Hemingway Piano Review! (Do not buy!)

Here I am reviewing a Hemmingway DP-501 MKII WH.
It is Thomann:s own brand and its a terrible piano. We are very sorry about buying it and it was a lot of hassle returning it (Both a lot of time and some money lost too)



Good Video.
But: you can Return everything within 14 days can‘t you?

Christoff Heunis says:

What about the Hemingway DP-701 MKII BP? Any major differences?

Foduy says:

i have this piano and its good but only one problem, the touch but its electric so yeah its good

sam m says:

Jesus, that is one SHIT piano. Man, I will never buy it for sure. Thanks for your video.

MMC says:

i agree with you … i have this piano

00Licorne00 says:

I bought it too and i think it’s ok BUT how do I make the 3 pedals work? Shouldn’t they work right away ? Or do I have to adjust them ?

Can Güray says:

Hello Mattias,

Have you managed to return it ? Or changed with another model ? Wanted to ask you if you have any feedback regarding Thomann models.. Thomann DP-31 for example.

Also thank you for the video .

Andreas Melkersson says:

Roland är bra! Det kör jag själv på.

Chitoge Kirisaki says:

Omg that sustain hurts

fedepede04 says:

thanks for the video nice to hear the China box 😀
i don’t think Thomann is branding Hemingway as there own brand, Hemingway even got its own web site. Hemingway pianos are made by Ringway a Chinese firm. some of thomann own brands are also from Ringway think the Dp-33 is.
btw actuality Thomann own brand is made by 2 different Chinese firm, one is Ringway the other one is Medeli.

annaceciliaviktoria says:

Phew! Så skönt att det finns videorecensioner om sånt här. Jag har gått och funderat på att köpa det här pianot länge men det ska jag alltså garanterat inte göra.

PaRie says:

I bought it 2 years ago and you are sooo right! I haven’t had the money to buy a more expensive piano and when I found this one by Thomann I was so happy.. but when I got it I was really disappointed from it. I never want something more than a piano and now my money is gone for shit.. ☹️ I wish I‘d never bought it ..

Bernardo says:

That answered my question.
Thanks man. The sustain is just scary.
I will invest in a decent brand.
Is it Casio OK? They have good prices to.

Daria Ciur says:

Thank you for the video! I have got Thomann 30 and I have to say it’s an excellent one, loved it even more than Yamaha. Shame they don’t do them anymore. What about your problem? Did they solve it? Did you buy anything else instead? My brother wants to get one too but really afraid not to get into trouble with it. Could you suggest something please? May be Thomann 95? Do you know something about this model? Thank you in advance for your reply!

Paul Koch says:


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