How to Pick the Right Digital Piano or Keyboard

Going over some of the things you should be thinking about when buying a digital piano, keyboard or midi controller. We’ll be talking about 88 keys vs, 61, 49 or 25 keys, pressure sensitivity or action on the board itself, what MIDI is and does, the difference between a keyboard and a synthesizer, a little about workstations and more!

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Phil L says:

I bought a 61 key casio for the kids for xmas so they can learn to play

When they get bored Im going to take it

Ashish says:

What keyboard should I buy? An 88 hammer action midi keyboard or 25 key midi keyboard. I’m a singer-songwriter and only i know guitar, don’t have a keyboard but want to learn it. But the budget is not quite good and I don’t want to wait for saving money and then buy. Is 25 key is worth to get the start and then 88 key when I have money?​

Dimitrios Topouzidis says:

The cheap Casio cdp130 has two sensors on each key, while the more expensive models use tri-sensor. What’s the difference?

Klickitat Jim says:

Sean! This video really saved my tofurkey. I was going to buy my wife a keyboard but settled on a glitter phone case instead.

JK, I just ordered her a Kawai Recital Pro. Hoping that’s a good beginner setup. Now all I need from you is a video on how she can fake how to play Riders On The Storm so I can fake the guitar solo

Kayla Gacha says:

I don’t want to much notes and I don’t know which one to get because if you have too many keys I forget it so I want about 30 if there is?

Jaron Belboda says:

Thank you for your thorough and balanced explanation. I found it helpful.

IFaKe YT says:

I’m having trouble to buy cheap keyboards that at least have 76 keys…. (Note: I’m a beginner)

Eric Thompson says:

Less talking more playing

Simonka Craftacka says:

I would really like to buy a keyboard but I’m not sure, so I have 2 questions …are the Yamaha PSR-E363 and the Yamaha PSR-EW300 good keyboards? and should I pick the 61 or 76 keys keyboard? Will 61 keys be enough for me? (I’m beginner and never played on keyboard or piano before) I really can’t decide if to buy the 61 key for now and buy a bigger one in 2/3 years or just buy the bigger one right away… thanks

Kevin Wnek says:

couldn’t you just get someone to work on the sustain pedal plugin so you don’t have to buy a new piano just for that?


Nice Rickenbacker bass

KRX kundan roxy says:

here is your best midi keyboards check now

Lexxi Martinez says:

Could you possibly help me?

I’ve been interested in buying a electric piano for quite some time now but I have no one to go to for guidance.

I have my eye on a piano that has 61 keys. It has 100 rhythms and 100 tones and melodies. 

Would this be a good option?

Mitchell Boldman says:

I wanna start playing piano and im gonna get a keyboard cause cheaper/portable and wanna play stuff like Queen/GNR what do you recommend

Dóri Zsély says:

I got an old Justin Bieber song an ad before this video.. what is wrong with YouTube?

1WorldAroundYou says:

88 miles per hour, sounds about right. Back to the Future creators actually put some thought to it so I would not be surprised if they based it on 88 keys.

MaDshowonhere says:

I only have a midi keyboard and I can definitely say that it makes me not want to practice because I have to set up the sounds

i'm kurt cobain says:

Could you help me?
I Never played the Piano, but i okay the guitar and im looking for a keyboard which Sounds like Jack stauber or mac demarco. So if it had a chorus like Sound (like on the Guitar). :))))

Kasey Taylor says:


Corpuswalker says:

I’m so glad I waited to buy a keyboard until this year when you made this video. Holy crap this is so informative

Klark Yukhi says:

Are you pewdiepie?

Mario1973 says:

What’s the model of that key board

RapidReplay says:

I’ve been playing guitar and violin for a good while now, and I’m interested in getting a keyboard to try to better understand music theroy. But I don’t know if I’m really interested in really learning a new instrument completely. Would you recommend getting a 88 key or a 61 key to save some money?

Blosssom CQ says:

I have a 51 keyboard is that okay

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