Grand Piano – Movie Review


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Chris Stuckmann reviews Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Tamsin Egerton. Directed by Eugenio Mira.


Heinz Saathoff says:

It’s a good movie, of course, well directed with long shots. But, at the beginning f.e., there could be another plot as well. So many hints, so much space for another interpretation. Actually, this movie is routined filmed.
BUT!!! STOP OVERPOWERING THE ANTAGONIST/S!! I like “24” art of story-telling, that can be the reason for my unacceptability.

The Third Child says:

My question contains SPOILERS!

I just didn’t get the motive for John Cusack’s character, I understand that the key in the piano was important (for something), but it’s never explained. Or did I just miss it?

Chango5Voces says:

Why did I barely see this masterwork?

Haylee Cat says:

It’s interesting but they don’t explain the plot well enough throughout the film! By the end it just seems pointless and abrupt.   

ziggy zone says:

Some times you reference Team America World Police. So I am guessing you are Matt Stone and Trey Parker fan and I thought you would enjoy their reccent game South Park: The Stick of Truth. And if you do can you plaese review the game

George Costanza says:

Elijah said in his reddit AmA last week that he did not know how to play the piano..

White Antelope says:

Thanks for the recommendations! Very underrated, very “fun” movie.

guitarran says:

Just for the record.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Elijah Wood – I had taken lessons as a child and had a basic understanding of the instrument but I certainly could not play like that. And I wanted it to look as accurate as possible. But at a certain point, once we kind of broke the barrier, so to speak, of the first couple of bits of playing the piano onscreen, I felt like I’d got myself into a routine of how to make it work and got comfortable with the instrument and comfortable with the process.

It does look like you are really performing those pieces in the film. Are there now bits of music which you can play on the piano for real?

There was, then. I’ve since forgotten a lot of it. But, yeah, there were bits that I could play.

heartlessflower says:

I liked this movie! And it actually did scare me

Didier de la Combé says:

can you review sherlock???

funuglyadorable says:

I Ioved this movie.

0Axel0 says:

I like how the movie’s score was pretty much entirely just the actual concert, and how the music they were playing worked so well with what was currently going on at any time in the movie.

Petal LeWy says:


Luke Pratapas says:

You really look like Paul Rudd in your profile pic!

Edison Michael says:

I loved this movie. I was hoping for a review of the movie, thanks.

evillink1 says:

Sounds like Phone Booth.

NorJuJu says:

This movie was complete Bullshit.

Hariprasad Kannan says:

Kudos to you for bothering to review lesser known movies.

Tammie says:

I found this movie a week or two ago on hulu, watched it a second time last night, it’s amazing, to me, I think it should win Oscars, and I get complaints saying John Cusack can’t do this role he’s so nice but its nice to see his dark side and I think it was one of his best roles ever. I wouldn’t change the two main characters for anything! This movie is brilliant, I’m in love with the music too. I can’t seem to find Emma’s version of her singing it , is there a score out? Or a full version of her singing that piece?

Death THunder Studios says:

I loved this movie. It was thrilling!

remsan03 says:

As a pianist, I’m appreciative to any movie that features classical music. Although in a real world, the threat note on the day of the concert is much too late ‘coz piano is something that you have to prepare much in advance. Being scared out of his mind might just guaranteed the pianist will hit a wrong note. There was a violinist named Jascha Heifetz that was told to play one false note a day so that not to pissed the gods for being so perfect. Martha Argerich, the most famous female pianist said that when she plays Mozart, if she hits a wrong note, she feels that she might die. Talk about perfection, eh?

huxivoice says:

Please review True Detective

Ping Pong Cup Shots says:

I don’t know why, but can’t ever watch movies where the character is in a lot of pressure and can’t mess up at all because it makes me cringe (not in a bad way). I get the same feeling whoever I do piano exams playing me pieces, I get so anxious but once I’m in the zone I feel better.

Tony DeTuna says:

It should be the Chris Suckmann show because your reviews SUCK! !!!

breadordecide says:

Maniac…..nuff said. Elijah is no joke these days.

Fine Ch says:

I just finished watching this film just now and my eyes were glued to the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense!

Cynima Rapscallion says:

I would have gave it an A-. B is a little too low. It was too great~

AlbinWest says:

“Phone Booth” with a piano

FilmDudeTv says:

Awesome Review as always!

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