Dexibell Vivo P7 Digital Piano Review

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The VIVO P7 portable digital stage piano is powered by Dexibell’s T2L (True to Life) hybrid sampling/modeling sound engine to deliver the realistic responsiveness of a real acoustic piano with virtually unlimited polyphony. T2L technology enhances the timbrel accuracy and responsiveness relative to the dynamic articulation of the keyboardist. Crafted in Italy to exacting standards, the Dexibell VIVO P7 raises the bar for digital stage pianos.


Wilderness Music says:

Yes yes YES! we want those details about the piano. I have been waiting 30 years for a digital piano to sound and play like an acoustic grand. To be able for a digital to achieve this we need long slow decay rates, sympathetic resonance of un-played strings, dynamics of velocity to match acoustic volumes, and a key response that simulates the hammer action of a grand, not an upright. The price is $2000.00, I think we can expect pro level keyboards at this price, and for the first time in history a piano that measures up to the criteria listed above. I have been watching Dexibell very carefully since the introduction of this instrument hoping that my dream has been answered and I can now purchase a 100% expressive digital piano equal to an acoustic grand. The only way to demo the criteria listed is to play very slow arpeggio’s in legato with full pedal, with this I will be able to hear the decay rates and hear if this piano can accomplish the monumental task. But again you are playing too fast, any digital piano sounds good when played fast, hearing a sample for less than a second is not a test. Slow down into a below 60 tempo and play those legato quarter notes then half notes, then full chords and different velocities and let the chord decay until inaudible. the chords and arpeggios need to be played at different registers also…These are simple but necessary tests for us to judge any keyboard. Playing a song is nice but we need serious tests of this keyboard for those of us not able to get to a store and play live.


Is this the S7 with additional speakers?

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