Keyboard Corner – Yamaha P45

Welcome to Keyboard Corner. This week Jack runs through why the Yamaha P45 Keyboard is such a popular choice (Check the links below for more info)

Yamaha P45 Piano only:
Yamaha P45 Basic Bundle (with X braced Stand and Headphones):
Yamaha P45 Standard Bundle (with Stool, X-braced Stand and Headphones):

if you want your P45 with a proper fixed stand for home use:

P45 Bundle (with L85 Stand, stool and headphones):

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francesco pham says:

does anyone know the cartoon with the song at 8:36 that he plays with the vibraphone?

Warung Swara says:

I like ur style sir!!!

Gabriel Nieto says:

what sustain pedal is that?

Alex de kock says:

ive got this piano. loving it. but I need some synth effects. is there an effect pedal that I can add to my p45? I dont want to buy a separate keyboars or synth.

Oskar says:

This is not a keyboard

Catonzo says:

You forgot to show that the piano has the ability to play two “instruments” at the same time. Like the Grand Piano and Strings at the same time, for that very good harmony effect.

y would u even sub ? says:

Electric Piano 2 sounded amazing

Gabriel Arias says:

Cual es mejor .. Yamaha p115 o P45 ???

Mori Summer says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this review. I am planning to buy this keyboard and I am finally convinced!

Marconi Santos says:

please, someone tell me what is this song at 3:33

Eduardo Gomes Reis says:

I’m choosing my first piano and don’t know which one I should choose between P45 and P115. Does the difference of price between them justify choosing for P115?

Joe Murray says:

This review is awesome, great job Sir! But I can’t decide between this or if the price increase is worth it for either the Yamaha p115 or Roland Fp30

Harshit and Mansimran says:

Hi Andertons Music Co. Thank you for an amazing video on P45.
I recently bought it and I’m not able to connect it to my Mac.
I use Logic Pro X for production.
I have my old PSR-i425 which works properly with Mac as a midi controller.
I’m having problems with P45. My Mac doesn’t recognise this when connected.

Leocardia Valcarcel says:

LML Awesome Vid

nikybowbi le vrai says:

What is the song at the end?

Bedtime Stories - Trance Classics on Piano says:

P45 or Nord Piano 3? what would you guys suggest?

Famille Victor says:

hey there, i would like to know what chords or music style you play at 1min16 and 40 seconds of the video. Awesome playing

tesla forka says:

does it have a headphone Jack?

Ricky Nelson says:

This is the best sounding keyboard I have found in this price range , it does sound better than the Casio and it is 88 keys !!

Jogando Música says:

is this a music or improvisation? 05:53

Vince Pace DeMarco says:

I believe the sound that we’re hearing on this recording has been amplified through a system, right? 🙂 Also the keys are weighted?

a netizen says:

How do you record the piano with crystal clear voice?

David Be says:

Hey! How did you record your video? Especially the Piano? Has it an AUX Output?

J.Louis Park says:

Great video, it´s so fun to watching it ;D
i am comparing very hardly, which i should pick from between p 45 and p 115.
what´s your recommendation, jack?

Nikola Taushanov says:

hello the sound of the video is from speakers or line out?

Ernest Lemonway says:

Does andertons carry the bigger roland ang yanaha digital pianos?

Gavin Lobo says:


Анастасия Быкова says:

Nice, really nice

Marty Loos says:

I have the piano myself and I love it, but what on earth did you use to record it?

Anders Blirup Worm says:

“Make that change” – I nearly bloody died laughing.

Udo Skiba says:

Can anybody tell me the name of the song at 5:52?

endrizo says:

no connectors? where are the connections? i need midi out ..usb line out etc etc

Laziness4 says:

I bought the piano stand for mine and like it better than the x stand

TWO OF US says:

“Everyone need 2 Harpsichord” HAHAHAH

Jens Ohlson says:

Is the sound from the keyboard or does it come from external speakers?

jazzjazznjazz says:

Im buying this .. especially after listening to 6:05 to 6:13 …

Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally says:

Does this have a MIDI option compatible with Ableton?

Luciano Szmulewicz says:

Everyone needs two harpsichords

herdjati pravito says:

Much better than a similarly priced Casio CDP-130, but not on par with Casio PX-160 which is much more realistic, with a price that is not too far

PeterDad60 says:

He needs to actually spend some time listening to Classical Harpsichord music. I say that because judging from how he demonstrated the Harpsichord sound was awful, just awful. There are those among us who love Harpsichord music but can not afford a genuine acoustic instrument. So we use these digital pianos/ keyboards.
Also not all Organ Music, especially modern Organ music is church music. He seems to be uninformed about that as well.
Yes I know it’s not always easy to have a staff member who plays keyboards to have an understanding of Classical Harpsichord Music and Modern Organ music. Maybe you can look around for such a person!

Julian Villalba says:

Please guys, make one for the kurzweil sp 4 8. Love your reviews!!!

Mattias Sjödin says:

The Yamaha P45 or the Roland fp 30? Which one is the best one in sound and all?? Im getting one of em tomorrow

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