Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

Can you hear the difference between cheap and expensive pianos?
I started the video by playing in a cheap piano, and then in the more expensive ones. I played 5 different pianos. Can you hear any difference in sound? Which one has the best sound?


wow1371 says:

I really loved the Yamaha C7x it had a very rich, warm and balanced sound, the Barthol and Berlin was also pretty warm but being a wall piano and that old was not very rich in its sound, but beautiful none the less.
The Beuthner did have a deeper sound indeed but it felt like there was something choking it and holding it back, it didn’t fly free, idk if I can make my point understood, it felt like the sound was being held back by an audio filter applied on the sound kind of (I know that is not the case)
The Playel did feel richer, but it was also pretty bright for my taste and the sound felt muddy, idk what else I can say about it.
But god, that C7X, I just loved it, it was like a bird flying in the skies above and singing heavenly songs.
The Last Yamaha was great too but it again felt muddy but also had a dreamy sound, the two in middle, were nice and not bad by any means but not my taste same as the CFx Yamaha.

fhxvdvgd Barone says:

Bilugacao astralllll

Top Deck Lethal says:

They became progressively richer with a cleaner high and a deeper low. The resonance of each note turned from nearly offensive to invitingly soul grasping. I must say however, the last two yamaha’s had great similarities save, for the high peak of the last one. Much better.

Valerio Rota says:

grande Gennaro Migliore, non sapevo sapesse suonare il piano…

Patrick Johnson says:

What’s the name of the song he plays

God Of Thunder 777 says:

Sa coute la peau du cul un piano !

T.Otsubo says:

Not Beüthner. Blüthner…
Why does pianist make such a mistake??

とと。 says:

0:03 Barthol&Berlin $600,00
1:02 BeÜthner $6,400,00
2:02 Playel $15.000,00
3:05 Yamaha $47,000,00
4:02 Yamaha $363,000,00


Nikola Jovanovic says:

One from 1958.

Pinheiro 54 says:

O primeiro tem pequenas imperfeições no som, rachaduras além de n parecer harmônico, mas o som é legal da realmente uma imersão de anos passados

Clemens Ruis says:

It’s hard to tell the actual difference in this video. The recorder is placed in a different location each time – and it isn’t a good location in my opinion. A few meters away, pointing towards the flap (which reflects the sound towards the audience) would be a way better position. The first piano uses the ceiling/wall as a reflector, so maybe pointing the recorder toward the edge between the ceiling and wall would be best there.

あゆぽん says:


Alex’s Life says:

I have 1887 200000 dollar piano

MyGames says:

Esse Lorde querendo pagar de gringo kkkk, mais enfim… sinceramente meus pobres ouvidos só conseguiu notar diferença no primeiro piano, do segundo em diante quase não vi diferença, os dois últimos ue notei um grave um pouco mais bonito. Mas como não sou músico profissional talvez eu esteja falando um monte de merda.

Queen Yuna says:

Wow Incredible!!! ㅇ0ㅇ

zippy2u says:

Why the comparison with cars? Why not a mink stole vs a cloth coat?

Ilya Saa says:

Щас бы пытаться различить звук через видео

Makingnewnamesisdumb says:

Yo this kid got a card machine on his bianos like he finna swipe his card LMAO I’M DEAD

ZOX Paul Marshall says:

Мой топ (от лучшего к худшему):
5,2,4,3,1. Не субъективно, но я считаю именно так)

bird718 says:

the Yamaha’s are very mellow…. the low priced pianos are very bright

Nilton Cyreno says:

Adorei um espetáculo gosto muito do som de um bom piano tenho um piano alemão, um Ritter Halli gostaria de saber se ele está entre os bons pianos. Obrigado

Kentkenny says:

the reverb

Jenn J says:

It’s not only the hearing but also the touching of the piano the feeling of the notes who make a big difference

Marc Nadeau says:

I dont hear any difference, maybe i have no ear of a pianist, probably it have some for an experienced listener… i dunno cos i’m not.

fromahomestudio says:

I’ll take that 300k one, I can definitely hear how much better it sounds, however the price difference is probably not worth it.

вова поташов says:

Нуу… Через пятиватную колонку и колонку телефона разница не особо ощутима. Да и рояль сравнивать с пианиной всё равно что сравнивать 5ти ватную колонку и телефонную с 30ти ватной колонкой.
А так… Звук становится мягче, звонче чётче. Первый рояль вообще глухой какой то, второй уши режет. Ямаха с предпоследним огонь. Мне предпоследний понравился больше. Ямаха мягче, чётче, но что то не то.)
А так, хули тут сравнивать… Ежу понятно что турбированный LS за 15к даларов очень пиздец как пизже ЗМЗ-13.

Danielm103 says:


Fadei4punk says:


北村明 says:

YAMAHA の2017年製の520万円のがいい音色でした。ちなみにピアノには興味ありません。

Makingnewnamesisdumb says:

I dunno, the first piano sounded good to me. Maybe you have to be in the room to get it.

The Soul of shinobi says:

Дорогая звучит более нежно

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