Can You Hear The Difference Between an Acoustic and Digital Piano

Can you hear the difference between an acoustic and digital piano? Just as there are cheap digital pianos, there are also cheap acoustic pianos. I started the video by playing in a cheap digital piano, and then in the more expensive acoustic pianos. I played 5 different pianos. Can you hear any difference in sound? Which one has the best sound?
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Jalen Severs says:

I have an antique baby grand… And it sounds AMAZING.

Lil Harms says:

What was the name of the keyboard being used

mario says:

La resonancia es diferente

flameshana9 says:

You should totally make a new video where we only see the keys so we have to guess which are the keyboards and which are the real pianos. And make the songs longer, definitely.

On the matter of which sounds better, some of the synths are good, especially for the price, but real pianos have better acoustics, reverb, and dynamic range. The synths have an overall flat sound, or like they’re imitating a reverb rather than actually producing it. But they’d still be able to fool me if I didn’t listen intently. I think it would be easier to judge if you played a really powerful, loud and fast paced song. The synths then would sound weak and generic in comparison. A real piano can boom like thunder or be gentle as a whisper.

Dmitry says:

Как говорится, если не видишь разницы, то зачем платить больше)

Constantinos Kark says:

He has 3 pianos omg

Hoy Sum says:

After watching, my 1st conclusion is a great pianist can make good music out of any musical instruments. Your video prove it.
Second conclusion is as a non pianist, I will get the Lancer as it is more practical for me to run around doing my errands..

Prabha Ravisundar says:

I realise the value of having a real piano.I did not make use of it while it was still there.Now I feel so bad.But these videos give me joy as I am able to listen to such wonderful playing.

vc Biller says:

Any Signal Sample Allegorithm has limitations in the frequency domain….

Elisabeth Hildebrand says:


TheRainHarvester says:

I’ve had a Yamaha clavanova, baby grand, and up right in my house. The keyboard makes a difference: weighted keys affect one’s ability if they only play on a specific piano.

gogotshi says:

i can actually hear the diference but in fact for practical matters that much gap betewen prices does not justify the sound diference. even if it is so marvellous.

Captain Nwalps says:

Can you hear a difference? Sure. However, is the difference worth the hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

kass pr says:

Bad recording… sound too “hot” distorted.. or is it just me??

Johan Rodríguez says:

Honky was my favourite! Very smooth sound

Frederatormusic says:

Bruh when you’re playing pathetique, holding the first note of each bar for longer doesn’t equal emotional playing, it just sounds shit

Kubomi says:

Yeah but what mics are you recording with, faggot?

daniel stiven vargas uribe says:

Es fácil diferenciar el sonido si llevas algunos años escuchando música clásica o tocando piano

eo says:

Was that animal crossing in the end?

Mr.Joe Leimanis says:

Does anyone told you ever that you look ill

hagskh __ says:

Why do you keep on pointing your index finger? It’s cringy and annoying men

Howard Jackson says:

Whats the name of the first song he played on the digital keyboard at the begining of the video

Данило Чеботарьов says:

Yes, there is a difference, but not as big as ozhydalos, but this is my opinion…

Azire Andrai says:

Honky tonk!

Love Animes says:

Does anyone know the song he plays?

Otie Brown says:

This proves that you are a very skilled professional.
A real, “Entertainer “.
I completely enjoy it!

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