YouTube Gear #1 | Blue Yeti!

Showcasing the gear that makes the videos happen!

Blue Yeti Blackout Edition:

Video Gear I use:



Damme King says:

I have a Yeti and it works perfect !
Nice job !

Cnet says:

Just give me the Sony camera on your desk with a shotgun røde mic. Thank you!

patplays says:

this is old ik but is there like an actual USB cord to put in the USB slot for your monitor,pc,or laptop?

Christopher Aune says:

Needs a shock mount. I can hear every time you tap a finger or move your elbows on the table.

Naeven lim says:

subscribe s

Mark Barner says:

Does the mic have a rubber mount to avoid table tapping resonance?

kmyymk2 says:

Called it a blue yeti pro no no sir the pro it’s about a 100 more

Conner'sAnimationStation says:

I’m gonna make some animations
So I’m thinking about trying to mount the yeti to wall…
Of my closet

Braswell Unleashed says:

Got mine for $72 with Ghost Recon included. It was a clearance sale at Best Buy 2 weeks ago.

OP F says:

I love u marques

Goyal Technical says:

Hiii this.mic is directly connected yo nikon d5500 dslr pls replay me

Ed D says:

Your channel has grown. Last time you were in the 2 million . Congratulations on continue to grow.

Reliable Productions says:

What’s the model of the Sennheiser shotgun mic you’re using at the beginning of the clip? Sounds not bad at all.

Werby says:

Wat is gear ( i am from belgium don’t Hurt me please xD )

Jonas Lazauskas says:

Can I still partisipate in the micrafone contest?

Naughtystimpy says:


Nate Night Show says:

do you play ultimate frisbee?

Wesley Brand says:

I heard usb mics are inferior to xlr mics. How does the blue yeti pro sound though

Models Workshop says:

You need to do these again!

dat_chip says:

Listening in a sound studio here, and yes I can tell the difference. However it’s not as different as I would have expected, but a bit more nasal, picks up the room in a different way, and I must say, I prefer the sennheisser. But for the price, it seems okay.

Haze Baze says:

For what is the Gain? I’m new in this kind of Microphones. I use only Headsets but buyed today this mircophone.

9002 says:

Or you know, just get a cheap £20 that sounds just as good as a Blue Yeti Plus.

Nicks ASMR says:

I just bought one blue yeti and I got the slate color

Adrian Musteata says:

Looks nice. Professional. I am thinking of getting one. Your YouTube channel is really helpful… Thanks a lot.

STEN Gaming And Music says:

Great review man I just got this!

GP Patrol says:

this not not youtube gear #1. A usb mic is never a good youtube gear. For that money get a at2020, umc22, and a arm. Sounds way better than this tinny usb piece of shit

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