Casio CDP120 Piano Review

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Casio CDP120 –
Casio CDP120 – bundle: –
Casio CDP 120:
Casio CDP 120 – bundle:

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Estibaliz Aranaga Arrieche says:

Hi! I was wondering if you could describe how does this piano looks underneath and if it has any holes to attach a base, because I would prefer to have a portable base like the one on the video instead than the official wooden base, but I would like it to be very very stable :/ 

Arundhati Paul says:

Hi. My 6 years old boy is learning to play piano for last one year and has been practising on a keyboard at home. The teacher is now insisting him to practise on a piano instead of keyboard; so I am in lookout to buy one for him. I am not sure if I want to invest on a full size one at the moment. However, the price of Casio CDP120 is quite appealing. Do you think it would be a good idea to get this for a beginner like him given the fact that the down side of this piano is heavier keys? Please advise!
Many thanks.

jagara1 says:

I played classical guitar for 7 years and injured a finger which means that I cannot play even nylon strings any more – I have been thinking of taking up piano and saw this on Amazon.
Much of classical guitar music comes from keyboard pieces – Bach and Ravel being two composers who have been transposed for classical guitar. 
Thanks for the helpful review it has got me closer to buying this piano.

airwolfnh says:

Why do you say this is for beginners only? What features this keyboard is missing that a profissional can’t use to play?

Dom Carter says:

I may have just let out a small squeal of joy when I saw you reviewed this piano, this will almost certainly be my deciding moment

SGTxDiabetes says:

The piece in the background sounds like a piece I’ve heard before, just can’t put my finger on it. I know it’s not the piece I’m thinking of, but very similar .o.

Serj Ghiri says:

can you tell me if i can plug it on my pc!!, it would be great if i got an answer from you 🙂

evan butler says:

can this play a note loud or soft depending on how hard you push the keys???? im looking for that

Soumitra Chakravarti says:

Hi what do you think about the Casio px 160? How do they feel? Action?

staaaajn says:

thank you very helpful. I’m gonna buy one secondhand.

Sarah Tan says:

What piano can I buy kawai or Roland or yamaha ,which is better

Prashant Kulkarni says:

Wonderful review. Exactly what I wanted to find out. Thank you!

Dremico The Struggling Violinist says:

Good review.
I just re-started learning how to play the min-keyboard.

R201056 says:

Girlfriend , congratulations on the video. See if you can help me , bought one and when I turn the pedal plug the key sound does not come out . Do you think this has something broken or you have to unlock . Thank you for your help

Logica1ity says:

Thanks for the review. I picked this up on ebay with a stand & pedal for £180. Based on what I’ve read that’s a bargain. I wouldn’t have minded splashing out some more but £180 is about the limit of my budget and considering I was going to buy an M-audio Keystation for the same price I think I’ve got rather lucky!

I am a total beginner so the idea of having heavy keys appeals to me as it will do well to train my fingers to supernatural levels of strength which I can then make use of when I pick up a more expensive keyboard later down the road.

All in all I’m very excited to picking this up later today. And hopefully starting a long and fruitful piano career.

Kosteri x says:

2:07 thought for walk? where can i find the midi?

lexazver says:

Can you use it as a Midi controller?

MoosufYohamed says:

If you were to compare this to the Korg SP-170, what would be the differences.

labibbidabibbadum says:

Thanks – nice review. When you suggest a better keyboard above intermediate you appear to be referring to the keyboard action. I have an old Ensoniq and the action is horrible.. (feels like you’re hitting a piece of hardwood with a frozen fish).

Do the next level up Casio keyboards (like the px 160) have better keys, or is there a standard Casio action across the range? If it’s standard for all Casios, what keyboards in sensible price range (say up to double the CDP) might you suggest for the most realistic touch? Thanks again.

jay williams says:

How would you say the yamaha np31 compares to this? I can’t decide weather the cdp is worth the extra 100 pound. From what I have heard the cdp has superiour sound and feel.

Dominik Tóth says:

amazing review. really helped. Thanks! 🙂

akenterprises says:

I’ve had this piano for a year now. I’ve only just realised that if you hold down two buttons (eg grand piano and stings) it combines them together.

SP Fanatic says:

What does the package consists of ?

Jackson Amaral says:

I started to study piano 2 years back with a controller, but I’d like to buy a digital piano. Do you recommend this Casio cdp 120 for a brazilian beginner as me?

Sarah Tan says:

How about casio

Caty Fournier says:

YEY  blooper at the end. That’s what happen when you don’t read manual lol. Keep putting blooper at the end when you have some, it’s funny.
Never been a great Casio fan.  Always felt it was cheaper.  But it was like 20 years ago they might have better quality piano, keyboard now.

Jed Dye says:

there’s really no pipe organ sound??

Douglas Adones says:

name of the music please ;-; 0:01

Lord Humungus says:


Killer Music says:

what’s that song name ??

Anthony pardo says:

In the CDP 130 a step up or step down?

James Peters says:

its very good sound,iam very happy

Dystopic says:

Hi I have this piano for about two years now
How do I connect the piano to my computer so I can record just the keys instead of background noise? I’m using a laptop by the way.

Lester dsouza says:

how’s casio cdp230 r compared to 220r or 120.. please suggest me to buy one of those…

Demew says:

Covered in black material..

Niko Ger says:

Can I use headset for this piano?

Sigma 4 says:

Is it ok to start on and for the price?

ehsan83 says:

Hello Alison, You talked about weight on the keys. I would like to know if a real piano has the same weight or is lighter?

Thank you very much

Szymon Sałek says:

Do you recommend piano yamaha np 35 too? I want to buy my first piano, but i want 88 keys for freedom of playing.

DKGaming says:

What in your opinion is the better option to go for out of the Casio CDP120 and the Yamaha NP-31?
( which 1 has the better feel to it? )

Shubbyy xDD says:

Does this “piano”  have a AC-adapter cord 

like plug the AC- adapter cord in the keyboard and the other end in a power socket
because i want to plug it in a power socket and start playing directly. 
thanks for answering <3

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