Forest of Piano Review in 5 Minutes

Forest of Piano is the unlikely tale of two boys from starkly different backgrounds with their only connection forged in a shared love of piano. This Netflix show tries to portray all that passion in its scripting but fails heavily in its animation and I’ll tell you all about it in 5 minutes….
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All the music heard in this video are classical pieces however they come directly from the Piano no Mori (Forest of Piano) soundtrack, played by Kai Ichinose. Available to buy from all good Japanese retailers both digitally and physically.
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Forest of Piano was released worldwide (excluding Japan) on Netflix, September 28th 2018. This is not a Netflix original, only the streaming rights were bought by them however you can watch this show in the sub and following dub:
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Series Description
A tranquil tale about two boys from very different upbringings. On one hand you have Kai, born as the son of a prostitute, who’s been playing the abandoned piano in the forest near his home ever since he was young. And on the other you have Syuhei, practically breast-fed by the piano as the son of a family of prestigious pianists. Yet it is their common bond with the piano that eventually intertwines their paths in life.
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Ihsan ingersoll says:

Oofta, music puns, amirite?

Is this by the people who did your lie in April? The CG piano playing is v similar. Haven’t seen the show tbh idk

Billy Grove says:

What are the other music animes you like? I loved Your Lie In April

Krazy Moe says:

Great review love ur accent btw

Jerry Johnson says:

This has been one of the most beautiful anime I have ever seen a little unrealistic but beautiful and amazing

Peter Watson says:

Omg I absolutely love this show, one of the best ever

Travis Price says:

that shit had me crying good story you can really feel the pain from kai’s past

ScuzoidMelee says:

Thank you so much. I only listen to instrumental music and I’ve done so for well over a decade now. I love hearing Moonlight Sonata at 2:48 as it’s one of my fav’s (absolute favorite is Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber) yet I had no idea this anime existed. Again, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Frankly, I’ll probably just close my eyes for the cgi scenes. Probably shouldn’t have to, as you point out, but if the compositions are good enough, I might’ve done so regardless.

I love everything about this video. We seem to have pretty different tastes when it comes to fringe anime, yet you articulate your positions so well one can’t help but nod and agree that could or even should be a response to an aspect of X anime.

Makeda Harris says:

Am I the only one who wondered what happened to Kai’s mother after the five year episode ????

krish iyer says:

A Non Pianist would find it not up to expectation.. But being a pianist, I absolutely loved it. The explanation of the music is so on point. Unlike you, I did like the 3D parts as it does justice to the difficulty of the pieces.
Good review though!

Jose De Roma says:

I agree somewhat. However, I actually thought the opposite. I thought they should’ve stuck true with their 2D animation style when they did their CG. Since even in the shell shaded animation scenes, it still looked low budget. The way he was hitting the piano keys looked robotic which turns you off from the visual art aspect. The Art style also did not fit with the story they were trying to portray. Don’t get me wrong it could’ve still worked out but it just feels like they took way too many short cuts and was trying to achieve something much bigger. I was ready to drop watching it but the sudden time skip engaged me to continue watching it. But, after that episode, the story telling was again disappointing. They added way too many unnecessary characters with no character development. All in all, It just look like they ran out of budget right after the time skip scene.

IdleNexus Gaming says:

I love two of your three favs. I need to check out kids in the slope. Have you seen nodame cantabile?

Patrick Norris says:

Glad to see 5 minute reviews. Decently well done.

James_ Trumpeter09 says:

This anime is The Best!

Matthew Lucas says:

I’m sorta the guy who recommended you this in early spring remember isla ?It was in an old video

Fistoh says:

Your Lie in April > Forest of Piano

Ray The Otaku says:

You’re totally right on everything, but I still like it and I bet I would like the movie and manga a lot as well

Matthew Lucas says:

Remember when I said the spring season had more shows .This was one of them

Scott Report says:

Netflix had this so buried that I forgot about it. Kinda want to still check it out just to see what it is about. But I was hoping it was better

Hiếu Bùi Minh says:

I was so looking forward to this. But the inconsistentcy in release date and the cgi put me off

A Mack Classic says:


Matthew Lucas says:

Don’t see why people are upset .A season 2 was confirmed next year in animelist.I gave the show a 7/10 .I enjoyed it than you lie in April in my opinion

Isla McTear says:

It’s me your Friendly Neighborhood Netflix Reviewer.

ZoeyZoLeyena says:

i am so in love with these 5 minute Reviews! Mad Edit skills. Kinda hope you’ll do one for that Movie you had me see, ended up buying the manga as well: “The Cat Returns”. Thanks for making these vid’s! You had me watch anime, read manga i would otherwise had ignored!

CloudCat says:

Ngl, I snickered like a kid every time you said “six”

EBAG says:

I loved the show but it could’ve used more episodes, things happened a bit suddenly and the plot felt rushed.
(This is a very short and compressed version of my review)

GrimmTheBunny says:

I wish I could understand the 3 anime’s you name dropped in comparison. I want to watch them.

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