Best Beginner Keyboard – Alesis Recital Keyboard Review

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Michu says:

Hi so Idk but im a kid I love music and video games and I have played the guitar but I wanna have a keyboard just for fun to learn and play music sometimes just for fun and i only have 27dollars and I can’t buy one for that I want a cheap ok keyboard so I can play It would also be good if it had headphones cause when my baby sister sleeps I also wanna sleep so please help

Cachxlot says:

Hi Jacques, thanks for doing all these videos, from France ! I’m 14 and I am an absolute beginner ^^ I really love piano and classic music, and I think I’m gonna buy this one.
But am I gonna be disappointed by the difference between this piano and a big accoustic one ? Because I listen a lot of classic music like Beethoven ( my favorite is the Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement ) or Chopin ( 25 Etude ❤ ) and I don’t know if it’s really totally different or if the sounds are quite the same.
Thank you if you have time to answer !

– Lenzo

Ivan Cichlids says:

Hi Jacques, Is there any interfaces can be connected to the computer/laptop? It would be great if Alesis 88 recital can be connected in to it.

Piggy says:

Can I buy a sustain pedal for this?

K Saravanan says:

For anyone who cant afford this keyboard, check out the casio ctk 2400

ElectricIceBird says:

It now 400$

Franktaku says:

No shoes, no problem.

ZeroGaiaForce says:

IMO, the Artesia pa88w sounds way better.

CrniGrujan says:

Do Alesis Recital Pro”s keys have same feel as piano keys?
Great review by the way 😀

Handsome Nigger says:

does this piano has the battery?

Antonio Carlos ACSJR says:

Hi from Brazil, friend. Would like to know if the sound changes in sample (not just volume) as you stroke harder (actually faster), at the point you can hear the hammer very bright hitting hard, and just a “matt” piano sound as you hit it lighter. Thanks a lot and best.

Renzo Gutierrez says:

Can you connect it to your laptop to change its sound?

Vicente Fernandes says:

Hi Jacques, I was thinking to buy a Midi keyboard (Alesis 49) to start learn how to play. Is it enough to learn? Thanks mate

Froggerdog says:

My current keyboard has around 60 keys and has a very light and cheap feel. When i googled it i found out it has “lighted keys.” my house has a real piano which i much prefer using, but it is very old and not always in tune. Also the room its in has very high ceilings and is hard to heat so we block it off and its freezing in there. I hope the semi weighted keys on this feel much more like the real piano. thanks for the review

Ricardo Figueredo says:

Are the keys hammer action

Essentially Lau says:

What is the next affordable keyboard that you’d recommend that has full weighted keys? Thanks for the video!

Leffy G says:

Great review. Love your channel btw. You have an incredible way to explain things in a relaxed voice that makes things easy to comprehend.

Carlos Espinosa says:

I’ve been reading some comments in Amazon… In all this time, have you had problems with the volume? I want to buy it, but I’m not sure if is a good product (I like the sound, I’m talking about quality)… Do you recommend me this one or the Artesia PA 88w?
Thanks for the video! It is very helpful
kind regards

ZestySauze says:

Or if you got an extra $200-$300 to spend get a Korg B1-Bk.

I recommend fully weighted keys because if you’re gonna stick with a semi weighted one, you’re not gonna build as much of a finger strength.

JJ 2SAD says:

Don’t bit the kit is really bad just buy the keyboard

Holako Aljbar says:

I got an offer on one of them for 240 in Canadian dollars which what like hell about 150 USD and that fucker is in immaculate condition but the thing is I don’t have that amount of money at the moment and I’m gonna tell you that hurts a lot because I’ll never find one that clean for that amount again

Furno 52470 says:

i have this product but i was wondering if its normal to hear some static when you have headphones plugged in?

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