How to FAKE being GOOD at PIANO *YouTuber REVIEW*!

This is a non bias third party review of my original piano video. Someone name Jeffery Vee went behind my back and reviewed my “How to FAKE being GOOD at PIANO” video. So I reviewed his review. This is that review.

How to FAKE being GOOD at PIANO Original:

How to FAKE being GOOD at PIANO Vol. 2:

How to FAKE being GOOD at PIANO Vol. 3:

How to play ANY SONG on PIANO *Instantly!*:

Jeffery Vee’s Channel:

Link to Jeffery Vees Original Video:


Adam Dz says:

U r SOO uneder rated bro

Ahmed Abohashim says:

Well I have watched all the videos already but I have a struggle. I can’t catch up the chord progression. Like I listen too many times and I just can’t get the chord progression

Erica Kremer says:

OMG I just realized you remind me on Jenna marbles so much!!!!!

Kyle Henry Victoria says:

that man who reacted to your video is bastard ..

Matthew Hogan says:

Man you’re a f%*cken champion. Very entertaining, my type of video :)!!!! Oh and i tried your little trick and works very well 🙂

GavlaaEntertainment says:

This just proves how good the technique is. Esp. If he’s a piano player. All he does is rip into things fidabulous says like sustain pedal and hammer the buttons lol. Then uses the method himself and plays a solid tune with it! Therefore. THIS METHOD IS AWESOMEEEEE!

brauny tavarez says:

U cool

Blurry face says:

I don’t know how i came here but i like it.

Taj See Kee says:

Your a inspiration to me your fucking awesome I’ve learnt so much

Azahar Al-Batami says:

I watched Jeffrey Vee’s video review too, in fact, he gained my respect due to the fact that he acknowledged that your technique made him compose an awesome song!!!

He gave a thumbs up compliment!

Man Man says:

Make video. Only. Play. Black keys. Sound good

Oliver Coutinho says:

“It is an r-word” Lmao

Dragon Gaming123 says:

You made me want to play piano again you played sooo beautifully

csigusz says:

I have one question.

Why is she on the ground? Lol

Adam Berrisford says:

You’ve got way more flair on the piano, in style and in comedy than the reviewer! So has your sister! Great duo. Thanks for the channel 🙂

MasterDucky11 says:

don’t take this the wrong way, but your sister is half of the reason i have subbed to you for all this time, her laugh is contagious! xD

ll SAgirl ll says:

Also love how you’re comfortable with the cam and you’re not fake

Tiqah Hab says:

You. Are. Cute. I. Swear.

Richard Urbanec says:

I saw that video two times. The first time I was really surprised how good it sounded. And of course I left there a comment saying that I’ve never seen any other As than flat ones.
However, when I watched it again a couple of months later, I realized that he played something you can’t play for long. Because I immediately noticed that he just kept repeating one pattern. And that is enough only until people begin to pay attention to it, which is 3-5 minutes with the faster ones, 10 minutes should be enough for the rest… With some people even 20 minutes. Which I pointed out at his video then too.
But then again, it is a prime example that your method does work 🙂

Fahed Khan says:

That dude shaped like a pear

Adonis Fernández says:

This is insane, I watch your video Yesterday, then I saw his first video critic of another video of how to fake it, and now I found this one. So, I have seeing both of you, but I didn’t knew he had make a video about you until now.

Kiran Bhamra says:

omg ur so funny

iLLzWiLLz Watu'z says:


Skipperino Regiserino says:


Logangil515 says:


Joe Hellesoe says:

We love your videos brother don’t listen to some ass who has nothing better to say for his followers . Merry Christmas to you and family.

InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

I touch garden tools inappropriately.

Tyler Durden says:

Yesterday I rewatched the original video and I was confused about the A flat too

Jeffery Vee says:

I didn’t even know you said Ab until after the video was uploaded and everyone in the comments started yelling at me.

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