Alesis Recital Pro Keyboard Demo Review – 88 Key Piano

Play review demo for the Alesis Recital Pro 88-key keyboard.


lightichigo says:

do i have to have the keyboard plugged in to the outlet if i just wanna use it as a midi ?

Lil Heavenly Treasures says:

Have you had any issues with it since you bought it?

Steven Mendoza says:

good i think ill buy this one over the p115 cuz the price

Cesar Marques says:

How are the keys? Are the keys as heavy as the real thing? I am considering buying this one for training but if the keys are lighter it wont be good :/

Kyrie Irving says:

Nice video

J Dix says:

Bro, what software are you using?

squeakD says:

Does anyone know who makes the keybeds for these.., is it Fatar? How in the world were they able to keep the price so low? I’m sure there is a lot of plastic, but hammer action with speakers, preset sounds, ect, is pretty impressive at this price point.

Joseph Wilkinson says:

Good review. Could’ve done without that odd plastic bag/beard on microphone sound though…

Noah Baatz says:

They are in fact not semi-weighted but they are hammer action that is one step up they have a action like a piano inside. Though they are not graded so they all feel the same unlike a acoustic piano which feels harder to push in the lower section and easier to push in the higher section.

Taavi Kemppainen says:

I think i will buy this, should i?

Dimitrios Topouzidis says:

On your next musical instrument reviews, please mute the microphone and record the instrument from the line output. Also, the sound of beard scratching the headphones, amplified by a condenser microphone…

Nico Paq says:

we’re you playing love is a lazerquest near the end?

Food God says:

Where can you get a pedal for it and how do you set up the pedal? Awesome videos btw!

Ian Barcelos says:

This one or GO piano from Roland?

Alvaro Rodríguez says:

semiweighted? idk if buy this one or a yamaha p95, the thing is that the p95 is pretty old so idk but i was looking for a fully weighted one

Dioge says:

how is the grand piano sound compared to roland fp-30?

Dennis Marzan says:

Looking forward to buy one of these. Thanks for the review.

Can I have sheets for the second hand serenade song you played? =))

Maafa 1619 says:

That keybed is loud and creaky as Hell. Then again, I’m used to Kawai MP11SE.

Jacob Drake says:

Did not know that you can use that as a midi controller, I was like man I wanna write rap instrumentals but I need to learn piano too, so I was worried about that. will definately buy one.

Miko Acirit says:

I wonder if i can use this for gigs

ImCyris says:

Does the sound create static or gets crunchy when you play on max volume with a sustain pedal? My current keyboard does that and I was wondering if this one did too.

Fernando Ga says:

6:20 so you can’t control from which note onwards the split occurs?

R B says:

Great video! so you could hook it up to a Daw on your laptop or iPad and use the hundreds of sounds (patches) that are a part of that program? I have the iM1 app and would be happy using all the sounds from there over what is onboard on the Alesis.

Yeetzus says:

I was wondering if I ABSOLUTELY need a computer or smart device to make this work. Can I just play the onboard sounds with an amplifier, some headphones, and the keyboard?

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