FedeRhodes says:

CASIO did it again…incredible product for the price

Nethfel says:

Are you for the beginning recording what’s coming out of the speakers or from one of the line outs? Yours seems to sound so much more full compared to mine and it makes me wonder if I have something set wrong. Do you have the speakers in the stand pointing towards you or away? (I know the standard is towards, but I’ve heard that some people think it sound better with the speakers facing away from you, especially if you’re near a wall for the bounce effect…)

oxford1603 says:

Great! Good job on the review.

Alexander Williams says:

loveeeeee lt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Polk says:

hello kris i’m a song writer and wondered if you ever collaborate? if so please tell me how I can reach you thanks

Rob Staple says:

I hate it when people jam their opinions down other people’s throats…I purchased the CGP-700 for several reasons being that it is for practice, songwriting, is more streamlined for my rehearsal space, and has the one of a kind touch screen and built in powered speakers in the stand.

J-Paul KDT says:

eh bro, wich one is best between Casio cgp700 and Casio privia px-360????? I would like to buy one but not sure… play at chruch and creat some music at home with my group

1 hairyguy says:

OMG…i just got this keyboard. Sounds are more realistic than Yamaha version. Get this with built in stand….has the larger speakers….sounds much better. The biggest difference is the sensitivity of the keys….especially between the lows and highs. Thank you for a great review.

David Stojkovic says:

I’m about to buy this piano just because of you my friend. Good job!

herdjati pravito says:

The piano sounds are thinner than the PX-360

Mark Kennedy says:

Dude you are an awesome piano player! And great review of this piano, I’ve been searching for a while now but I think this the digital piano I’m going to go with, what a great value for the price!

royalblue0505 says:

I noticed that you play with a lot of force. Which brings me to my question: have the keys held up over the past three years? The reason I’m asking is, I once owned a Casio CDP-200 (purchased in 2009), and the keys didn’t hold up to my reckless playing style. After about five years, the keys I used most, those in the mid and upper range, lost their resistance, feeling more like synth action than weighted hammer-action keys. I know that the keybed of the CGP is different from that of the old CDP, so I’d like to know if your CGP keybed still offers good resistance up to today.

Thanks in advance.

Refabrications says:

Wow! You are a master! What kind of an amp (or speakers) are you using?

calebtheprodigy says:

Does it have weighted keys?

Antonio Castellano says:

Please send me the details on how I can get lessons from you. Thank you.

Polly Hughes says:

You are an amazing pianist.  What a great demonstration.  Thank you for this.  I would like to see more on using the touch screen.  Great information & terrific sounds.

Bobcatt22 says:

Any evaluation of the key noise and action? Is this not important?

Jason Patrick says:

When I went to demo this unit at the local Guitar Center, I was really disappointed at how tinny the sound was, especially when it’s cheaper cousin, the PX-160, sounded so warm and rich. Then I found the magic button in the settings. Even though it was sitting on it’s stand, they had failed to plug in the external speakers, but they had left it configured in the settings as if they were. Apparently, when you set it to use the external speakers, it re-routes most of the bass frequencies to the them, leaving the 4 on-board speakers to handle the mids and highs. So, if you don’t plug in the bass speakers, those frequencies are just missing…. When set properly, the CGP-700 sounds pretty darn good for a 26lb weighted action unit using just the 4 on-board speakers.

djedze says:

Thank you for this complete and thorough review! Sounds great ordering one!

MrCarl27 says:

What song were you playing at 5:10?

Bella says:

would you recommend this digital piano over the Yamaha DGX650WH Digital Piano?

derek heckler says:

Casio has the better feel Yamaha has the better sound the Casio has better control with arpeggios within the keys there are. That make it were it hard to slip if you’re all about Yamaha the way if you want better and more control Casio cpg 700

Bernie Zuniga says:

Bro, I need to play like that like yesterday. Where’d you study?

Gabrisapiens says:

I see that you are a big Casio fan! I own a Wk7500 and am in love of it. I was thinking in upgrade to Wk7600 (for the new sounds, silent keyboard, the option to select where you want the sustain pedal to work on layers upper 1 and upper 2, etc), but I didn’t change it because I want to get the PX5s, but I didn’t like the small screen…so the PX560 could be my next keyboard, I love the way that works, the color, design!!!!

If you are a real Casio Collector, you must have it and of course, you have to make a PX5S Vs PX560 video!!!!

Great videos and great performance Kris!

NoLuv4Hoz says:

Thanks for these videos. I spent the last 3 days trying to decide between a CGP 700 or PX-360 and the Yamaha DGX 660. I was rooting for the 700, but finally ordered the 660, because it just plain sounds better to me. I also noticed that besides the sales guys from Casio (barely), only 2 people seem to be able get great sounds out of the 700; you and PianoManChuck…extraordinary pianists, both, who would probably sound good on any keyboard, even if it wasn’t powered on. In contrast, I see dozens of videos of amateurs, teens and even children making good-sounding music on the DGX-660.

J-Paul KDT says:

excellente piano sounds! whats number?

Adanlicious Pie says:

You have amazing skills!
This keyboard is awesome! and its only 800 dollars. I need an upgrade.

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