BLIND SOUND TEST – Yamaha P45 vs P115 comparison – What piano should I buy?

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Ross Peplow says:

I don’t play piano, but I know my audio. I picked out the p115 with ease as the better sounding piano. To my ears anyway, via Sennheiser HD650s.

alvarito34.coc says:

Y es i get 3of 3

brett West says:

I preferred the p45 all 3 times which surprised me. The 115 seemed too bright or sharp with each note, not in a sense of tune but more of the harshness it hits the ears

Cem Korkmaz says:

p115 definetly winner

Jonggi Wilson Leonard Tambunan SE MBA says:

love p45 .. its a kind of whole sound

Satine Band says:

it is obvious , 115 is better. It is more deep and beautiful and has natural tone.

Jadin Andrews says:

It really sucks that I could clearly hear the difference even through my phone. It’s really worth it to just fork out a little bit extra for the p115

kamran Hamidfar says:

If p45 is used with a set of high quality speakers; it sounds amazing. I tried it with a pair of good monitors. Beautiful piano sound

Armedia 418 says:

P115 is better , the sound is clearly and details

El Blog de JoseLu says:

P115 has a bright sound

エドワードイサコーヴ• says:


Jinwook Kim says:

I got it all right! 🙂

Jean says:

I still think that I will take the P-45
P-115 is clearer in the high notes(and most notes), but p-45 is stronger in the deep tones and I want to connect a 1250w sound system to it.
And it’s cheaper so I can’t afford the other one in anyway xD

Hankyul Lee says:

I went for P115 every single time! I wasn’t sure if I want to get P115 since it’s slightly more expensive, but I think it’d be worth investing. Thanks for the video.

Keith Wilson says:

Comparative test was extremely useful. It’s been many years since I last touched a piano and I’m getting a bit ‘Mutt & Jeff’, but the P115 came out subtly better in all three tests. I’ll go for it.

Hakan Venderlof says:

P115 has much bettter

GOLD izno says:

P115 have a more clear song.

flitsies says:

I wonder was the settings for both exactly the same on the AMP.

I found the sound of the p115 brighter than the p45, which makes me wonder if it could have been due to the settings on the amp.

I also noted the attack of the notes seemed warmer on the p45.

The p115 seemed better but as I say I wonder if it was because of these settings.

Being an electric piano does offer up some options to the actual sound produced.

Tony Persano says:


Armin von Werner says:

Ok, P45 for me then – I couldn’t actually hear any difference that would translate into a preference. So either old age or bad taste … 🙂

Giftson Durai says:

P115 was with the more to the melodical side

Sunit Chattoraj says:

First two tests made no difference to me but the last one , p115 was the clear winner for me. It sounded more … umm.. what is that word… like mature voice.. fuller voice..

Arceus says:

I liked P115 a bit better, but P45 is more affordable and still an awesome option.

nukeme says:

What’s the name of the last song?!

노무현 says:

와 역시 해외리뷰가 짱이야

Filip Zawadzki says:

The nuances of played melodies are different… its hard to say. I preferred P-45 two times, one point for P-115.

D-Gauss says:

Don’t rely on your cellphone’s speaker to judge piano sound.

Frederick Vesseur says:

I got them all wrong so I guess the the P45 is good for me as I can tell the difference right now anyway. Great review.

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