Crumar Seven Electric Piano Review

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The Crumar Seven is a new concept in digital pianos. Built into a vintage-style solid wooden case with a focus on vintage electric piano sounds, the Seven is powered by eight physical modeled synthesis engines that include tine and reed electric pianos, electric baby grand, clavinet, acoustic piano, and more. For instant inspiration, call up any of the factory presets, season to taste with onboard effects that include reverb, 3-band EQ, and amp simulation — and start groovin’.


troublesomecorsair says:

The weight of this piano is fantastic. Without the lid and legs, it’s very easy to carry, which is something I prize because I’m constantly adjusting my keyboard stand.
The different engines cover different key ranges, which is something clearly laid out in the manual but came as a surprise to me. This means some of the lowest and highest keys on the Seven don’t work with the Reed/Wurli or the Vibes (to name a few). The Acoustic and Electric Grands cover the full keyboard range. This is because the Crumar Seven is not only emulating the sounds of these old keyboards, but also their key range.
The back-lit knobs are excellent but the button-pushes are clumsy. Sometimes you’ll accidentally turn the effect off while trying to access the second parameter for adjustment.
The touch of the keybed is slightly too heavy for the likes of me, but the layout and sound quality make up for any short-comings. The acoustic piano does sound a bit weird to me so that will be a good incentive to investigate the editing app.
I think if the Seven was bi-timbrel (two sounds at the same time assigned to different midi channels) and had Midi-In, it would be the keyboard of the year for me.

xvz says:

What cover is he playing in the intro?

Rudog47 says:

That is awesome. Love the playing

Glitch Computer says:

Sounds great but those buttons are ugly!

Blech319 says:



Nice all around sound……. the Crumar name still stands tall. Did I hear something like a CP-70/80? Cool key!

maxcohen13 says:


Sai karthik Krishna Kumar says:

One thing I like about sweet is that everything is damn cheap

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