Kraft Music – How to choose a Digital Piano

Adam Berzowski gives some great information on digital pianos. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Debra Sunderland-Waters says:


juani perez says:

Great (and very professional) summary of all the most relevant information about the buying a digital piano decision! Thank you for taking the time to make this video.
Greetings from Argentina

tanzeela mariam says:

it was really helpful!

ExactlyMyPoint says:

Very nicely done. Lots of good info. Thanks

yogbert says:

Great video. Thanks!

fanfam says:

Now I am broke.

sameer hyalinge says:

how do i get the furniture style portable piano like the one showed at 2:42 at affordable price?

Wellwisher says:

Awesome presentation, don’t recollect watching such a marvelous presentation ! I am going to take a look at Kraft for my piano !

Najlae EL says:

i can listen to this guy for hours

Sjard Willems v says:

whould you recomend the yamaha p45, or something else?

Ashish Lugun says:

Yamaha dgx 660b or Korg Lp-380 ??

Suggest ????

Joe Kim says:

Hi I have a question,

Do digital pianos also function as a midi controller via usb?

Me says:

Very nice and informative video. All the information in this video is really helpfull. By the way, Adam has a really nice voice to listen to.

Laszlo Varga says:

I loved this video, thank you!

Hillal Sweidan says:

I want to ask that is that casio piano CDP230 worth to buy it

Yuriy Klavishko says:

Look at compare! – Alesis Recital VS Williams Legato blind spiano soundtest . Whith sound is better? 🙂

Dance Lessons Orlando says:

Adam you are such a pro! I never would have imagined there are so many variables in picking out a piano. You helped me a lot to learn what I want in a piano, and – more importantly – to know what I don’t want. Thank you, sir.

randompotatochip25 says:

This was SUPER helpful !!!

tubedebby says:

Hey, I’m looking to buy a digital piano that i will not outgrow in 10 years time. I am now starting lessons, thus i am a beginner, but i prefer to invest now in a piano that has all the key feels and responses of a true piano rather than becoming dissatisfied with it in 2 years time when i find out that the sounds drop on repetition or the feel is just not what i need it to be.

I did some research and the yamaha gh3 system seems pretty cool but i am open to new ideas.
Do you recommend some models?

My budget is up to 2000 dollars.

Dan says:

Great job

Eb Emerson says:

No information about HAMMER and similarity with acoustic upright pianos and classic piano technoque.

Samuel Wilson says:

I hope Adam pursues a career in voice acting!

Cool cloud says:

I want an 88-key, fully or semi weighted, portable, maybe USB/MIDI compatibility digital piano or keyboard,
Price range- 400-500 Any suggestions?

*Which should I get digital piano or keyboard?
I’m just beginning to play (no previous experience) , I’m not going to perform or anything, maybe I’ll go to classes so portability is another key factor.

Matthew Lin says:

Hi, I’m looking at buying a Worlde digital piano. Are they reliable?

VigorousVicious says:

How he talks, his face, somehow they remind me of Bob Ross.

Flora Iton says:

I was recently gifted an old Korg Concert A-151. It seems to be fine but it doesn’t have a sustain pedal and I don’t know what to do because I can’t find any information online or at Korg’s Support Team as to where to get a pedal for it. Would u have any input at all?

BinaryXioms says:

This guy is oddly pleasant to listen to!

Let's get wwweeeeeiiirdd says:

What is the name of the 2nd piano he mentions with that slimmer stand

Ratih Maulida says:

thank you for the comprehensive explanation…

Nali Non says:

what is recommended for someone who is starting to learn piano?

J. sudathip says:

The Billy Mays of pianos.

Weronika W says:

Are you Polish? You have a polish name and surname, right? 😀

jess I first says:

is there any better piano explaining video in the world??? NO WAY!!!! YOU are the best… exactly what I wanted to know and hear. Thank you very VERY much for this useful and understandable video.

Sonic Monk3y says:

I want one for traveling but… I’m poor

Carito 1984 says:

Why all these amazing digital pianos are so so beautiful but their sound are so cheap?
The sound is too clean and digital, usually lacking of pedal and key noises, lacking of symphatetic ressonance and the most important thing, lacking the natural wooden dirtiness…
One ends up by connecting it to a laptop and running a good VST such as Ivory or Fazioli…
Why these amazing pianos are not built in with the strongest possible VST??
It is impossible to play with passion because it always ends up in a “polite” effect.

Benedek Juhász says:

You are a cool guy Adam Berzowski!

Bas Groenendijk says:

I like your voice

Customtheatres says:

Awesome advice! After viewing this video I went out and bought the Steinway 9 foot concert grand

Cadet Ace says:

question does it have to be plugged in to some sort of computer or something so it can make sound

Geeky Queen says:

Is voice is so soothing!!!!

Lucia Gunn says:

Adam, that was great presentation but seems to me the basics here leaned towards the piano hardware and structure rather than functions, manufacturing companies, keyboard models, bundle options, and prices. I believe we know what we want in terms of “furniture piece” in our homes. I’d like to see more specs in each different piano brands, such as Yamaha, Casio, etc. A comparison between brands and models is also in order. You could explain “key weight” while presenting individual models and its variety of different functions. For example, Yamaha DGX-650 versus Yamaha DGX-660. Yours is a nice presentation but it lacks a ton of info for the shopping consumer. Nevertheless, thanks for the nice basic presentation. It’s far better than the useless quickie picture slideshows, with nothing but brand names and models and the usual annoying and distracting background music!

Will Brown says:

You need a link to each piano as I want to buy the Slim line one, but cannot find it on your website!

Weird Cookie says:

If this were an advertisement, I would actually listen to this

Penguin-ify says:

Answered all my questions & helped me pick the right one in one video. Amazing.

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